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  1. Azedes, I built my machine for $1000 (not counting the monitor), and I am running some really hot hardware (AM2 3800 SC, 2GB DDR2-800, BFG 7900 GTOC) that is still not outclassed. I can do everything ingame. I only wish I spent more on the motherboard and maybe had a little more patience on getting a better powersupply on the case, otherwise completely happy. Two-three years ago the retailers were keeping their heads down with the economy in the tank, but I noticed lately they have been building their profit margins back in and it is worth $200-300 to build your own.
  2. What is your total budget?
  3. My 7950 GTOC is sweet. That's the socket 939 right?
  4. Exactly so. I have a machine that cost me $1000 to make and outperforms a lot of the $2000 ones I've seen on here. And what is great is that I intentionally skewed it so it has upgrade potential, the memory subsystem will already support a 20% upgrade in bandwidth and 16% in memory speed, all I have to do is drop in a new processor (guessing $200 in about 2 years). Equally as important is bios settings, drivers and background workloads. A new antivirus upgrade cut my FPS in half alone. BE above all is processor intensive and sensitive. Motherboard, memory, graphics and everything else should be geared to getting as much processor throughput as possible. Read that as design for overclocking. That's the one thing I did wrong, skimped on the motherboard for BIOS options. With $50 more in mobo and a cooling kit I could have leveraged my memory into being even faster then it already is capable of.
  5. I started getting lockups with the mouse and keyboard at intermittent times with my system while playing the game and no other time. Checked board connections, USB cables, functionality, etc. all good. I had recently reinstalled the NVIDIA chipset drivers, was thinking that might be an issue. Looked around my bios, found an option to turn my mouse and keyboard over to the bios and not the OS. I have done that, and not a lockup since. So I'm thinking some of the freeze-ups players are experiencing maybe some sort of OS timing issue, and this can help more people then just me.
  6. I gotta think that Celeron is underpowered. I'm afraid you may be dissapointed.
  7. I went a weird way, 3800 SC with 2 GB of CL4 800Mhz memory 7900 GTOC. The reasoning is that I spent $140- to get going then can pick up something like the FX-74 two years from now when it's cheap and I'll still have a system that can feed the beast. Drop in good to go upgrading.
  8. I would agree Grandien if it was just to be a two year machine. Probably get a killer machine in the $700 range.
  9. Helmmann get yer stuff here!
  10. Announcing the new squad website and forum- Deal with it's magnificence!!!!!!
  11. Some other bits to consider Kidd- Due to system failure I had to buy before the Conroe was out and so did not get specs on it. If I were to buy now I would definitely go that way. However I didn't, I have an AM2 3800 single core, DDR2-800 CL4 and 7900 GTOC. I have middling performance settings and get 30s in heavy town battles ground or air, 70s in country ground and 100+ in country air. Running specs my memory feed is too fast for the CPU and overclocking my video card doesn't do that much. I'm CPU starved. But that was intentional. I paid something like $120 for the processor and went high end everywhere else, especially memory. I came in something like $1000 for the whole machine. Since AM2 is the AMD standard slot for the next 2-3 years my intent all along was get a good cheap price point CPU single-core, then go dual-core with a midlife upgrade sometime in late 2007/early 2008. At that point the FX dual core whatever will be cheap as they try to undercut Intel and I'll be able to triple my CPU for $400 or so. Or so goes the plan. The thing is Intel is going to ditch this socket for the next quadcore one. If you don't care about upgrading and will ride this machine into the ground it's not an issue and by all means go Conroe, but AMD is going to work better for long-term upgrading. Anyway, bottom line is there are now diminishing returns for mad videocard money unlike previous WWIIOL conventional wisdom. It's all about the fast CPU and memory.
  12. AMD will be back, just not in the next six months.
  13. The default needs to be longer as it moves slower, and the name does need a revamp. Suggestions?
  14. Right now is an annoying time to buy a machine. Intel is going great guns to try and win back the market share taken by AMD. The Core2 Duos are performing better pricewise ATM for a certain minimum performance level. However if you buy either likely what is coming for both (quadcore for Intel and CPU-level interconnects for add-on cards for AMD) will need new motherboards at a minimum, best to buy what you want that you can live with for the next 2-3 years. If you do AMD I would do AM2 only, here is the roadmap.
  16. Windows or Macintosh, there is no Linux version.
  17. I have a 7900 GT OC. It is sweet indeed. However I am convinced that beyond a certain point for WWIIOL video card money is wasted and you are better off getting a quality motherboard, best CPU you can buy and memory fast enough to feed it but no more.
  18. Can you add those links to this thread? It gets bumped constantly and will keep your links fresh and available.
  19. Good luck with that Buggsy, I like where you are going with that. Except for the part where you are shooting me.
  20. Bump darnit!
  21. I'd wait on dual core until a year from now when the middle-line processors beat the high-end single cores now, then never go back.
  22. Ah heck, I bought a GTOC only 2 months ago. Foo. The deal is that in general the way most computers work you can only run one program on a CPU at a time. But with cycles in the billions (the Ghz) and millions of instructions per second (the complex instructions the billions of cycles are performing) it just goes through a lot of stuff quickly which is how your computer is keeping all the balls juggled up in the air. So if you have a dual core that has 2.4 Ghz then one cpu is doing the game and the other is sitting around running your OS chores related to the game running and anti-virus, etc. So a lot of that processor juice is wasted. Since Windows XP is an OS derived from DEC's VAX, it uses threads, which allows some of the workload to be shifted to that second CPU (the hyperthreading term you'll see bandied about) if the program will support it. In general a good thing, except for realtime time critical processes like oh say, WWIIOL. However if you have a single core on AMD in general the CPU is cycling faster and so has an extra few hundred million cycles per second to blow on rendering your death. That's great up to the point that your anti-virus program decides it's time to phone home and get the latest updates, then lag city because it's running on the same core you are trying to fly on. I went 3800 AM2 SC because I was intentionally blowing my cash on DDR2 and the video card. I fully intend to upgrade to a dual core CPU two years from now when AMD is trying to dump an AM2 dual core 6000 for $200 or something like that. 4800 would be my price point too for your choice, I just would have obviously gone PC-8500/AM2 if price be no object.
  23. Have to disagree on the DDR2 memory, the key is to get the right combination of CL x memory speed, your memory subsystem can actually can go faster on them and feed your CPU more effeciently. Example, classic PC-3200 going at CL2 works out to 5ns per clock for a total of 10ns. My DDR2 PC-6400 going at CL4 works out to 2.5ns per clock for exactly the same speed 10ns, but at CL5 for 1.75ns works out to 8.75 ns. Plus the bandwidth coming off the chip is larger. So the question is, is your CPU high-end enough to take advantage of it? In my case, presently no, I intentionally bought AM2 and cheap, looking to pop in another cheap CPU-only upgrade two years from now. A good example of the highest end stuff the PC-8500, which I just couldn't quite justify, and the outrageous memory feed it provides.
  24. I think it always moved slower then the other forums, and so thanks to the very stringent filters none of the cool threads stay up for long.
  25. You know Im yours Lex! Looks darn good doesnt it?