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  1. Well, I tried the ATI Hotfix, and it didn't do anything to avert my problem with crashing. I still locked up hard after 15 minutes of playing. However, I am happy - no wait - THRILLED!!! to report that turning off my FPS meter in game works!!! Hitting the num-lock to turn it off just gave me two hours of uninterrupted game time. I could have kept playing I'm sure, but frankly I need to go chuck a fat pill and a coke down my neck and as I was well past 15 minutes (which is my usual record) so I figured I should come back here and report my success. FINALLY I can play again!!! Cheers!!
  2. Well, I've uninstalled all ATI drivers and software, and then installed the full version (not the beta) of the 10.1 drivers. So far, I can play for about 15 minutes or so before locking up. The good news, is that I can ALT+CNTRL+DEL access my task manager and shut down WWIIOL. I haven't had a hard lock up yet with these new drivers. What I have also been noticing, is that now in addition to locking up - I'm getting a smart heap error. I've got lots of ram and my swap file is huge so I can't see this being a memory issue...but stranger things have happened. Anyhow, I've got my fingers crossed that 1.31 is around the corner as opposed to a few months out yet as I'm hopeful whatever is currently wrecking the game for me, is inadvertently fixed in the new version. Cheers!!
  3. I installed the 10.1 beta driver, and the good news is I didn't crash and lock up hard as has been the norm. Instead, I heard a Windows chime of some sort and while the game it's self was frozen, I was still able to ALT+CNTRL+DEL to get into my task manager. Doing that of course, brought me back to my desktop where I saw an error about running out of memory. I've got 6 Gigs of RAM and have my swap file cranked, so I can't see it being a limitation on my end. Maybe there's a memory leak? In any event, the fact that I CTD within 10 or so minutes of logging in was not what I was hopping for. Frankly, I was kinda hoping the CTDs and Hard Lock Ups would disappear with this driver, though it is only a beta. Hopefully with 1.31 whatever is causing this will be fixed. Cheers!!
  4. Hey Guys, Further to my last post, I re-installed my audio drivers (latest version for my Motherboard which is an Asus P6T SE). This seemed to make some difference, as I can play for about 45-min to an hour now before getting the grey screen of death and locking up hard. Gone are the sweet days of only crashing to desktop. I'm glad to be able to get into the game and play again, and now at least I can almost complete a mission and sucessfully return to base for the credit. Admitedly, I do enough damage to my stats by just playing, but this crashing all the time and losing vehicles/equipment in the process really has me weary to spawn much of anything past a Rifleman. In any case, I've updated everything I can think of updating for now. It seems this problem may have been fixed in 1.31 so if that's the case I certainly hope it's implemented ~sooner~ rather than later as it'd be kinda nice to be able to play this game without crashing to desktop at all. Cheers!!
  5. I just re-subbed and haven't been able to log many hours in-game yet because of constant CTDs and more recently, System Lock Ups/Blue Screen of Death. I have updated my Saphire 5850 with the latest Saphire drivers, but I still can't seem to play for very long. Sometimes I'm only on for 30 seconds, other times I'm on as long as 30 or 45 minutes. Anyhow, the first crashes I encountered were just crashes to desktop. However, the last ten times or so that it's crashed - has been the blue screen of death and my system is locked right up. Not sure if it matters, but I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, and on recovering from the hard crash Windows identified the error/reason for the crash as a Blue Screen error - my screen actually goes all grey not blue like in the good 'ol days, but anyways. I don't seem to have the same problems in offline mode at all. I was trying different controllers and configuring them in offline mode and it has never crashed, though I probably haven't spent more than 45 minutes in offline mode at a time. In any event, I'm hopeful that a fix is forthcoming soon as I'm looking forward to getting back into the game and spending less time recovering from hard lockups/blue screens. I'm running an Intel i7 920 2.66Mhz with 6Gigs of Ram with a Saphire 5850 (1Gig) Video Card on Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit. Cheers!!
  6. Okay - well, after a long hiatus I've had a chance to take another poke at this problem. First of all - I've replaced my system since my last post about this. The new system's installation of Win XP Pro SP2 works just fine - complete with visible device manager. I confirmed that my Logitech G-15 is indeed causing the problem here. It creates 3 separate listings for HID devices, and there does not seem to be a way to dictate what order those devices are found in. I assume part of this is related to the fact that the keyboard has its own USB connections. Regardless - it is defenitely the culprit. I know for certain the G-15 is at the heart of my problems where the game would not recognize all of my CH devices, because when I swapped out my G-15, and connected my old USB keyboard - everything worked again like magic. So - for a temporary fix, I guess I can just swap keyboards when I want to play WWIIOL/BE. One thing I haven't tried yet, and I'm not sure how sucessful it will be - is to uninstall my G-15 and re-install/connect it in the hopes I can get it to recognize the keyboard as generic as opposed to the G-15 resourc hog. Aside from that - when I have my old keyboard installed and my controls are all working, I'm still running into the problem no matter how I bind my settings - where all tanks and trucks function as if they have their brakes applied - even when I have no bindings at all for any brakes! As such - I currently can't spawn in with a tank or a truck (well....if I want to travel very far. I can move forward but slower than the pace it takes to push a Flak36 into position. Field guns work fine, and with my old keyboard, all planes also work fine. It's just this bizzare behaviour with tanks and trucks I can't seem to figure out. I don't know if this is a binding issue with the game, or if somehow it's an issue with my profile in my CH software. I can't think of any changes I have ever made to either that would have messed up those controls like that. Any suggestions on this? Thanks
  7. WOW - thanks for the help and insight Sgt.Spoon. I'm pressed for time at the moment, but when I'm in a better position I'll see about the .cfml file, Dxdiag and more info on my system in general. I'll also take a look for more info on the G-15 and WWIIOL. I've been considering doing a complete system re-installation for some time now.... Funny part is, with a Ghost image of my fresh install - it will take me longer to back up all of my "must have files" than it will to reconsitute the drive with a fully functional fresh install (with a fully functional device manager). I may try putting SP2 back on, but if my Device Manager engages it's cloaking device again - I may re-image and just leave the fresh install at SP1 - at least it actually works....(properly)... And yea - I was being sarcastic about the blank Device manger being a "feature" of SP2....Microsoft really elevates my bloodpreassure somedays.. Cheers!
  8. Thanks - I'm going to keep toying with it, and if I get it working I'll report back which solution seems to have worked for me, to save others the headache in the future. Still no device manager - tried multiple solutions to resolve that problem, but I guess it must be a selling feature of SP 2 that Microsoft really wants me to enjoy. In the meantime, I'm going to try and see if I can get WWIIOL to recognize all devices as one device...just with lots of buttons 'n' axis 'n' things. If that doesn't work, I think I'll open up my computer and see if I can't find the Flux Capacitor so I can try taking it apart with my Sonic Screwdriver to make sure the dampening fields vector display is clear of any dust or grime. Barring that maybe I'll just start jiggling cables.. On a more serious note the game WILL recognize my Fighterstick and Throttle. However, it also seems to create a weird problem for me, in that I can rev the RPMs with my throttle, and get into 1st gear okay - but as soon as I shift up into second (doesn't matter which vehicle) the tank just idles forward, as if brakes were being applied. It's like brakes are being applied - but as none are bound (in either the universal tank binding, or specific tank bindings) I'm at a bit of a loss to figure out where or how those brakes are being applied, or if thats whats causing this effect. Anyhow - I can steer...I just can't reasonably go anywhere any higher than in first gear. lol Anyhow - Thanks again guys.
  9. Thanks Gnasche. I did get a Logitech G-15 Keyboard for Christmas.....and it is USB. Funny part is - it, and all my CH toys got along just fine until around April or so. Perhaps it was one of those fringe benefits due to the instability of Windows based Operating Systems? In any event, using a PS/2 Adpater doesn't work with this keyboard, and so I'm left with going into my Device Manager, However, a few weeks back (after my CH setup went on the blink already) I ever so wisely decided to finally update my Windows XP to Service Pack 2. Well - one of the things I didn't know about Service Pack 2 is - that it sees no reason why you should ever need your Device Manager, so in Microsofts infinite wisdom and well tested process, Service pack 2 convieniently blanked everything in my Deveice Manager out for me, so absolutely nothing can be seen. All of that useful white space is just so harmonious now - no longer troubled with the crowding of devices and whatnot. Anyhow, once I've found a way to undue Microsofts generous favour on my Device manager, I'll give the rest of your suggestion and go and see how that works. Thanks for the prompt help. Cheers!
  10. To begin with, I've got the CH Fighterstick, CH Pro Throttle and CH Pro Pedals (all USB). I'm running CH's Control Manager version 3.60. I have version 4.0, just haven't installed it yet - but 3.60 was working for me without issue for many months. Okay - so last April or so, before I got swamped with schoolwork and had to stop playing for a bit, out of the blue - my Rudder Pedals stopped working in WWIIOL. I hadn't changed anything on my system - just went to fly a mission one day and had no rudder response....couldn't fix inside WWIIOL's keymapper - and CH's Control Manager is telling me everything is fine - and Rudder Pedals still worked (and still do) in any other flight sims I have like IL-2, Battle of Britain 2 etc. Now - of course, I have seperate profiles inside the CH Control Manager. I hadn't mucked with them or anything. Needless to say - schools done, and I'm FINALLY able to play again - but I still can not get my CH HOTAS to work within WWIIOL (or all of it to work). If I download (activate) my WWIIOL Profile for my CH Control Manager which defaults to "Mapped Mode", and log into the game, WWIIOL can see my Fighterstick, and my Throttle - but no rudder pedals. If I try logging into WWIIOL with my CH Control Manager set to "Direct Mode" (as opposed to "Mapped Mode"), WWIIOL can now see my Throttle and Rudder Pedals - but no Fighterstick. Now - there was a time, that WWIIOL could see all three devices - in "mapped mode" in my CH Control Manager, and I was happy as could be padding every fighter jocks stats whom I could help out. As best I can tell, there was nothing that I had changed, or installed or anything which led to this mysterious crapping out of my HOTAS (or parts of it) in WWIIOL. So my question is - does anybody have any suggestions what I might try to get WWIIOL to recognize all three devices again, or which incantations, swear words or sweet talkining might work best in this situation to fix my dilema? Thanks
  11. Ahhh - fantastic!! - you've made this lazy bastage's day. Thanks
  12. I'm upgrading my video card. I'm currently using a GeForce 4 Ti4200, and using the latest Nvidia Drivers. I'm Upgrading to a GeForce 6800 GT - which will be using the exact same drivers. What I want to know is; As I'll be using the same Drivers for the new card, do I even need to bother re-installing the darn thing? My plan was to do it anyways - to play it safe. I'm assuming that the installation of the drivers in effect, customize themselves to the card physically installed (just a guess). Anyhow, this all got me to thinking, that if I'm going to end up (re)installing the same drivers I'm using now - is (re)installation of the same drivers even necessary? Thanks in advance for your technological enlightenmment.