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  1. My hotas x is several years old, I literally got it before it went on sale in general early bird buy, don't have a problem but don't have separate pedals. You're defining Joystick 1 for the hotas/replacement and joystick 2 for the pedals?
  2. Sorella's post is an accurate example of thread hijacking. Well done, and with two sterling subject changes. Now then Gav, Zeb's question is not rhetoric but the crux of the problem for CRS- how to maximize the content so that the most people have fun with it, while maintaining a competitive game with rewards for superior play but not punishment for either too few or too many on a side. It's all well and good to post 'this is what I want' yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa type postings, and they are valid expressions of what you want I'm sure, but it isn't actionable for CRS without looking at and addressing the fact that your lone sub or even all the others that think as you will pay the bills, they need ALL of the subs. As such they HAVE to answer the question, literally. You want to get what you want, you have to persuade by helping to solve EVERYONE'S content issues, or at least the largest number possible.
  3. Cheap California sexploitation film of 50s, so that's most likely Southern Pacific.
  4. Semantics. Unworthy argument.
  5. He means he wants 2 AOs minimum because many people feel the game's action level drags too much at 1 AO. Problem is very low pop is stretched beyond the breaking point and pop neutrality settings would have to be ultra high to allow low pop to not be blown out of the game and all the bad stuff of TZ3 rolls rears its ugly head, worse then before. See, we can talk about this stuff, if we aren't whiny and beechy about it.
  6. None of these are ever separate issues. They may be separately definable elements, but the rules of the entire combat biome impinge on the chances tactics and required player count to achieve putative success in a battle. On the FB thing, YES whenever I had a chance to get people to do that I would, called them Victory FB teams as they sealed off potential supply rescue. Heck, worth doing even if no supply depot link issues, just to stop rescue DFMS. Whether we have the spare people to send off on such missions is another matter, unfortunately scaling down to low levels of pop has to be a consideration on anything we propose.
  7. Well, more to the point, the ENTIRE set of spawning and capture has to be looked at as a whole to create 'healthy' battles with a chance for both attacker and defender, the biomes of our war. So for instance, Delems wants those autolinked depots to be delinked and force a drive-in from the defending FBs. The difference between before when the linking autodepot supply made sense and now is you aren't bouncing brigades out as a default and towns fall fast after so linking brigades made sense (and were limited to where linking brigades were located). Now, the town's supply is still active in depots AND ALL linking D towns get depot supply. If we were to follow your rule or something like it (I think it needs to be a bit more articulated towards facility lines rather then town lines), then that empowers the defense and the linking autosupply to depots definitely needs to go, as the defense is then really only having to worry about 'facing' depots initially and can concentrate better. Offense needs chances too, so limiting to just town supply makes sense in that scenario. Want to maintain the FMS all around/warp option AND depots? All right, but one of the key differences now is that remaining attacker potential spawnables still has town supply in addition to the now EVERY defending spawnable link supply. In that case, best to knock the town supply entirely out with AB capture as before and only have the linking depots supplied by outside garrisons/brigades. Then the attacker gets the reward of both no instant armor in town AND easy take of remaining direct link spawnables while the defender still gets a boost of all linking defense depots. Not quite what Delems has in mind, but not a big multiplier of supply either and more a sense of 'lines' as more attacking supply is brought to bear.
  8. I would presume destroying linking FBs would shut down the depot supply.
  9. Heh, fourth best alltime FB memory for me.
  10. One of my most cherished game memories was defending an FB and knowing there was gonna be an old school rush for it. Had a bofors setup as we were low on supply, here comes the hot dropping opel with 8 engies on board, blamblamblamblam. Probably a similar rush for para plane killing fighters- so much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Also, killing your friends is a sweet sweet nectar.
  11. A few other mistakes, missing the significance of the radar sites, and not putting the KM all on subs and not surface fleet raiders of dubious results. On the other hand, Germany was not in shape to invade successfully. The delivery options were mostly barges, readily sunk by small boats and destroyers even in an air superiority environment, and using paras and an airhead to get much more then a division across and supplied was sheer fantasy, and doubtful even that. The Dutch portion of the blitzkrieg had been wildly successful, but at a cost of Ju-52s. They had 800 Ju-52s going into the Blitzkrieg and by the end of June 1940 only about 200 flyable. Of course a lot of those would be repairable, but still we are talking probably only 400 possible. Could be the Dutch saved the UK from invasion.
  12. I can make it into a train thread if you prefer.
  13. That's what I was thinking, that this cluster isn't as 'compatible to 1.36 as the other more used clusters.
  14. I don't see how a client patch affects city state. Maybe login.
  15. Given the screaming fits you unleash on just a little pop neutrality, I can't imagine what you would do if this was actually in play and you got more then 30 SD regularly.
  16. Sounds like ML is deciding your FMS is camped and deleting it or it's blown soon after.
  17. It may be during your period Cat if the Allies are getting more tanks to town during attacks, but for the most part it's usually meh when I'm playing, often enough to consider doing the AB last AO bounce at times. Nonetheless, I do think it's true that Axis sees the AB as a prime target worth risking the rescue FMS/spawnable flush just to cut off the Matties and later Shermans. The advent of the Tiger does boost the Axis AB target value to cut off spawning. It would all play much more differently if we had more people overall, often during a Dr. Fallback operation there would be what I called victory teams already posted to the linking rescue FBs, they would be blown and the linking depots cuts so the town could fallback and recover/get free spawnlist in relative peace. Nowadays with current population you risk a fast retake if most of your experienced inf are out at a bunch of FBs.
  18. EWH
  19. It's important to note that it's different from the original AB only spawn, or depot spawn cut when the AB linked to the depot was taken, then eventually we got linking town/linking depot spawning.
  20. If I understand the spawning rules correctly, you can still spawn town supply at depots without the AB, that's a major change that came with 1.36. Then if you are linked, that supply can be spawned independently. I think Delems is arguing for town supply only in the event of ABs taken.
  21. Ok, here is one of those side design/culture issues that you have to be careful of monkeying with mechanics. To put it simply, Axis relies on it's infantry, Allies on their tanks. Axis doesn't care THAT much when ABs get taken, and Allies likely don't have to worry about backend panzers hitting flanks, only trucks driving in FMS. Take Allies' AB, and the tanks are gone- while this is no guarantee of victory for the Axis, it's a big deflator if you don't have a good Allied inf team on. And it takes time for any backtown tank to show up, Axis needs to finish quickly since likely they have been attacking without armor, or 1-2 finisher tanks OTW. So this is largely an Axis problem, because those linking depots will bring all those MGs in to boost the defense while Axis attack is likely running short of them. Allies tend to not take the AB until the end or near the end, although they certainly will camp heck out of the AB. Maybe this is the appropriate use for 88s, out in the hinterlands of the rescue FBs killing anything that comes out of them, armor or truck. Flipside is, if Axis can beat down those depots and finish the town, they get a full spawnlist in reward and the potential counterattacking towns are already down some MGs each. And the Axis gets a nice depot boost for their defense, if not overrun by Allied tanks good chances for reversing the result. Allies can win attacks and defense if the Axis doesn't get their tank wrangling under control. On a larger scale, when you take ABs in what sequence is terribly important depending on relative and total pop and the state of the other AO/DOs. It's not a one size fits all doctrine, and the side that uses their pop the smartest and is more aggressive in attack and more tenacious in defense can and should get the win. I look at this as a fundamental aspect of not having red vs. blue, and I'm not sure we should monkey with this one,
  22. There are several Allied squads that specialized in precision spec ops which included the occasional para drop, such as Covert Ops. But the signature para identity unit was 101st, I would check into their whereabouts and interest.
  23. I won't join, but I am up for para operations, and often felt I was the last para driver on both sides. 101st was often in there for the Allies but is largely gone in game. BK sometimes does it on Axis side, but it is a lost art. The ultimate is the glider attack, swooping in silent and deadly, dropping an armed team on the ground to hit an objective. Particularly dramatic for FB destruction, but a targeted cap is good too. Been able to get some attacks going with spawnable caps dropping on towns. I'm up for it most anytime I'm in game, call on me and I'll make myself available if not otherwise engaged, and definitely come running for people ballsy enough to go on a glider assault.
  24. Visuals are fantastic, some of the best I've ever seen. To take it to the next level, you have to do the whole battle and explain context, like KFS1 did for a Roermond battle. The voicecomms are atmospheric but confusing and not explanatory. The ultimate would be to tie in HC moves, battles going on as a result of moves, cameras on opposing forces in a battle at same time, and do something like 'an hour of WWIIOL'.