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  1. Understood, however this isnt the 1940s and we arent in a classic car show being judged to see if we have everything perfect on the car Just make a few minor adjustments for the benefit of playerbase and overlook the historic details on a very minor issue imho more important to please the playerbase on stated issues they have than to please non-existent historic judges let the shields be deployed up or down...it actually solves both of your issues
  2. Don't split the supply 50/50 with or without a shield; just allow the user to give the shield a deployed up or deployed down status. Just designate a certain keyboard button and allow user to deploy shield up or down. Bofors and 88
  3. Good news to hear and you know I am all for this, nice work However, this is kind of confusing and imho too many tiers to select. Also, i think the $4.99 tier is too low of a fee, it should start out at $9.99, if someone is going to spend $5 i dont think they will think to much about spending $10. Also the $4.99 is way too limited. I would go 3 tiers: $9.99 gets the player all infantry weapons including paras...whats the reason behind not allowing new players to use para ? Nothing worse that a new player seeing a .axis or .allied asking for paras to attack and your average joe cant join in...why take the chance to [censored] someone off, make them happy since its a fun unit to play and everyone loves that unit $15.99 gets the player all infantry, trucks, spaa, AT & AA guns and light armor. $19.99 gets the whole enchilada Im no Einstein but alot of that stuff was confusing to me and i have been around the block a few times, keep it simple, remember steam players have the attention span of a gnat. Let them read it through in 2-3 mins and decide. I still have alot of questions but will wait, and as I said at beginning...all for this and good job to u guys
  4. Couple questions here: I am using the link provided in original post with new map images 1. Why is Brux (if Allied control) SE sector not capable if Axis own Leuven and Wavre ? Looks like Axis must cap NE sector first ? Seems like this will make defending Brux much easier if Axis must cap NE sector first and if that is also their only option 2. Once NE sector is capped, I guess Axis will be able to spawn in equipment in ab ? Does Axis need to control all depots in NE sector to spawn equipment in ab? 3. Is AF part of the NE sector ? Looks like it on map. I do like breaking the large 3 ab towns up into sectors, however i am not sure if i am a fan of forcing the attacking force into one sector first move. imho if brux is frontline, any sector should be capable, and once all depots in that sector are capped, spawning armor etc in ab is allowed
  5. Sorry to be off-topic here but wanted to share this youtube channel since some people have posted videos in this thread I have seen alot, and I mean a whole lot of ww2 videos over my years but this channel has some incredible footage I have never seen before Its worth a look...mostly Wehrmacht History https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiVYHVweOzWS-QT4m35atsA/videos
  6. Yes I understand your point and it makes sense, however getting to Maldegem is much more difficult than u make it out to be Brux and Gent must at least be somewhat buffered by capping 2-3 linking towns to them, major task...my main point is getting into Maldegem is no easy achievement But yea if u wanna open Breskens to Knokke, I am all for it, and I am sure the DD captains are for it too
  7. If you open up Breskens to Knokke, the Allied side will create a much bigger problem for themselves then trying to fix this so called "Maldegem" issue If Axis are in Gent pushing onto Maldegem, the zeelands should be a minor concern to allied forces' You open Breskins to the coastline, axis will just push zeelands hard, cap Breskens, then 3 more caps along the 'new' coast line and para into England and hit factory towns once the Oostende supply line is open...all this could be done in what 4-5 days ? And its over...(under current game rules with no town based supply) There is a reason Killer & Doc did not connect Breskens and Knokke, and i would bet it would be to benefit the allied side...they maybe thought, make the axis side go through Gent Maldegem Brugge to get to coastline, not just surf the coast
  8. Sweet !! Nice work...hope to be one of your first subscribers
  9. Totally agree there buddy, the last thing I want to see is someone feel bad about a mistake that was made. I know if I did it I would feel terrible and thats the last thing I want, is someone to feel that way. Thats not what we are here for, we all want to have fun and enjoy the game with our friends...thats about it...and maybe see some hot chicks in off-topic forum too
  10. !S Pete, You see that is the problem, or atleast how I see it...let us know what will be different beforehand and let us the playerbase decide if thats what we want or not, if that is not done once again and changes put in place...we will be in this same stage of people upset over changes that were made but maybe not the changes that are popular or even wanted. A few things I would propose is: 1. Let the Allied HC decide on what divisions are placed where and which divisions are removed once American divs come to map. Now for the record my plan is not to allow French divisions and BEF divisions to be rotated from south to north but to allow say the BEF 1st Division in Breda to be replaced by American 1st Div. in Breda then that BEF division is removed from map all together. Now its gets a bit tricky overtime because say a week or two later the AHC wishes to swap those divisions again, there needs to be some sort of time lapse in play and it should be probably 24-48 hours must pass once the command is giving to swap the different country divisions. It cant be done on the fly or in a matter of hours, that doesn't seem correct 2. Let AHC make a list of demands they want to see changed or put in place, propose it to CRS, let GHC review the demand and then make some sort of deal everyone is in agreement with. However, AHC should not start asking for certain weapons to be removed or nerfed in numbers...stop doing that makes you look petty and complaining about issues that wont be removed. The mg34 is not going to be taken away, so just stop complaining about it. It was an uber weapon and should be uber in game. The germans made some freaking kick [censored] weapons during this time and we are trying to play a historically accurate game. Stop [censored]ing about it and spend time and focus on changes that can help you side, not remove from the other side. 3. Maybe CRS should debate (a long debate) once again allowing the HCs to manually set their own supply list once again and having set values for each weapon with a max point total to spend. In alot of ways it removes these issues from appearing because CRS can just say...we have no control over it. The complaints would be within each side and not directed at them. Thats what I would do if i was running the show, why let my company and team take heat when I can direct it somewhere else thus allowing more control by the playerbase and HC
  11. Yea must have missed that about you and others complaining, and rightfully so...but I will just say this, these issues needs to be addressed like now, not next month or sometime soon...it should be addressed now How can they say "too difficult with tools etc." ahh that bs...AHC sends a email prior to deployment and says we want this division here in this town we hold etc etc up and down the front. Hell is so freaking important in my book due to supply, types of equipment, speed, armor, where your front is on the map...the game should just pause for 20 mins if needed to place them under AHC orders. In total shock here this is the case; because I thought AHC made the decision of what divisions are kept and where placement was and I was thinking a few hours ago removing alot of those BEF divisions on that part of map was a major mistake...mistake by CRS i guess I know now
  12. Ooooo really, wow didnt know that...now that is a bigggggly problem and if I was in AHC I would be beating my fists on the door to where servers are stored to get control of those divisions and placement How the &%$@# did you guys let this go on for so long ??? They control the placement ??? Thats like a hugggggge decision and takes many factors into play. Most factors I will keep to myself, but its a very big deal. Just one mans opinion but that is what u guys should be [censored]ing about way more than an extra 30-40 units of supply
  13. I know this is abit off-topic during a heated discussion but would like to know the answer please: When the American divisions do arrive for placement on the map, how does AHC decide what to remove and where etc.? Does AHC just remove say one BEF division in town xyz held by BEF and place an American div in its place ? Or if town held by French, AHC just removes that division and place American one there ? Thnx
  14. So you can add and or adjust during a campaign ? We were told in another thread about supply numbers it was not possible to do and now this is twice during this same campaign someone has added/adjusted them within a couple hours. But in another thread about BEF armor numbers that is weeks old and has been brought to the attention for 2-3 weeks... nothing was done not does it look like anything will be done Thats freaking BS in my book and as a paying customer for 17 years I am pretty pi$$ed off about certain things getting adjusted within hours and other issues not being addressed for weeks
  15. Yes either this or if a town is contested no moving in a new flag