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  1. What happened? They had a room packed with resources last I saw years ago.
  2. What happened? They had a room packed with resources last I saw years ago.
  3. Very interesting. I have noticed that RAM usage does not raise when I use 2 accounts, perhaps this contributes to the great number of CTD's when doing such. I'll try your solution.
  4. Your game may be corrupted, or your videocard is not working properly. Check for latest videocard drivers, install them. or Re-install the game.
  5. I have timmy42 as my second account, great for towing, testing, and so on. You'll see quite a few players in game with towing accounts. Just don't attempt to use one as a spy, as it is very easily caught, and the banstick is swift.
  6. While the bombardier can't fly the plane, if multicrewing (in a 111, I don't know about the others), the bombardier can line up the target and the pilot will be able to see the offset gauge and yaw accordingly. That isn't what you're asking for though. It would be nice if the planes that did have such ability, could. Spawning at a mobile spawn can be turned off with the checkbox at the spawn screen.
  7. I think most of us understand that, it can be seen in most games and is easy to spot when it happens here. However, this is happening to players that are still connected; a tank may be actively involved in combat and killing others, but to others he is flying around in the air like a leaky balloon. It looks terrible, and the few times I have even bothered to log on and play ground, I have seen it.
  8. Are you firing on a slope? Firing rapidly while the tank is still rocking?
  9. I think it would be a good idea to lower the mission rank requirement to e2. No e1 has business creating missions, and even if they would like to, it's only 5-15 kills away from the very beginning of the game.
  10. I'm asking you to test your accusation for viability, if you don't want to, then you have nothing to stand on. I've destroyed thousands of vehicles in this game, thousands of units with the stugs alone. I was regularly one of the top 3 tankers in the game when I tanked. Questioning my ability to tank further proves your inexperience and unwillingness to do even the most basic research. This game was launched in europe in 2001. You claim that since something is possible in testing it must be messed up, but now you say that if something is possible in testing, it isn't the same?I've already accounted for combat conditions in my examples and the possibilities under the most ideal conditions. You have not, only throwing as much drivel out as possible hoping some of it sticks, sad really. I've already addressed the rest of what you have said in posts in this thread. Trolling? How is showing your foolishness, trolling? Or perhaps you've reached the end of your pitiful argument well so now you're down to fallacies.
  11. I didn't agree with all of that, your reading comprehension is abysmal. Of course a turret with an open hole in the front can be penetrated, there wouldn't even be anything at that point to stop the round. But go ahead and test it for viability; test under perfect conditions how many rounds one must fire on average from 2k with a 2lber at a stug B with an open sight hatch in order to kill the gunner, then you'll have a comment worth saying. I've already explained the AP of the L/24, stop beating a dead horse, again you're making a fool of yourself. Of course they're completely different, but my example worked perfectly. There are plenty of pictures of the damage models that one may find with half a brain and some effort. With just as much effort one can do their own testing and find the best ways to destroy any unit with different guns. Whether or not CRS is willing to release in depth pictures of every vehicle is something you would bring up with them, not me. The h87, g6, f1, f2, spit 2b, hurri 2b, pak 40, 3 inch atg, 17lber, m4a3, and quite a few other weapons have been added in the past 3 years.
  12. Wrong, you are attempting to justify your beliefs by nitpicking with anecdotes and your own experience; both of which would be at the very bottom of the value if information in any kind of actual study of the information. I have corrected them with facts. I've already explained the AP part here. I don't disagree with the ineptness of the larger HE, it should be done better. But it is very important that you realize that historically, HE rounds below 120mm were inept and ineffective, often less effective than a hand grenade. I have to leave in a few minutes so I'll not bother searching for the study, but ask scotsman or search his posts for the study on the effectiveness of HE rounds and you'll have all the information you'll need. The L/24 HE round is notably different because it was low velocity, thinner walled, and thus had much more HE than a normal 75mm round. That is an issue that should be fixed, and is significantly better with the new color pallets involving more brighter greens and lighter browns. Back in 2006 the colors of the bushes and trees were very ideal for the German tanks, they changed. This is also something that should be fixed, if you ever bothered to even search anything related to stug and lmg on this forum I bet you'll find plenty of posts regarding that, many of them dating back years from me alone. The 4D and stugD were NOT MEANT FOR FIGHTING TANKS. They are extremely good at fighting tanks when used properly, the stug can even resist a shot from a 2lber as close as 100m! It is possible, go test it. Create a second account, go to the training server, and test it. It is not overpowered, they are equal fighters below 800m, and the sherman has an advantage in urban fighting due to its turret speed and several other minor factors. Tell that to the tank crews who fought against 4F2s in Africa.
  13. None of those posts are directed at you, but this thread isn't in the right forum. However some people insist on calling their own experiences from incompetence fact, then decide to come here to whine about it, and whine even more when they are corrected. Don't become a victim of the simpletons.
  14. Oh no...I knew this day would come...they have gained self awareness...