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  1. wait wait so....The game only does this when connecting to the live server....And when he connects to Training and offline the game loads up fine? So i doubt its anything with the computer, check your internet settings if you've changed anything recently, or think about anything you installed recently on there since it stopped working. I'm guessing you changed something since this happened.
  2. with that computer you shouldnt be getting that bad of fps. I get 180 not in battle. are you saying you always get 15-30? sounds like vertical sync might be need to be unchecked and also make sure you have the latest driver for the video card after you install it.
  3. your processor has to support 64bit. the mobo and video card are fine you have there. Also there are different programs you can install that run 64bit instead of 32bit. Most 32bit processes still run on 64bit and ww2 runs fine. i have xp 64bit.
  4. thank you for the answers
  5. I'm happy with my 8800 GTS, I get 125 fps constant in cod4, which is a big improvement over my 6600 i did have. Was getting around 60-80 with that. I'd say go with the 8 series, just make sure your case is big enough for a few of the larger ones.
  6. id say upgrade the vid card first. processor is ok and mem is ok for now. get a 512mb one or more, some good ones at newegg for around ~$140 or so
  7. well do you know if its old enough for agp or is it pci express?
  8. I got a M2N-SLI Deluxe mb and it has 2 pci express slots. 1 runs at 16x and the other at 8x. And when i SLI it says they will both run at 8x. Is 8x a huge performance drop from 16x or will i see a significant improvement with 2 vid cards at 8x. I got a 512mb gts 8800 in there right now, thinking about getting another in a few months.
  9. what kind of motherboard do you have?
  10. Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz (OC to 2.8 - maybe 3.0 soon.) 4 gigs of corsair 800mhz memory Onboard Sound 8800 GTS 512mb Vid Card i get over 100 flying, and was getting 40+ over breda last night in heavy fighting.
  11. try going to internet properties by right clicking IE, then go to the advanced tab, and click restore defaults then apply. see if that works