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  1. Next event should be armor vs squishies....all drivers make a pact not to engage other armor and just focus on the squishies. Tigers and sherms side by side mowing them down
  2. You can do a lot of damage with a shovel
  3. Out of all the posts by vets in here that add up to years and years and countless hours of experience and game play knowledge... This right here is the most important post within this thread....read it 2-3 times and let it sink in Welcome aboard and welcome to the game, glad you are here and glad we were able to "hook" you Find the hook, it's still there and it has snagged many of players Lets also remember when the game was released June 2001 it was not a monthly sub model...they hooked us then and we were so into the game we gladly handed over the monthly sub to continue our dopamine fix Personally if I was CRS i would want a sit down chat with this guy and listen to him, of course the vets matter but guys like this represent the future...what can we do to grab more guys like him edit: spelling
  4. Now I am gonna go back in-game and camp someone's spawn well until i get sapped that is
  5. Well I have some skin in the game, I have been paying for a long time (off and on since 2001) and want the game to be successful and grow. Well my suggestion that if we gain 3x the amount of players it would gain us the same income per month as we see today. Lower price to a third of what it is today, grow the subs by 3x. Then we have 3x the playerbase which we all know more people in game make the game much more exciting CRS states that in their email saying that this is an experiment to try and grow the game and that CRS has the right to go back to old pricing model at anytime as they see fit. They are being upfront and honest and are showing us they are doing everything to grow the playerbase. Personally I would be fine to try it and would also be fine to go back to old pricing if it does not work, i just see it as nothing to lose We don't need a programmer, what we need is a gaming & tech consultant to offer ideas and suggestions to grow. I do know someone that worked at world of tanks for several years plus someone at EA and could also probably find some other guys where I live that would be willing to possibly do some work outside of their full time jobs in tech. I would be more than willing to reach out to them and see what it brings us. Plus if CRS would be willing to let us (the playerbase) start a fund drive to pay these guys for consulting then the funds would not come from CRS but from us. Yea I would be. What I and maybe a few others would do would be to pay the difference in monthly income loses if we lowered the sub rate to $4.99 for 3-4 months to try a grow. But i would have to know those numbers prior to any agreement, but i dont see it being more than two or three grand per month. But also if we did grow by say 4-5 times i would want my capital back that I paid for those 3-4 months. Do we have long-term debt? How is our company capital rating? Can we get capital from a lender to grow? Just pile on some debt and try to grow. I would think we could get 25k-50k easy from a venture cap firm, sure they would want a piece but what's the risk, its the VCs money so its their risk. imho this is all that matters, this is the only topic we should be discussing...all the gameplay discussions or equip vs equip stuff means nothing if we cant figure out how to grow the pb
  6. No, I am saying reduce monthly price to $4.99 for everyone, everyone that has a sub for those 3-4 months during the price reduction trail to try and gain and grow the playerbase If we dont see the growth and CRS needs to go back to old pricing model then fine, but at least try it for 3-4 months and see what happens. Also note, I don't know whats on their books and know monthly income vs expenses so its easy for me to suggest it, however at this stage why not try it for several months if its possible edit: I am going to bow out of this topic now because I know its a touchy subject and I dont want to say the wrong thing, however all the answers are here in this topic...what people want, what they are willing to pay and what they see is worth it and not worth it. more players makes things less stale and people are willing to pay for action with a larger playerbase
  7. That is imho the million dollar question; would lowering the price to $4.99 gain us 3 times the population to get us back to the same current monthly income crs sees now. We lower the price by 1/3 but gain 3x the players is a push to current monthly income but could also gain more than 3x the players. I know for sure if I was leading the group it's what I would be doing because at this stage nothing has been working. We need more players. Its what many people in the thread have stated, less players equals stale game equals less value for the current pricing model CRS should out an email to all players past, current etc etc. stating we will lower price to $4.99 for a 3-4 month period to try and gain the extra population and playerbase, if it does not work after 3-4 CRS will have no choice but to go back to old pricing model. This accomplishes a couple things, shows the playerbase you are being honest and upfront and trying your best to grow the game for their enjoyment and also shows past players we want them back and with the lowered monthly rate we want them to stay. Try it for several months, if it does not work go back to the old price model, nothing really to lose but there is much more to gain.
  8. No Doc, its the community that owes YOU. To think of how much enjoyment each and everyone of us has had throughout the years do to you and your building and bringing this game and community together is an achievement any man should be proud of. I can't think of too many more important things in life a man can do than to build something that stands the test of time and brings joy to others. That is what life is all about, creating and building for others to enjoy and did you ever succeed. The laughs, the community, the great battles, the map, the complaining the CRS, the "soon" etc etc. Too many things to list but its all owed to you from us. Stay safe, stay strong, and be proud and full of joy knowing what you have done for so many other people around the world God bless and best wishes to you always
  9. Isnt it in the squad tab on the UI ? Squad tab and then info tab i think
  10. of i didnt know u were away, i smelled a bit of sarcasm there...my bad welcome back !!
  11. No...thats why u guys change all your towns to brit Its the French, they deserve nothing haha But we all know the 47mm atg French get at tier0 is more than capable of handling duties throughout tier 0-3...if u wanna argue over a 3 mm difference go for it
  12. town supply is 23 2 pndrs for the brits, 8 pak36 for axis...thats a rather large spread considering those are the only atgs that can spawn at a fms plus 2 pndrs never get reduced in numbers when the 6 pndr is introduced but the pak36 had a 50% reduction in numbers when pak38 is introduced currently 15 6 pndrs and 9 pak38
  13. Thanks but really no reason to anymore...I am kind of getting tired of having to spend hours finding issues, stating the issues and usually only to fall on deaf ears. Not my job and I really don't like being the only one doing it. Finding the Italian smg issue at 2 ab towns earlier this week opened another can and like it said, its getting tiresome...but the more i see the less i like edit: and that Italian smg 2 ab issue is still not fixed (I just checked) after I posted about it 3-4 days ago...now u see why i don't hashtag
  14. I stand corrected...glad to hear this
  15. I just stumbled upon some rather hilarious info Anyone care to explain why and how the heck the brit hc flag gets 2 dacs in tier 0 and tier1, then its introduced in tier 2 to town supply Yes yes i know and will save you the time....its only 2 across the map...the point is why are they getting them in tier 0 Info gathered from http://www.campaigncharts.com/ edit: tier2 to town supply not tier3
  16. We aren't kids here, I think most people can deal with it. That thread should never have been locked... gameplay issues were being discussed. Why dont u guys just remove posts that u guys feel are personal but keep thread open If you can not see that our issues are being silenced by locking of threads under discussion... then you too are part of the problem That was not the first one locked, being going on for awhile now edit: and poof...the thread is now deleted and gone, sorry but you guys have lost your mind if u dont think this is a problem silencing our comments
  17. No sense in trying to have a discussion about gameplay, they will just lock the thread It's become kind of sad; was once comical but we are past that now
  18. no one is accusing anyone of a cheat, town ownership flip is available so it can not be a cheat Lets keep in mind my post from page 1 of this thread...I did cap that Liege NE ab yesterday to flip town ownership to French. If I did not do that, there would only be 5 french towns on the current front ( i just logged on and counted) That Liege flip from yesterday gave u an extra 3 (liege, vise, sprimont) as of now. If i didnt cap that ab, you would only have 5 The main issue for me is not the town ownership flip, its the glaring supply issue that is titled to the bef...we know it, you guys know it and thats why the towns are changed in the first place imho. Thank you for stating I was correct all along No, its just getting started...fix the bloody supply issues with the bef and then I wont care if u change ownership
  19. Then explain it to me like I am a moron...how does Sedan (french) attack Bouillon and then Bouillon becomes brit ? Is there something I dont know? Wouldn't those capped cps in Bouillon be capped by french forces ? See that is the problem at hand...why discipline an officer when the ability to do so (change ownership) should not even be there in the first place.
  20. One last point...u guys want BEF town ownership in the south ? Fine, but u should have to move the BEF 1st division flag down there to do or have BEF airborne troops cap the enemy cps. It would not be such an issue if they supply was not so screwed up...but it is.
  21. That is exactly what I am suggesting Brigades are gone now, even more of a reason to have forces based on geographic locations That makes zero sense to me, post 1.36 should have nothing to do with this All you have to do is look at the map...how did BEF forces get so far south, did u guys have the BEF flag down there recently ? I havent played much this campaign but I doubt u guys did. How is Bouillon, Herb, Carignan all BEF. All you have to do is look at the towns behind and know they were switched. Wrong...unless u can prove the BEF flag was down south or BEF airborne troops capped Bouillon and Herb then the accusation is valid. Im not blaming anyone just starting and showing it was done (ownership change) Once again they are not accusations, just look at map. I dont want anyone disciplined since they had the ability to do it. My main beef is how we go from here and what needs to be addressed
  22. I just told u in my post before your post When ahc starts placing BEF towns way south of the Meuse river line its "well-defined" I told u many months ago I had no issues with ahc placement of american forces instead of crs, however this issue is different and a clear exploit. Thanks Gore for using that term earlier on me, now it seems to fit well in this discussion
  23. The main exploit is the large amount of BEF towns that are south of the Meuse river valley that is from Namur to Liege There are 15+ BEF towns south of that river valley plus it looks like Montfaucon was changed to use Brit air forces, i would need to log into allied side to confirm, but it looks that way
  24. I find it funny you are asking him less than 6 hours after I did it haha. It actually was not my intention but after capping cps for awhile i thought about it and it worked....plus i find it funny cause it obviously pi$$ed some of u guys off After all the treats they have giving u guys over the past year I am sure he will fix it before the issue i raised about the Italian smgs 3 days ago If anything is an exploit its the gift they gave u guys having the ability to change in the first place. If you attack from a french owned town and cap a town, it should be french...this changing ownership stuff is bs
  25. hahah