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  1. Imded and sorry to hear the news for his squadmates and friends on ww2online, you will be missed RIP soldier
  2. Well that might be partly true, however 3-4 weeks ago for 3-4 nights in a row usa primetime, allied side was kicking some serious butt They had some excellent momentum going on and were rolling towns. A couple of those nights they were capping towns and even before the town switched hands, they had another town prepped and things in place for another attack, it was actually a thing of beauty and I gotta tip my hat to them for that. So they have proven time after time it can be done...my main point and i think a couple other replies in here, is...once certain towns fall their numbers just disappear, is it side switchers or allied pb not logging in after certain towns fall ? I dont know but its been this way for a long time and the mentaily must try to change.
  3. I call it Tiger Derangement Syndrome Way too many allied inf will run 1500+ meters outside of town just to sap a Tiger while their cps and town crumble around them. It seems many allied inf would rather get a kill credit on a Tiger rather than saving their town Not a good way to play the game or to try and win a campaign for that matter Personally I think this whole thread stinks and is very unproductive. If I was a 100% allied player I would not want the help and side switchers...solve the problems and make some changes and quit logging off just because you lose certain towns. This campaign was freaking awesome the first few weeks and had the chance to best one of the best all time and then allied side loses Pville and then the campaign was boring as heck Big deal you lose one town; you still have 3 full divisions to navigate, full town supply, still owned the most strategic AFs, was winning the rdp war etc I just don't get it, allied side has some of the best inf players, best tankers, definitely best bombers but still have issues...I really think most of it is mentality...and when they would rather sap a tiger 1500 meters out and not recap cps, its all i need to see/know. Plus get outta the freaking forums complaining and log into game
  4. I'm loving the gameplay and setup, I know everyone has their views and directions for game but I think it's been great so far post 1.36
  5. Ok, yea maybe you launch screen is different. I have a "play" button and then left side of screen is the "play offline" button @PITTPETE is always a good guy for these questions I think you will get it figured out and you are doing the best option to start flying...testing offline... and see what plane fits your style the best That way you won't waste supply during a campaign and also get a feel for it off line first. then goto battle Good Luck to you
  6. When you are loading up the screen to launch the game, there is a "play offline" button on the left side where you can practice flying and using all equipment etc As far as flying, wish I could help you but ask the guys in the hanger section of the forums
  7. Oh, is that considered a capture ? Ok didn't know that
  8. Can someone explain this sortie then ? https://stats.wwiionline.com/playersortie.php?username=matamor&sortieidin=314663 And I am asking about the captures...how can a player cap a cp, then recap same cp only 2 mintues 1 second later ?!? Player caps it, its recapped by enemy, 60 second cooldown and then its capped again within 1 minute ?? Mind you this was today, when I would bet my bottom dollar allied forces were overpop during this time. Sorry but I am calling BS on this one, and I rarely get involved in these types of discussion but this warrants an explanation
  9. haha yea i probably did the reason i was so ticked off is because i had an awesome armor vs armor battle going on at over 2000 meters. Engaging 2-3 ets at that battle at Hast a few weeks ago which was a 2+ hour battle. If one of those et would have gotten me no big deal, but he sapped me and ruined the long range engagement so that was what ticked me off....let the armor have some fun with long range battles Merlin, good memory. Yes you are correct about that whole encounter. I actually thought u were the matty further north and not the one on the bridge, i was engaging you both at same time...the one just north of schilde bridge is the one who got my gunner with mg fire probably 4-5 mins before you flanked around on that ridge when my main gunner was dead. My driver and hull gunner were still alive and there was a efms marked n of my position so instead of despawning without main gun i tried to get around and suppress the enemy spawn with hull gun thats why i reversed even more hull down on that ridge east of bridge. I figured since he was the one that got my gunner he would have gotten credit for the kill (assuming it was you) but i guess not...when u came around that ridge my main gunner was already out....but that matty north of u did mg my gunner for a good 2 mins and i was wondering why, but it actually did kill my gunner. Maybe with commander dead and hatch open it got in, but he was close and through gunner sights i could see it all Who knows, i had my hands full with both of u guys and while i was on him, maybe you got me from bridge but i was pretty cautious to only let one of u guys see me at a time. Like I said i thought since main gunner died before driver, the kia credit would have gone to him but i guess you got it with driver and hull gunner. Then a few days later another matty engagement started with all mg fire...thats when i was wondering whats up...maybe gore is right and 1-2 were CS matty
  10. Or maybe this is my reverse psychology practice in motion so I can try and survive longer haha Good point, maybe 1-2 were... but seriously the past 4-5 engagements have all started with mg rounds and I thought it was odd. But yea Merlin51 at Schilde last week got my gunner with mg rounds. Commander was dead so hatch was open, maybe a mg ound got lucky ?!? But when 5-6 guys all did same thing i thought something was strange. All n all, like i said above some weird stuff...char seems a lot weaker now and matty is way stronger it seems Tell bludngut sorry about my rant few weeks ago he drives me crazy with that darn sapper EDIT: back to topic at hand for Enemytank
  11. My question is...why have the past 5-6 mattys I encountered all started firing at me with mg rounds before their main gun me when I am in a pz3H. Several days ago my pz3H gunner died to mg rounds from a matty...boy was i ticked off. And with 5-6 guys all starting engagements with mgs...i think they know something is wrong with it and the word is out I think there is something wrong with all three heavies now, char seems really weak, pz3h gunner dies to mg fire and I have had issues with main gun too...not getting very close kills (400-500 meters) and the matty seems way more powerful than it has in the past.
  12. Aismov, Yes I hear what you are saying about prior to AOs, however the game was much more boring then. During 02-04 I would usually be stationed in Andenne and along the Meuse valley waiting costless hours for 3CD to show up. I would guard towns hours on end to try and defend the areas I was assigned to...and imho it was much more boring then. The battles were still great, but I will take the game setup now over what we had back then any day of the week. Everyone has their own opinions on gameplay and I respect that, its just my thoughts are right now the game seems to be doing great. Excellent battles, a lot of towns being capped every 24 hours, some great counter attacks, supply is something we are all concerned about, factory bombing is back etc etc. so why make a drastic change when 1.36 has only been out for a couple weeks Like I said prior to beta and 1.36 release i was for prox aos, but i really like the gameplay and setup now and just wish we would let it breath a bit and see what develops before we make another major change Even with HC we still have alot of this. I am still complaining and still abit dumbfounded and timing of ao placements and aos selection in general but I will roll with it for now. An example would be: less than 24 hours ago axis were attacking Dun from the north at Stenay. We placed the ao once again too early allowed the allied defenders to gain control of the north bridge (town bridge was down) they moved into the north fb from the north rr bridge and kicked our [censored] before we even had a chance to get a foothold in town. We should have gained control of that bridge with fms, at guns and couple pzs then placed the AO. Will mob do this stuff ? Should HC see it or know it before AO placement ? My guess is yes to both however, it should be a role of HC to direct a small portion of the mob to control that bridge and then we move into town. That the direction and wish I have for this game...a group effort by both
  13. HCs care or at least they should, heck even players that want to win the campaign should care...u have this setup and like I said...a mob mentality game it will become. I would not wanna play the game that way and I bet most players, at least long term vets, would not either. They stay because its different and not mob mentality This game is unique and special because it has features that or not setup like most games.
  14. Correct, or at least thats how I setup the mission and it works every time. Paal AB to Diest AB on mission screen. Do NOT select town when overstocking. Maybe u can select town or maybe u cant, i never do and just to be safe, select the ab itself as mission target But like I said, it must be HQ to flags or town 2 town, thats the most important part to remember cause u dont wanna drive for 15 mins and it wont supply your target.
  15. Prior to beta 1.36 and this campaign, I was a fan of the hybrid proximity AOs. However after extensive play during beta and many sorties this campaign playing and watching the map, I have changed my mind. It would be a bad move and could cause serious divisions between playerbase and HCs. Many many times I have seen AOs this map set by HCs that cause more harm than good. Not the selection of the AO, even though some are questionable, it's watching the map and watching the active attack mission list that is the problem and where the attack is coming from. Here is an example: Namur & Jodo Allied, Eghezee & Andenne Axis During a proximity AO setup, 15-20 guys move into Namur from Eghezee, spring the AO. Attack for 60 mins draining all Eghezee supply. GHC calls for the attacking group to stop because Eghezee has no supply with to defend if AHC places AO on Eghezee from Jodo. AHC places AO, Eghezee falls in 15 mins because there is no supply to defend. Thats a problem, a serious problem not because of the Eghezee being capped but because you have tension and major disagreements between the pb and HCs. People will quit playing and this would just become a mob mentality game without the best features we currently have now. I rarely see most players complain about AOs the HCs set, they just wanna attack or defend and have fun. After beta testing 1.36 and this campaign...you would be a fool to make any changes now...things are good. Stop changing stuff and let things grow abit and see how it plays out.