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  1. Why did I get an email from you? Also, hi. Apparently there's some sort of anniversary going on here soon and I've been invited to join in. McKetten/SPCCat checking in here. Hopefully I will be seeing you guys out there in the fields soon.
  2. it flashes black twice then goes back to the desktop ww2_log.txt says: Date and time: 10/15/2010 20:04:14Program compile time: Oct 14 2010 16:38:24File version: 1, 32, 4, 255GL Vendor: Microsoft CorporationRenderer: GDI GenericAccess violation: Illegal read by 00000000 at 00000000OS-Version: 6.0.6002 (Service Pack 2) 0x300-0x1[0074071E] (ww2): : [00737872] (ww2): : [0073077B] (ww2): : [0072ADBF] (ww2): : [0044BCDE] (ww2): : [00792A98] (ww2): : tried the usual fixes in the forums for this problem (compatibility, updating vid drivers, etc) and no go. AMD Phenom X2 Quad Core Black Edition 3.4 GHZ 4GB ram Win7 64bit nVidia GTS 250 1gb
  3. Fixed, sort of., I did something that was done for the repatch problem: i clicked cancel when playgate was logging in, waited a bit, then tried again.
  4. holy hell, this worked for my CTD as well, the clicking cancel
  5. well i have tried everything, compatibility, reloaded ALL drivers, complete re-install of the game, everything - no go. all of my other games still work fine. i get the same error in ww2_log.txt - the only change is OS version when i run it in compatibility mode obviously the game isn't recognizing my graphics card or has some issue with my directx, but all of that is fresh and running smooth according to their diagnostics.
  6. this is the exact problem i am having and nothing i can find fixes it - i just updated every damned driver, clean installed the game, etc.
  7. i'm telling you - we all meet up in Chehalis, WA in October and then go raid Willytee's Pumpkin Patch
  8. i say we do it in september in chehalis, wa at willytee's sheep farm...i'm sure he won't mind
  9. assuming the MB can bus and cache it sufficiently i would imagine that the faster one is better for things like gaming and video editing, including ww2ol
  10. AA broken? How? Post some pics and what kind of card...
  11. 2.2GHZ is not "just about" a 3.2GHz chip. Mobility cards are not even nearly as powerful as their desktop counterparts, so if you have a mobile version of a desktop card that barely meets requirements, you ain't got much to work with.
  12. we get enuff people and i'm sure they'll send a token rat like TOPD, TIMMY41, JAMMYMAN, XOOMXOOM, or MOTORMOUTH...
  13. People with Win7 64bit don't seem to be experiencing it, from what I have read and heard. ??? Anyone confirm/contradict this?
  14. native resolution - on this monitor 1400x900 edit: you should always run native resolution unless you are experiencing massive FPS loss in native thats corrected when running a lower resolution. ur desktop and games should be native - far less work for your graphix card to do.
  15. Okay, even though this problem doesn't seem to affect me, I tested anyway to give you the answers: AMD X2 250 3.0ghz dual core. Win7 64bit nVidia GTS 250 1GB 4gb RAM Without binos: 55fps With binos: quick dip to 48 fps, then back to 55. With vsync and trip buff enabled: Without binos: 60fps With binos: 60 fps.
  16. Combined for Helos just doesn't really work. Its either attack or transport, not both - when you try to do both you end up requiring another helo to cover the aspect thats not priority (ie if you have a transport in an attack role it has to stay on station so another transport has to actually do the transport role while the first provides cover; if you have an attack in transport role another attack has to come along on station while it does its transport thingy)
  17. This should probably be stickied - I just ran into this as well when setting up my second computer. FYI this bug is normally called "Hall of Mirrors" effect in most other games
  18. oh, one other thing - i suggest if you have "walk ons" place them as infantry down in the target area for fun make it bonus points for killing them on allied side, bonus points for surviving on axis side
  19. bomber, low group - i want to try to hit that rail station i can be group commander if needed - but if a better one is found by all means take him
  20. A havoc raid done today;9517486;/fileinfo.html
  21. bumped to the top - same problems, not as drastic but it makes flying impossible which is all i do