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  1. S! all Aug 2001 10+ years in Allied HC 1 stint GHC Allied: 4RCA, White Falcons Axis: Blitzkader
  2. The Spawn Camp Starts at 6:00 PM at Buffalo Wild Wings on Airport Freeway in Bedford!
  3. 10:30A Ffriday tee time confirmed for Texas Star. Bring Sun Screen...
  4. Well that would be fun as hell... you are not allowed without bringing FLAKPANZEROIL however....
  5. Planning a foray to consume some tex Mex In Dallas Thursday night... Margaritas and Enchiladas
  6. Probably Cosian too.... there's a trio that spells TROUBLE
  7. The only agenda for this event is Rally at Buffalo Wilds Wings @ 6 PM to meet and greet. We will be organizing a field trip Saturday late morning ( after appropriate hangover recovery time) and heading to Cavanaugh flight museum. Ask at BWW on friday if you are interested in going... The Rats are coming hungry and thirsty so lets get em fed, drunk happy, and working on 1.32...
  8. Like we need hecklers ;-)
  9. Didn't really look into group rate... didnt think we would have enough rooms ... some are staying at Homewood (smokers), some are staying at the Marriott Suites... If anyone is interested in golf Friday morning, Wolfie69 and I have a tee time on Friday morning at Texas Star, one of the best public golf courses in texas... Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Should be a great time at Buffalo Wild Wings. http://www.buffalowildwings.com I know of at least a couple people are bringing some bling to hand out, and for you smokers out there, this may be one of the few bars left in texas with an upstairs smoking area ( I will have some traditional Mini Con cigars ) Also if some are staying Saturday (for cheap flight purposes) we may do a field trip to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison http://www.cavanaughflightmuseum.com/index.html They have quite a bit of the WWII hardware we use in this game including: 40mm Bofors Sherman (Well its now a Super Sherman 50, Israeli Modified, but close enough) P-40 Warhawk ( French H-81) Me 109 Spitfire Mk VIII P47 Thunderbolt ( Oh sorry... thats my wish list ) He-111 C-47 A pretty fun day trip if we get enough interest...
  11. Ok MM, here is the official Facebook Page link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=139652219384338
  12. Wow, Lex , Kbar and Nobi 3 of the best Allied CinCs ever! This should be fun !