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  1. Ok, here is one of those side design/culture issues that you have to be careful of monkeying with mechanics. To put it simply, Axis relies on it's infantry, Allies on their tanks. Axis doesn't care THAT much when ABs get taken, and Allies likely don't have to worry about backend panzers hitting flanks, only trucks driving in FMS. Take Allies' AB, and the tanks are gone- while this is no guarantee of victory for the Axis, it's a big deflator if you don't have a good Allied inf team on. And it takes time for any backtown tank to show up, Axis needs to finish quickly since likely they have been attacking without armor, or 1-2 finisher tanks OTW. So this is largely an Axis problem, because those linking depots will bring all those MGs in to boost the defense while Axis attack is likely running short of them. Allies tend to not take the AB until the end or near the end, although they certainly will camp heck out of the AB. Maybe this is the appropriate use for 88s, out in the hinterlands of the rescue FBs killing anything that comes out of them, armor or truck. Flipside is, if Axis can beat down those depots and finish the town, they get a full spawnlist in reward and the potential counterattacking towns are already down some MGs each. And the Axis gets a nice depot boost for their defense, if not overrun by Allied tanks good chances for reversing the result. Allies can win attacks and defense if the Axis doesn't get their tank wrangling under control. On a larger scale, when you take ABs in what sequence is terribly important depending on relative and total pop and the state of the other AO/DOs. It's not a one size fits all doctrine, and the side that uses their pop the smartest and is more aggressive in attack and more tenacious in defense can and should get the win. I look at this as a fundamental aspect of not having red vs. blue, and I'm not sure we should monkey with this one,
  2. There are several Allied squads that specialized in precision spec ops which included the occasional para drop, such as Covert Ops. But the signature para identity unit was 101st, I would check into their whereabouts and interest.
  3. I won't join, but I am up for para operations, and often felt I was the last para driver on both sides. 101st was often in there for the Allies but is largely gone in game. BK sometimes does it on Axis side, but it is a lost art. The ultimate is the glider attack, swooping in silent and deadly, dropping an armed team on the ground to hit an objective. Particularly dramatic for FB destruction, but a targeted cap is good too. Been able to get some attacks going with spawnable caps dropping on towns. I'm up for it most anytime I'm in game, call on me and I'll make myself available if not otherwise engaged, and definitely come running for people ballsy enough to go on a glider assault.
  4. Visuals are fantastic, some of the best I've ever seen. To take it to the next level, you have to do the whole battle and explain context, like KFS1 did for a Roermond battle. The voicecomms are atmospheric but confusing and not explanatory. The ultimate would be to tie in HC moves, battles going on as a result of moves, cameras on opposing forces in a battle at same time, and do something like 'an hour of WWIIOL'.
  5. I'd say you got as far as you did on sheer cussedness. A lot of people, if not most, will quit 'early' because they cannot take the pain and the effort, or do not have anything inside them to fight for (this usually shocks families when they encounter a loved one that packs it in easily, you don't really find out what a person is until they face the extremes). Nurses ofttimes like to deal with the wan shrinking violet patient who faces their monster with meek acceptance ('Mrs. Soandso is so nice, it's so sad'), while complaining about that cussing fighting snarling patient that is so difficult. I want to go in there and shake them hard, no you got it wrong it's the fighter that's going to make it and the disease martyr that's going to die, you need to develop more cussedness if possible for that person and chalk up the tough one as 'on the mend'. I'd say the same stubbornness that got you through ridiculous times with TGTCWTF is that "not gonna knuckle under do what I started out to do" character got you through this. to the survivors.
  6. Pfft. I can tell you I worked around that situation. If I can do it, you can too.
  7. I pretty much predicted this, of COURSE the spall makes it easier for tanks to kill crews and expressed my satisfaction at the silly people that wanted them. I would go T0 88 no shield, something like whatever tier is 1943 for Flak36 with gunshield and the better ammo.
  8. I'd do canisters, they drop where they drop and land where they land, visible coming down so any enemy observers know where it went, able to resup any infantry but not not tanks, and has number of resups/time limit less then truck borne supply boxes.
  9. Actually the exact opposite- para supply boxes should be the ONLY ones that can be set behind the lines.
  10. Umm HC would have very little control per se over TFs, this would be more for squads or adhoc squad-like orgs like 94th used to be. HCs could create and operate TFs to stimulate organization, but I don't envision anything special about their ability to do so. What I had in mind for HCs is AO/DO Commander, where they would have an overall better map and TFs dedicated to that AO/DO would be instantly 'in the chain of command/comms' so the Commander has someone to talk to and is autohooked in a similar manner to designated MOIC. Creating an ingame adhoc org from strat to operational to tactical. MOIC is another matter, I feel that the effort that went into 1.36 could have gone into these tools to include a KOTH MOIC 'autorecruiting/reserve officer' type function. The redo of the garrison did get that unexpected 'supply doesn't all bounce and battle doesn't end with AB cap' benefit so I'm a little more reconciled with 1.36, but still such org tools have always been the hind end of development when it should be the centerpiece of shaping the game experience.
  11. Having rules posters like in the FMS is a really good thing that should be expanded upon.
  12. Hmm, I'd like to see more a TF style of UI point, where you join a Task Force that has different spawn points/missions possibly in different towns/battles, so a squad or adhoc organization can hang with keeping people in battle and comms/orged up organically and switch to another battle without so much fog of war/confusion. The TF leader has a map of ALL the spawn/missions under his TF, so a point to who is in that position and reward to perform that function. Should be able to largely overlay the current mission paradigm while greatly increasing retention/satisfaction/action. As to the front line thing, FMS on the front and HCLMS FRU stuff only behind, possibly to include a depot-like throttle for the latter. That would mirror infiltration tactics which certainly was a WWII thing without insta-army/encirclement/siege like now.
  13. This. The minute we step into Tier1, whether old tiers or new minitiers, we are in speculative historical ratio land. Yes we could use actual produced numbers, but our 'reality' has France holding out far longer then a few weeks, and would the same production choices have been made? How many 6lbers would have been made instead of 2lbers if the BEF wasn't forced to Dunkirk and no heavy equipment? How many IIIHs and 88s would Germany have put into emergency production after getting a load of fighting S35s, Chars and Matties for any extended period? How many DB7s and P40s would have been made if there was a France still there to buy them and what would be the price point of increased production? We can make informed decisions that give look and feel, but ACTUALLY trying to match historical ratios is a far greater chimera to chase then balanced RICH gameplay. The GAME comes first.
  14. Environment changed, 300m silent FMS setup is an entirely different beast from MSPs or raw driving in people. FRUs were similarly silent and had inf more easily setting, but it took time to walk in the inf, EWS went off and the FRUs could be blown with MG bursts/one grenade/tank blast/bomb etc. And less people overall means less available for towing- imagine a scenario with no M10/S76/RPATs where people told you the thing to do is use 17 lber against Tiger. The other issue is so few 88s vs. a near like number of Matties. In the history of the game, I've NEVER seen a near 1:1 ratio of Matties to 88s like this. Soft survivability vs. hard counts. At best when assessing capability, it has to be within the context of the rules in play at the time. Historical kill ratios mean little.
  15. Were you around for the full effects of the RDP set of rules, including just how much people stayed away when 'their' branch of their country was behind the curve? No one who played then would be confused about what these pseudohistorical spawnlists were gonna do. And that this is a false narrative as GMing spawnlists or doing gameplay/server coding is not the same thing as the models, they are separate disciplines? This is ugly ugly experience talking, we all learned it once upon a time with years of painful player losses, I just don't see the need to relearn and experience more losses, nor do I see demanding 'whine less' as a viable action direction.
  16. Those Brooklyn hipsters must be driving you to madness.
  17. You cant take me off that list, viva la difference, but MATCHUPs with the more complex mutlitier pseudohistorical setup, you guys are not doing so well on.
  18. The Matties in low numbes are not a problem. The large deployed numbers of Matty CS coupled with 4 88s base in 1 AB towns and limited sappers, are. What makes the Matty fearsome is not that 2lber, plenty of that to be had all over BEF forces, it's that camping armor/MG combo.
  19. It was done, Doc says it nearly broke the game. Probably a never again.
  20. Close in FMS i understand, those will get camped pretty quickly and thoroughly and yes yank that FMS if it can't be rescued. But 1K+ FMS take a LOT longer to camp and if you clear them it can be quite a while before they are back, so I remain sympathetic to the OP's complaint. Now if the OP is away and the FMS is blown, well that's another matter. The lock would help with him not inadvertently creating an attrition trap, or limit the impulse to takelead/delete, but won't protect against enemy action when the attrition isn't happening and they are wasting time watching a stale FMS. THAT, the OP has to live with as a price of his 'style'.
  21. I thought we wanted to encourage him to fight for life and health!
  22. I would hope we would NOT do the squad-only one, the difference to my mind here is that the ML can use this for benefit of squaddies or for everyone, if he turns it loose it's game on without locking off non-squaddies.
  23. I likee. Fits the bill. Could also help those squads that are always complaining about early/badly behaving spawners ruining the secret squirrel mission, lock it until you are ready, bam spawn in, lock it back up.
  24. When I run FMS I often run 'deep' FMS like you do. To my mind it's not relaxed positioning, but as you say a flanking position to control ground for the close approach. They also last a LOT longer, especially with live defenses, and may survive long enough for armor to come up for mutual support. I have gotten a LOT of vicious commentary doing that, instant action guys want instant action and actually get miffed you might not be 300m from a target, heaven forbid they should advance and build situational awareness, catch enemy ATGs/EFMS, sap errant tanks that wander too far out etc.. I've had a few try and takelead, I usually take it back immediately and then I get more invective about how stupid I am. However, this was more in the EFRU days where they would walk an inf up to their preferred range and set closer, at least that sort of made sense. Deleting nowadays doesn't as they are going to have to drive a truck out to set one closer anyway, just make another mission and show us how it is done. This sounds more like petulant 'set it closer' man-children deleting to punish. Can't do anything about those but stay on to takelead em back, but if it's more of a misunderstanding, I usually find it's best to explain what this FMS is doing out in the middle of nowhere via .orders, that way they can look and read before they spawn and perhaps not pitch a delete fit.
  25. Those losses have already been suffered by people who stopped subs, most of whom would have gone F2P/new account. The risk then is people who are protesting equipment or side issues, creating surprise cash flow instability. I'd say this risks more going from X to $0 and disassociated from the game, rather then X to $5 and still has a connection.