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  1. I don't like to outshine someone however, my greatest kill in 18 years playing was a Char kill with a mortar a couple years ago at Hasselt, never saw the Char was just lobbing the shells at the bridge Now I have no idea if it was a bug, or i was the first guy to hit the Char etc and got credit, but it did give me the kill as crazy as that is. I always hoped it was that the guy had his back gunner hatch open and the shell entered that way haha But also I have spend literally 30 mins lobbing shells no stop into an AB where that was the only place ei could spawn and did not get 1 kill over 30 mins non stop HE rounds. I like the unit alot, just wish they were a bit more lethal
  2. Axis still have 6 38ts in their armored KG Personally I would rather have an extra 5-6 pak36s in our Inf KG and remove 3 38ts in armored KG. And no pz2s on the entire map, that's not right
  3. Yea I logged in as allied a few days ago to see what all the hubbub was about, and even from my perspective it's quite ridiculous I am all for a balanced game and want each side to be content but those numbers I saw were mind-blowing Actually in a lot of ways, trying to help them out with these armor numbers is actually hurting them. It puts their player base in a certain perspective and state of mind that is not helpful. ie: pad my stats
  4. Ohhh, well that makes this change even worse then jk... I know u are trying to please all and it isn't easy. Like I said above, my main concern if for the good of the game and fear the backlash because the mg34 is probably the one weapon i would not mess with. Now if arrival of Panther was upon us, might be easier to deal with this
  5. Let me be clear here; I am not replying because I use lmgs 99% of the time, i pretty much sux at inf and every other equipment too honestly I am replying because I fear the backlash and revolt that might happen, and that's my main concern because I dont want that to take place. So my main concern is for the good of the game itself, not one type of weapon
  6. exactly...then fix the nades make them twice as powerful and leave the lmgs alone
  7. Well when u throw those numbers in there 5 vs 5000 not really sure that even warrants a reply. If u want to have a rational debate I am all ears
  8. Its fine, I am already thinking of other ways to take advantage of this, and we will figure it out. There are other options and ways to overcome this.
  9. haha...ahh i take a knife and rush a CP over a pistol anyday
  10. Hmmm, we didnt u just code in that the lmg can not capture an enemy CP ? Because that is basically all that was accomplished here, no way an lmg will be able to cap a defended enemy CP...u stand still u die Better solution would have been to just not allow the lmg to cap an enemy CP and leave the freaking lmgs alone They been in-game for what 15+ years or so ? And u screw with them now ? I oppose this because its a nerf disguised as a 'fix' for all lmgs... it's also kind of upsetting you think we are not smart enough to see it Allies been complaining and wanting this for years, saying every campaign top lmg guys are axis while never admitting all top bombers are allied every freaking campaign. To show us as a lack of intelligence kind of pisses me off. And also telling us "ahh its a support weapon" blah blah...we can use it however we wish and you nerfed it, u know it and we all know it..allies too but they just won't admit it And to dangle the Panther arrival is kind of condescending ..i will screw them here but give them this to try and make up for it Nothing personal, just business
  11. Agree with most of what has been stated, however $5-6 is to low. I would go $9.99/month. I do think this would expand & increase the playerbase to make up for the loss in current monthly revenue at $17.99 and this might even gain many more players to top the monthly revenue from where we are currently today. If the rate is lowered to $9.99 and subscriptions double, its actually more in monthly revenue. Another thing we need to look at is how to expand and increase our revenue streams. There is another thread in forums about people asking for topo maps. We not use the buzzard and go over each and every town, take photos over each town pointing North South East & West, build a database of those photo maps and then put them on a website where a player can pay $5 and have access to those town maps 24/7. Don't sell the maps, just build a site for access so players do not copy the pdf and pass them along to others. Just charge a one time $5 fee and then that player can log on at anytime Another stream of revenue worth discussing is advertising. I know most players might not want this however personally I would not mind it at all and I am talking about 2-3 billboards in each town with advertising from Euro companies that were in business in the 1940s. I would not mind seeing an old vintage retro billboard showing a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, San Pellergino, Perrier Water, Barrilla pasta etc ad. We already have some billboards in many of the towns why not open that space up to a potential revenue stream. These are multi billion dollar world wide companies and trying to get $500/month from San Pellegrino or Barilla might not be that difficult, these companies advertising budgets are massive. Now when they request our monthly log in numbers they might shy away but if we could just get a small monthly fee from these huge companies it would allow us to lower monthly subscription rates to $9.99 That's any extra few thousand dollars per month we could make up for the difference
  12. I might be open to this for an attacking side, but no way a defending side should have be able to drop one inf unit behind the line and spawn inf on ground you have already lost. If u are defending and you can get a truck out there behind the enemy lines, then its the fault of the attackers, so I am ok with that..but one inf unit should not be able to do it when defending a town. You make it only for paras. then again I might be open to it. Since dropping paras behind an attacking line should be utlitzlied more in game. However, I don't think this is really an issue of adding or bringing back the inf placed FRU. I see it as an issue of town design and town layout, that is the problem. Most towns are too compact and occupuy to small of a footprint on the scale of the map. Bring more ruins into the game on outskirts of town or add more farm buildings outside of town to allow the attacking side a foothold into the general area of attack. If you have some sort of buildings to shield your attack, FMS they would probably last longer and would be easier to setup. IMHO we need to expand the outskirts of each town, right now all the CPs are way to close together in most towns, that's what makes it difficult to attack & cap.
  13. Understood, however this isnt the 1940s and we arent in a classic car show being judged to see if we have everything perfect on the car Just make a few minor adjustments for the benefit of playerbase and overlook the historic details on a very minor issue imho more important to please the playerbase on stated issues they have than to please non-existent historic judges let the shields be deployed up or down...it actually solves both of your issues
  14. Don't split the supply 50/50 with or without a shield; just allow the user to give the shield a deployed up or deployed down status. Just designate a certain keyboard button and allow user to deploy shield up or down. Bofors and 88
  15. Good news to hear and you know I am all for this, nice work However, this is kind of confusing and imho too many tiers to select. Also, i think the $4.99 tier is too low of a fee, it should start out at $9.99, if someone is going to spend $5 i dont think they will think to much about spending $10. Also the $4.99 is way too limited. I would go 3 tiers: $9.99 gets the player all infantry weapons including paras...whats the reason behind not allowing new players to use para ? Nothing worse that a new player seeing a .axis or .allied asking for paras to attack and your average joe cant join in...why take the chance to [censored] someone off, make them happy since its a fun unit to play and everyone loves that unit $15.99 gets the player all infantry, trucks, spaa, AT & AA guns and light armor. $19.99 gets the whole enchilada Im no Einstein but alot of that stuff was confusing to me and i have been around the block a few times, keep it simple, remember steam players have the attention span of a gnat. Let them read it through in 2-3 mins and decide. I still have alot of questions but will wait, and as I said at beginning...all for this and good job to u guys