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  1. Ironically, one of my primary target profiles for an LMS is a rifle takedown of an EFMS.
  2. Overpop side can't get them, only underpop, both if even (less then 10% pop diff). Work for you?
  3. I'm often posting on HC game tools. One of them for me is AO/DO commander, person takes command of AO/DO (not the stupid brigades or garrisons) and gets ALL the side's marks around town AND friendlies' positions AND missions on target including their FMS/LMS loc if any AND adhoc command structure based on MLs. Command/control and a reason/tool for someone to actually direct the battle. Expanding on that, adhoc command structure ingame, MOIC---->AO/DO COs---->MLs.
  4. WIki isn't accessible ingame, most players likely don't know it exists. If it's not in neon lighting in the game, it doesn't exist for 80% of the players.
  5. I did, during the Beta. I along with a couple of other players moled the ever living heck out of North Antwerp, constantly shifting the LMS from one side of town to the other. At some point as moles often do, it turned into the primary attack and nearly succeeded, just couldn't get people to guard (which shouldn't really be expected during a test event). All this with just rifles. During another attack I had an LMS up completely close to the AB of a town the Allies defended successfully, but it was offset from everything else and never got taken down. But you can't get people to assault bunkers with rifles. Another time I used it against FMS, first time I snuck up and laid on charge from 'the wrong direction' the FMS operators were surprised, second time they defended against me but never got to the LMS, the FMS busters from town were able to catch them in a pincer and help blow it. Original FRU was THE most powerful unit ever to exist in the game, and I am counting nuclear StuG in that mix. LMS with rifles is a cute thing. LMS with SMGs is town capping attack breaking stuff. LMS with either AT types like ATR or RPATs, or engineers, is crushing power. Any expansion of the LMS has to be done VERY carefully. It's awesome power at the moment is due to it's rarity and unexpected placement with the absolute silent aspect, as religiously as both sides hunt spawns they won't last long once it's grasped that they are being used and the limited HC unit count means killing the HC really does end the LMS placement, So it's not like the old FRU, but SMG definitely escalates it to potent weapon.
  6. I think all this AO and active battles and a half dozen different mechanisms are geared exactly to this need. What is missing is a manual or vidoes or something that explains the game so they get the depth and/or ya bigazz world here is how to find stuff. I would gather from reading between the lines that the original design document assumed 'fellow player indoctrination', which works fine with the original year or two maps, not with missions willy nilly lying around all over the damn place with no explanation of what the player will experience jumping in. A thorough going over by documents/vids is needed, incorporated into the sales pitch so they know what to expect. I don't think that's happening, so second best- follow through on the acculturation/indoctrination process by getting the DAMN VOICE SYSTEM IN.
  7. Here's a good after discussion on what was done and people's take on it.
  8. Naw, I just knew these sort of things would still be out there, people were drawing them up at the BBS/dawn of internet gaming era. I have a bit of history with this, friend of mine that was in the gaming industry worked for SSI for a time. I got to drive them nuts indirectly because I would totally break their scenarios, crushing 15-turn scenarios in 5, landing in Egypt during Crete, taking channel bases in the D-day scenario, and in general jacking up their game. I would get huge diatribes from my friend- 'it's a puzzle game not a war game!' I understand some of the more vicious penalty scenarios in Harpoon and Allied General were as a direct result of my taunting. I played hardmode too, if my army was beaten I would restart the WHOLE campaign from Poland on. Really enjoyed the force building part too, I would use a lot of economizing in odd ways with that game. I would run with maybe half tanks half TD, about 3 Pioneres and 2 backup artillery and 1 AA gun all in halftracks (cause time is victory when slogging across Russia). That mix allowed me to take towns fast. Then I could use the cheap TDs to hold them while rolling onto the next target. No armor car recon, I used air recon exclusively and set up Allied air for annihilation. Then paras that got air cover and landed at enemy ports- they were expendable but I earned beaucoup prestige and simultaneously lured air to their doom. Another trap was killing the Fireflies at D-day, they never made it to the beach. Never got Major Victory, but did break Third Army and stopped Russians at Budapest (but only just, with a last minute buy of a Jagdtiger). I always figured WWIIOL was going to go this way with the North African campaign, sequential campaigns that occurred depending on who won BoF, BoB, NA, Russia, etc. Eh, could do it with regional operations.
  9. Oh no argument here on your points, but also Doc's Bloody Battles experiment showed what can happen if we have regional battle. It was just one non-stop attacking and defending all over, you really got a sense of Big Map much moreso then getting in the Transporter and beaming to the next battle.
  10. He's referring to 2-3 hot threads where Scotsman and Bmbm were justifying the methodology of the spawnlist pricing system. Many of us are upset about it as it doesn't seem to align with the real game value, and the really closer historical lists had highly damaged ability to prosecute attacks for BOTH sides. The spawnlists have gotten better but are still not fun inducing for many, and for my part I'm wondering what fresh supply terror may be visited upon us without warning because the valuation is hinky.
  11. Hmmm. How about a linked scenario chain like Panzer General for a region, outcome determines next sequenced scenario. Bigger then H&G's linked cookie cutter arenas, but still limited resolution. I'll bet they could do that with the current engine.
  12. The SMG CQB thing is not on a par with para use cases. It's just not. And you're assuming what CRS' motivation is. I can think of a half dozen reasons then 'believing rifle most powerful' such as sub account/DLC value, F2P/trial users not being gunned down every 5s byupgunned semi/MGs, forcing combined arms with tanks, a lot of this historical spawnlist business which includes putting the BEF on an equal footing if the historical ratios of rifle to MG are maintained, slower brutal finishes to battle with local supply not ToE, etc. etc. I think you make a lot of valid points, but I wouldn't count on you for reading Ratthink accurately. Ding em for what they do, not why you think they did it.
  13. That would be fair play if they ate the 15h penalty. If they didn't, I don't think that was CRS' intent. If I were Allied HC and someone was being uber clever finding a loophole in the ticket system, I would be so pissed at them doing that on purpose with that intended result of full supply without the 15h penalty. The ability to flip countries was negotiated so the Allies wouldn't have crazy patchworks of non-overstocking. Doing clever risks that understanding/accommodation and hurting the Allies from now on, for the price of holding out another day or two at the factory town. Let's find out the facts before hanging anyone by the mob.
  14. I've actually had great freedom in discussing problems with the game, and have said some harsh things that TBH would have booted me in most game forums where the game devs can't handle anything but pure praise. Big part of the reason why I'm here and not elsewhere. The key to getting criticism done is do it constructively. Attitude and insults get your post/thread sent to the phantom zone pronto. Functional 'let's work this' posting stays and gets answered. I've participated in such alternate forums in the past, at the time several were run by disgruntled Axis and I was dedicated Allied so definitely in the lion's den moments. I usually found little value in terms of game problem solving but it was nice to let each other know what we thought of the other guys without filters. The funniest moment was when things got really hot and the alternate forum hoster/mod found he had limits to 'freedom of expression' too. PM me, and I can help you craft a functional post that addresses your issues.
  15. Actually it does matter for the air war aspect if nothing else.
  16. Could happen if the town was lost then recapped. I suspect the towns are hardlinked to X country supply and specific country ownership state doesn't really matter, at least it never did before. Would be interesting to see if some edge case wasn't looked at and it does matter now.
  17. EWH. Including ahistorical acrobatic chute control. Including bigaazz squads that the para paradigm messed with too badly to live with the ahistorical chutes.
  18. I fly em and see the results. You're the one that has decided to drop the tool and not try. Works for me.
  19. It does require a recognition of when the time is. Have to be in range of what is going on and 'seeing' where the enemy is and have a sense of how many are actually there. It's doable, if for no other reason then I'll do it singlehandedly as a moler and force defenders back. A firm para drop will create a much faster harder recoil. 3 paras right away is better in that instance then sitting around a field waiting for 10.
  20. The NAO I want to see done gets regional battle, and best part is we actually played in it in Doc's Bloody Battles version. My commentary was what Killer had proposed and my impression of the playerbase reaction. No guarantee you will get that now, just don't be surprised if people don't jump up and salute this en masse. The following part was general pontificating on these kind of changes to concentrate action, most changes made to the game since the beginning have been towards that end. The game gets more and more like an arena when you go that direction, what's the difference then between it and arena games? There has to be a balance, and this proposal needs to be evaluated in light of a whole map that never gets played in or create big countryside battle.
  21. The difference is that FMS represents a very vulnerable truck driving to a point and dropping the spawn, the FMS maintaining existence under attack. and the supply being readily burned away as the infantry close in or are camped. The FMS is earned through both placement and existing. Paras get placement in close or distant and enough firepower to kill inf and tanks, not right that the time price is not paid.
  22. Near as I can tell, in forumthink thou shalt hold no other games as existing just in case you might try them, I've had to fight for Star Citizen threads in OT. Don't be surprised if you get more of the same.
  23. I am in constant contact/argument with Lob, I'm pretty sure half the reason he doesn't play was his education time and cost of game. The other half is he was playing on borrowed time anyway cause his French squad blew apart and he was just jumping in to mess around, before any of the latest changes.
  24. Ok great, but your playing F2P is not feeding hamsters. It's practically anti-hamster.
  25. Ya, this is the problem with that historical spawn-list approach. I, I just don't know. How can people decide those numbers are a good idea, like ever? Completely right that they were cheap and outnumbered tanks. Completely wrong in a game where the RPATs are far more reliable and far easier to go tank hunting with low infantry density then the real thing. NEVER more then 5 base, and that would be with the 3-4 AB towns. Madness.