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  1. My billing aniversary is coming up in three days and I'm not going to re-up. See ya in Target Tobruk maybe.
  2. I am DEFINITELY experiencing the slideshow spikes of 2-3 fps that I never saw before. Usually got about 30-50 fps flying. Now spikes down to 2 or 3 -- slideshow indeed. Impossible for flying. G5 2.5x2, 3GB Ram, Radeon 9600XT 10.4.6 current settings: shademode gouraud bdithering true bspecular true texturereduction false sound primary sound driver bsoundenable true b3dsoundenable true video 1 resolution 1680x1050x32x0 bnoframerunahead false bnolocktorefresh true gammared 1.000000 gammagreen 1.000000 gammablue 1.000000 bshowinfo false shadowsizeselect 0 volumemultiplier 0.258721 musicmultiplier 0.000000 hudvisible 2 fogscaleselector 0 maxnumbersounds 16 suppressmuzzlesmoke false suppressmuzzlelight false suppresstracersmoke false lodfieldofview false lodlimitperframe false bcursorenabled false friendlycolor 65280 enemycolor -16777216 squadcolor -256 missioncolor 8388608 missionleadercolor 7925760 language 0 ambientlevel 0 radialclutter false radialdensity 0.500000 radialradius 0.500000 visplayerlimit 1 fsaasamples 0 fsaahighquality false soundhighquality true soundforcestereo false soundconvertonload true capturealldisplays true enableh2oshaders false postrenderfilter false grassshader true normalmaps true waterreflections false reflectionupdate 0 wantmessagealert true usenetworkroute 0 --Unc
  3. The patch is a disaster for me -- can't fly anymore. I get 30-50 FPS and then it stutters to 2 or 3. --Unc G5 2x2.5mhz 3GB Ram, ATI 9600XT 128mb, MacOS 10.4.6
  4. Anyone else having problems with the latest updater patch? (12.3.3) After the patch downloads and decompresses, and I click ok on the "this will take a while" dialog, I get an error message that says "File Not Found: noerr". Same thing happens with manual attempts to patch. WTF? -Unc. G5 2x 2.5ghz, 3MB Ram, Tiger 10.4.6, 9600XT