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  1. Speaking of the topic where HC or large squads decide on what town to attack, I remember very well we had this issue many many years ago. Schilling (ex-GHC CinC) and channel 94 butted heads several times on this issue, and channel 94 went Allied for a few maps because they didnt want to follow GHC advice or suggestions. Now it is a delicate issue and I can see both sides of the issue here; personally if I was in HC and large squads wanted to attack a certain town, I would let them do whatever they wanted and try to make sure they had supply. My main goal would be to keep them online as long as possible and to achieve as many caps as possible even if its not in the right area of the map, my job as HC officer would be to shift things around to where they wanted to attack. But it is a balancing act and takes a person that is a good negotiator and also a good listener. Schilling was a great guy but a bit abrasive at times and drove channel 94 off and the Axis lost campaigns as a result. Final comment is: lets change the rules to NOT allowing a flag to move into a town that is contested
  2. Lets just make it where a flag can NOT move into a town that is contested
  3. During the town based supply days I was in favor of adding the TOEs since it seemed to bring a much more strategic role into the game. The past several months I have been siding with bringing back town based supply; now for the past month I have been more of a hybrid system with all front line towns having supply and one town behind the front having movable flags/divisions with extra supply that can be moved into the front line towns for extra supply providing the attackers with the extra push needed to cap towns. However now I am more in favor of just adding more flags/divisions to the game itself. Just added an extra 4-5 flags/division to both armies. What this does is still allows the strategic role to be saved within the game, but also allows people like Oj or deadlock & channel 94 or the next future guy to flourish within the game since the extra supply will be there for them without having to rely on HC too much. And imho we need guys like this on both sides. The game was much more entertaining during those days; sure i got my [censored] camped alot but I sure did alot of camping too. The aspect of the game that needs to return is an individual should be able to find enough supply along the front to be able to do that and not rely on HC for it. Its breeds leaders and people that wish to play with them and Oj and channel 94 were great at it. Personally i find it more of an issue with the lack of AOs rather than supply needed for those guys, that i think is the problem. 1 or 2 AOs is just absurd. During prime time there should be 3 at all times. Or better yet...have all front line towns depots capable once again but not the AB until an AO is placed. That allows a large force to move without HC involvement and with the added flags/divisions they can do that. Once HC sees the frontline town is under their control they can place an AO on it allowing the AB to be capped IMHO AOs are always placed wayyyy to early, why place one if you dont even have some hold in a town plus you allow defense to get setup prior to your advancement if placed too early...and 90% are placed way too early. The more I do think about it, I really don't want ALL towns to have supply, its not realistic and it does not allow for certain types of advancements along the front lines. Unless there are more AOs and more supply, players like Oj or the next channel 94 will not return or appear within game My suggestion would be that each army has an extra 4 divisions that are placed 5-6 towns behind the front at the start of the map. IE: Axis have 1 extra division in Eindhoven, Aachen, Wiltz and Bitburg. Allies 1 extra in Gent, Maubeuge, Signy, Montfaucon...these towns are just examples mind you. Now what HC can do is set them on timers and not have to manually move them up, but they can place a timer on the divisions to arrive at a certain town at a certain time. This allows HC to say to Oj, ok at Thursday night 8pm in xyz town you will have full supply to attack with, get your guys ready to roll at that time. This boosts squad nights since they know supply will be there My apologizes to continue to use Oj as an example but we all know his group did some amazing work, channel 94 too...i dont know any of these guys but since he did comment in here and I wish to know his thoughts about what would bring back large squads like this and Im also referring to the next certain individual that has the ability to rally troops The strategic role must be maintained since its sets this game apart, AOs should be increased, Supply must be increased by either town based, hybrid system or just adding more divisions to rear town but if you think going into Steam with 4-5 Pz3 in a town is a good idea, i would suggest rethinking that plan. No supply equals people logging off if they cant find the equipment they want. Also, Hatch made some excellent comments in here and should be revisited for second readings by people in this thread
  4. nevermind, i figured out another way to update my subscription, back to active now
  5. So my account went "not active" over the weekend and I need to update my billing to get the account active, however the page to update account info is not working Can we get that back up please asap Thanks
  6. Hey there Wheezy, send me a PM when u are in game and we can help you with some of the aspects of game. I would be willing to help with any questions you have plus go over details and rules of game etc. The game has a pretty big learning curve but you will pick it up fast if u roll with the right group/squad Kazee
  7. Excellent squad !S 250H
  8. As always Kilemall has great advice, also grab a Stuka and bomb your way to quick points
  9. yea I like the design Im just messing around, hence the wink I placed at end of statement Agreed, there should be a rear berm, and two levels areas on each end for at guns to roll out Plus there should be some risque pictures of women on the walls so the guys staying in there to defend spawn can be entertained
  10. Mmmm camp more squishes Im gonna camp the $@ outta that thing
  11. Sorry to hear this news and passing of a friend RIP Tom73b S!
  12. This is weird, I always get a charge placed (or clipped in) when an et is rolling, and its a full on turret blows off explosion. Just did it this weekend, the et was moving very slow but blew the turret of a Souma
  13. Well said Edit: I would also think getting the cool uniforms might help increase recruitment towards HC
  14. Yes agreed, I did listen to the rat chat recording and Xoom & The Rats do have some good ideas they mentioned
  15. Yes Mo it is a flawed HC system, however it MUST stay, and by that I mean HC must stay... imho its one of the unique systems in game that sets it apart from other games. Plus it provides a strong player base and strong community that is one of the major assets that game has It provides a sense of control and allows player base to have other options than just spawning in and "playing" the game. This goes back to my point of opening up the front to another AO, it accomplishes two goals. One, allowing lone wolfs to not feel the sense they are being directed by HC and two it opens up the HC strategic game at the same time to move those lone wolf players where HC actually wants them to divert or provide deception while not giving the sense HC is directing them.