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  1. I have a near match to your system Elflord except I went 3800+ AM2 single core (saving bucks for the next level in 1-2 years). I have a thread in which I'll be talking about all sorts of things I found, plus OCing adventures, so you might watch for that as I go into uncharted waters. The key thing I can tell you absolutely firsthand right out of the chute is that you don't want that 5-5-5 memory everyone is pushing, that's like effectively 2.5-2.5-2.5 in DDR400 terms and will hurt your overall speed (clock cycles x #ns per clock cycle). I got my baby set to 4-4-4-12 and it made a really nice difference. I got Corsair 6400C4s, 6400C3s or the 8500s would be even better. The second thing is that I brought my Audigy card over, installed the card and driver, and found out the darn thing was eating literally 30% of my machine. Switched to my mobo sound, absolutely no processing issues. 100-110 fps flying on my own, 20fps on those lags up to 60 or so for air battles, 70+ in open country, 30-40+ fps in heavy ground battles, and this without any tweaking. I'll crank it up and see what I get, preliminary stab at the PCI Express OC was in the range of 10% improvement per 10 Mhz. Huh, didn't see any mention of the AMD driver in any of the material I'd read before, definitely have to try that. I might have even a more uber system with spiffy optimizations.
  2. This site is very very thorough about the whole Dutch part of the war. Of particular note is the intense loss of Ju-52s over Holland.
  3. Just so you know the Fritz-X and other guided goodies were not just a German specialty-
  4. Interesting point about all those, most seemed to be used against the Japanese.
  5. Another goodie.
  6. Hey Massiv, that movie is automatically in the Best of for next year, no contest! I can't tell you how many 'I'm l33t ub3r' movies done to Rammstein or Top Gun I've watched until my eyeballs bled and eardrums exploded. This is the perfect cure!
  7. Got this from the Yahoo France 1940 website- They apparently lifted an entire museum in Belgium's collection and moved it to Indiana. The really interesting stuff is the things people usually don't collect- trucks and motorcycles. They apparently have a very rare 251. It has target kites as well, which I had never heard of before. Two models of battleships liberated from the Winds of War stock. A model of the Graf Spee. Perhaps the most unique thing it has likely the only live rendered painting of Hitler in existence. Anyway Rats, no limit of opportunity to measure and model from what is here, especially those French prime movers.
  8. Er, Xanthus, gotta challenge that point about Japan. The Mongols were stopped in the Vietnamese peninsula area and the Egyptians beat them. The Japanese did not stop them so much as survive them thanks to that thar divine wind stuff (storms that blew up and destroyed the Mongol fleets). I would also attribute the Mongol Empire breakup to comms problems, lack of unifying culture to hold it together, and absorption by the Mongols into more settled cultures and religions ultimately more appealing then their own.
  9. Made 50 CDs in all, gave 2 sets to my squaddies, a squad leader in my old brigade (he put up with enough from me so I owed him), gave a CD to the Rats, gave a 3-volume set to Newfive so he could put them up at The Trainer, and put up the rest for giveaway to the convention goers, so I think that worked out to something like 11 sets given away. So all in all very video successful, except for the part where my PC died and we couldn't transfer my whole vid collection to Newfive.
  10. Ah sorry about that Tatonka, my PC's power supply died at the Con, and it being a Shuttle and all it does not have a standard power supply. I now have a Frankenshuttle working, and busy week at work and all. This year was far more difficult then the previous two years. There just wasn't a 'heads above the rest' entry, they were all very good. One side effect is that I could only get about half the number onto a CD as the good films tend to be longer and set at a higher resolution on average then before. With all that said..... Drum roll please.... The winner of the Best of The Best is..... Lafayette Recruiting Video! Lafayette, I need to know who made it so they get the Best of the Best rights from here on out.
  11. Only two ways to do that- 1) Talk the Rats into giving you temporary Buzzard powers (never happen on the real server, only training, maybe, if you are good and sweet and purehearted), or 2) Talk an opposing squad into filming the same battle at the same time. Actually I think that would be very very compelling as the thing I think most of these videos miss is the sense that WWIIOL players are fighting all across the front 24/7 on both sides in a continuous struggle. You don't get the big canvas and the game that is happening in-between the ears. The film that does that would likely make the rest of the gaming world 'get it'.
  12. You speak of the magnificent, the famous Thorim and his feared 38.
  13. Made 31 CDs so far, probably will make 40+ for the con. Many go to squaddies and recruits, but as advertised I will be giving the Best Of The Best winners their copies and giving away the rest.
  14. While looking up some other things I ran across the 761st Armor Battalion Black Panthers and was reminded of their achievements. For those unfamiliar with the 761st, they were an all-black with white officers unit that much like the 54th Massachusetts 80 years earlier was derided and treated badly, but when they got called up they did the unit and the nation proud. They were a specialized Army level asset attached to whatever unit needed them. They were in combat continuously for 183 days at a time when most armor battalions refitted after 7 days, suffered 50% casualties but got key jobs done in the Bulge and breaking the Siegfried Line. They were a Stuart/Sherman outfit. They were actually formed fairly early on but did not get called up due to racism and so acted as the Fort Hood opfor unit and regularly whipped the TD units who 'scrimmaged' against them. It was Jackie Robinson's unit (an interesting story there). Apparently there will be a movie coming out with Morgan Freeman and Kareem Abdul-Jabber shepherding it through. Kind of a WWII Glory I guess. Unit association- 761st' successes (expand or save to read)- Fort Hood Memorial
  15. As stated before, my contest is just that, mine, it's my list, no voting, no board, no members, and you can't blame the Rats for this one. I should also say that I look at the Best Ofs as a work unto itself that is intended to be as much a promo list as a literal best of (so some of the choices were skewed towards getting parts of all the game as experienced by both sides in), a bit of game history like the memorial services (snuck in a SmackD, just couldn't resist), and also what fits (there is a 200 MB+ ground action video that years later still rocks and will get in one of these days). The Best Ofs are also not picky about year made for the reasons noted above. Enough talk- now for the list of videos that made Best Of WWIIONLINE videos Volume 3. Drum Roll please. twelvedays.wmv okwrdp.wmv perfectday.wmv adieuhires.wmv A Long Way Home_divxcon.wmv fuelpump.wmv Campaign26.wmv LAFVID.wmv Benzin.wmv Last_FAF_standing.avi Congrats to all! I will announce the Best of The Best out of this list at the con and present a three volume set if the maker of the best is there.
  16. Heh, appreciate em Tex, I was curious as to how it all ended. I'll be honest though, unlikely to make the final cut as this is more material suited to the Inside Jokes collection (i.e. you can't show it off to potential game players, they won't 'get it'). But you'll be in good company, Willy Tee's stuff will all go there.
  17. Last day! After this the CD-burning elves will be hard at work (it's off-season so they work cheap but it does take time).
  19. PM me Tex.
  20. Final call on movies for The Best for the Con. Best of the Best winners get free update movie CDs as long as there are new movies and WWIIOL cons. So get it done!
  22. I have settled on an initial list for the Con, but last year a late entry bumped into the list and won Best Of The Best! Time to get em shot and posted.
  23. I seem to recall something about Mac Arthur, Korea and the Chinese not possibly attacking in numbers and effectively.....
  24. Gorgeous movies Kosty, anyway you can clean up that audio feedback?
  25. Charles Schepens NAHANT, Mass. (AP) - Charles Schepens, a leader in the French resistance during World War II who later became a pioneer in retina surgery, died March 28 after suffering a stroke, his son said. He was 94. The covert role played by Schepens, of Nahant, while working with the resistance was so successful he fooled both the ****s and his French neighbors. Schepens worked under the guise of a lumber mill operator named Jacques Perot in the French town of Mendive, using the mill's tramway to smuggle people and documents over the mountains. The Germans learned about the operation, and Schepens was forced to abandon it. After the war, Schepens returned to a career in ophthalmology and is considered the father of modern retina surgery. He developed instruments that helped doctors more easily diagnose retina problems and repair them. His work is credited with improving the success rate for surgical retina reattachment from about 40 percent to more than 90 percent during his career, The Boston Globe reported. "He was quite a man. He accomplished a lot on his life," said his son, Luc Schepens. On March 21, a few days before his stroke, the consul general of France presented Schepens with the French Legion of Honor award for smuggling more than 100 people from France into Spain during the war.