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  1. I've always said that air forces should look to anime makers for next-gen avionics.
  2. My cutoff for the Con contest is May 12, after which I will be burning the volume 3 Best of, along with some Volume 1 and 2 to give away.
  3. Hey Mad, you posted about the WIGs?
  4. Escaz, you are breaking my machine with these monster vids! Haven't you heard of Divx? Dear Gawd man!
  5. I review all videos of any vintage every year. I am definitely putting in a little SmackD for instance, useful to be reminded where the game was and the man had a sense of humor. Haven't decided on yours yet, a lot of people wouldn't like it due to the rap song, but for me it is a selling point as it's got a different feel to it (watching 100 rock 'n roll lookatmyuberl33t plane skillz guncams will make you crave anything different). It's on the Very Short List. A big issue is that song at the end, I have to make sure it's not a [EDIT] Snotzy song.
  6. Blownup, no go here or at AHQ.
  7. Best of WWIIOL Videos Volume 2 0304-1.mpg aa.wmv BedlamLow.wmv Bleeding.wmv bob35th-high.avi Campaign13_Dunkerque.wmv Dynamit.wmv He111bouncer.wmv HURRI.avi infantrytraining6.wmv Intermission.wmv Iron Wolves - The Movie.wmv Massiek Bridgehead v1.2.wmv oddsrampage.wmv rescueP3full.avi ssc_vikingatrailer.wmv stuka.wmv Stuka_Carnage.wmv thebigdance.wmv unforgotten.avi ww2-tirfun_2.wmv Best of the Best Volume 2 goes to Niedorf for rescuep3 (otherwise The Rescue Part 3)- he got Volume 1 and 2 and will be entitled to a copy of all future volumes. Who will win this year?
  8. Best of WWIIOL Videos Volume 1 a_day_of_109.avi assaulttrailer.avi brothers.wmv Brothers_In_Arms_HI.avi colohawk-memorial.wmv DERKRIEGSPULE1.WMV dherecruit.avi dunkirk.avi entry1_hi.avi entry2_hi.wmv Gratuitous.wmv JG2TheMovie.WMV MightofVFA.wmv SDSHILL.WMV teamwork_high.wmv thedayofafrenchofficer.wmv trenchRunBig.wmv ww2ol_yellownoseboys.avi wwii_promo.wmv zeelandseabattle.wmv Winner Best of the Best Volume 1, Flea for Dunkirk, has yet to collect reward.
  9. The maker of the Best of the Best for Volume 3 will get the full 3 CD set if they show at the con. The winner will be announced then.
  10. We have a new chasseur, Rumpnugt. No we don't choose these names. Yes he kicks ***.
  11. Right click on some of those sites and you get to save the HTML link. Which I respect, their business model is uploaded contact drives eyeballs to see the ad links and not downloading, but does me little good in sharing them on CDs.
  12. Guys posting at Youtube and the like, I need downloadable files, not a viewing URL. I would really like to consider more vids for the Con but a bunch of links isn't the same as having the vids in playable format. Filefront seems to be functional for instance.
  14. Chaz, your thinking on US supply lines to the USSR is wrong. Check out this overview of the economics of war, and the eye-popping amount of equipment sailing RIGHT PAST THE IJN SOVIET-FLAGGED. 7924 airplanes flown across the Bering Straits. Not conjecture. Not guesswork. Fact. The IJA and IJN DID allow all that supply to roll past them, probably because of the whipping the Japanese had taken and as a result they had decided on a 'southern' strategy.
  15. Can't find the old thread, so I'll repost on this one. Each year I make a CD filled with the best of the WWIIOL videos, normally handing them out to our squaddies and then putting extras up for a random giveaway. In addition, last year I declared a best of the best winner for volumes 1 and 2. I'll likely do the same for this year's con as well. Since I'm plugged into the allied side I usually get all of those, but I'm really counting on this thread for any axis movies I haven't gotten before.
  16. Never surrender, be a chasseur!
  17. Back in khaki, jack.
  18. Our Haikugod is going up the ranks. With Rodtx, myself and Chieftom in AHC positions, we are doing our bit for AHC and the game.
  20. Bump!
  21. Tired of egos on your squad the size of small planets? Try us, we stomp on each other's egos like grapes, then sip the sweet wine. Hmmmmmmmm! Beaujolais FB 2003, a good year.
  22. Fez power!
  23. Try and find out her history and give her proper battle colors.
  24. Long Live Chasseurs!
  25. Bump.