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  1. Well that should be more sexah for both sides.
  2. I thought everybody wanted to goose offense. This is like trying to determine by competing medical reports what causes or cures cancer this week.
  3. QOR is a major strategic factor in wins and losses. Not quite on the same level as say KGW, Dambusters or AEF, but on that Whips/23rd/Lancers level.
  4. I think you underestimate the coding difficulties of some things, independent of any gameplay effects. It's not a simple reversion unless it is DESIGNED to be simple, i.e. a value input for things like FMS distance. I suspect some things have been retrofitted that way, others like the spawnlist entry apparently has not when it should have been at the least database template type loads and not a painful hand process that is practically designed to create errors and paranoia/ill-will. I would say that process is a good example of why the Rats don't do more spawnlist experimentation and the coding IS a thing.
  5. Airfields are that for planes, land and fuel/ammo up, but the difference is the plane is largely useless on the ground. Having tanks instantly reload because they are next to FB tents, depots or ABs? No thanks. Ammo boxes, trucks, inf resup and despawn/respawn covers this just fine. Can't move a truck 10 feet to reach a tank cause you are that ubercamped? I'd say that's a cut supply line, short as it is.
  6. Holy crap.
  7. When I was in AHC in the old days, I used to send out Hathcock to cut approaches to town. He could stop any infantry movement of an entire quadrant. Allied players have experienced the same at Agave's hands, before that Ceska, and both sides have gotten Tatonka parasniper love. Quality snipers are gold. Run of the mill rifle inf shooting from depots while no one checks the flag building is worse then useless.
  8. It's number of vets. Most are headless chickens, 10% of the players do 90% of the effective.
  9. You guys ever think WHY the Rats 1.0 did what they did? Hmmm? EVERY single object you are talking about has to be defined, set in a database for location and capture state then apply whatever limits happen when an enemy controls X objects and what coding has to happen to make your front line and avoid patchwork mixed territory. CRS whether 1.0 or 2.0 has to look at all that vast amount of definition, placement and upkeep and ask themselves what the play value is of using limited resources to do that. I'm not seeing the payoff of 30000 new rural objects (and I suspect I'm way low) for the dubious value you are proposing relative to effort. Even for WWIIOL 2.0, way not good conception. Let's look at that map again. 52,000 square kilomters play area. Ya I had the number low. Even if we had one capture object and our tiles were 1km x 1km, that's 52,000 objects. With 800x800m tiles, that works out to something in the 70,000 object range. FIND ANOTHER WAY.
  10. Hmmm, how about a DIRECT reward? ML/org leader gives point awards to people who do as they say and extra for tasks completed? Most of us don't care about ranking up, but the newer players do. Bring them up to pay attention to orders through rank snacks?
  11. Judging by that little morale bar on the original persona, I guess they intended to really do that?
  12. You're on the right track, the one mission/one spawn paradigm screws HORRIBLY with player cohesion. Redo that and loop comms into a new org/spawn paradigm, including integral voice comms, and a lot of this gets fixed.
  13. I'd say the no-spawn in linking depots kills attack potential dead- minute you cap something, defense has all the advantages.
  14. Been that way re: FMS ever since the game went to those. The HC FRU thing is brand new after 2-3 years of the FMS truck only, truck makes such bridge dependent. I brought up that thread for you between me and ZeroAce in Barracks, no commentary from you in it. Git on over there.
  15. Here tis, have not bumped it in years, feel free to comment there though as it would be nice for newer people to get the original with new thoughts on it. Not that I claim originality for all or most mechanisms, just more the 'branding' and defining the need for PN.