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  1. Yes either this or if a town is contested no moving in a new flag
  2. whatever dude, you know as well as everyone else this is an extremely long intermission...if its for a patch then great but at least alert us if so. as you said, "you can log in and fight" yea i did last night and it was worthless and meaningless so whats the point. We play and pay for campaigns not super long intermissions. This map has been over since Tuesday and the new one starts on a Sunday morning ?!? Thats freaking stupid when we all know it should start during an afternoon or evening. People want to play and not during some meaningless intermission that has less than 10 people defending ( last night when i logged on ) I dont mind intermission and its always been that way so its fine; my beef is the duration of this intermission plus the new start day & time I put forth a proposal that the winning side should make the decision on the next campaign start date and time with a 48 minimum time and 96 hour maximum time in place.
  3. Sunday morning ?? whats the reasoning behind that time compared to a Saturday night start ? We have been off since Tuesday or Wednesday...lets get this going !!
  4. Yes someone did alert town defenders about it, funny you mentioned this since at the time I was thinking it was a great location for para drop because 95% of us were either north or west, so it was a great plan
  5. Actually I do not know what was going on there Merlin Our Discord channel was on the defensive pretty much all night between Le Cat & Bavay, so not sure what happened at Mons The most yelling we have had in awhile but everyone agreed one of the best nights of fun all map
  6. Oh yes I forgot to mention the para drops that was going on too so much action it was hard to remember everything, kindof of blur now since my map was filled up with red marks everywhere hehe Excellent battle and a great night of action and fun for everyone
  7. Just want to give a quick shout out to all the Allied player base on the attack last night at Le Catelet... that was one heck of a battle, and one of the best nights we have had all map. Heavy EA and ET presence, and had the axis players running around all over town struggling to defend. Non-stop rushes on the bunker, massive waves of armor and had our Discord channel in fits to keep up...all the while being slightly underpop i think; so a big salute for going on the offensive, it was a great battle and excellent night of action. Just know we had a lot of yelling going on our channel to try and keep up and we all admitted it was one of the best nights of action we have had this map Hope to see more of it tonight attackers at Le Cat Friday night
  8. Try a 2lbr from same distance, also level ground surface and hit the sapper spot on Tiger. I would do it, but not sure how to record stuff nor have dual accounts
  9. Gore, the pak36 has to be veryyyy close to take out a Sherman, now it can take out the engine from a few hundred meters but to get the kia, it must be super close I will bet you a year subscription to ww2online that a 2lber can take out a Tiger from farther distance than pak36 vs Sherman
  10. Well you guys can paint it with any brush you want however there were adjustments, changes to cap times, and or rule changes...whatever u want to call them, but the picture remains the same...it was done mid-campaign and imho should not ever happen during a campaign. And also after reading the email i just received; the supply reinstatement for a unit kia was increased from 12 hours to 15 hours ?? I am not complaining, just trying to offer advice...do this stuff after a campaign...nor am i mad, just abit disappointed that this wasn't really even discussed with all parties ??
  11. Haha, yes it will end some day. I just think you dont make changes like this mid-campaign, nor any patches mid-campaign unless for maintenance. Just old school philosophy i guess but i have seen many patches released mid-campaign that pop up new bugs, plus you should never change the rules during a campaign. Just mho
  12. So they did make adjustments mid-campaign ? Sorry but you should never change the rules during the campaign itself, you don't do that to people
  13. "did not touch the settings..." "new Capture timers are now in place" ?? which one is it ?? Did u adjust the capture timers or not ? CRS is on the right path and dedication is there for sure...however, you should never ever make adjustments like this during a campaign Let it play out, then adjust....never do it during campaign...it really ticks people off after putting in much effort and time to see it adjusted during a campaign....dont do it
  14. "deployed by truck (player)" that tells me the build time would be short, and imho they should take hours to complete or maybe even a full day to build one. Of course no one is going to do that via a truck, so it maybe should be an HC command once HC discusses location with the air command and yes a limited number per map only, and yes 3 sounds about right Also we need to discuss are they capturable or destroyable ?
  15. The topic is worth discussing As dre21 stated in one of the earlier posts, and I agree, the bombing must hit the hanger to effect the supply pool only at the AFFMS, not static AFs, even though this should also be open to discussion However before this topic is discussed and decided upon the first few tasks that need to be ironed out is how one is built, how long does it take, can it be damaged during construction to slow completion rate/time...and finally would the AFFMS is destroyable or capturable or both ? Personally I think it should take over 24 hours to build one. Now of course we don't have to have some engineers or trucks logged in for 24 hours non-stop to built it, but it should take a serious amount of time to construct one imho I like the idea affecting the supply pool by bombing raids targeting the hangers but imho is should be the 3rd step after we iron out first step details edit: also where will the supply be pulled from ? From Brux and Twerp AF supply or will the AFFMS only be allowed for landings to resupply and take off again ? imho the only thing it should be used for is to re-supply, not to spawn from. The air war is not even at this starge by a long shot and to allow spawning closer to the front could make matters even worse if you are gonna allow spawning from a AFFMS then we should definitely be able to bomb the hangers to affect the supply pool, it would give our HE 111 pilots something to do and they are lacking with strategic missions and numbers now as it is