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  1. Doesn't give me an option for ssl 2.0. All else is checked. I have Norton, everything I have checked for program control says it is allowed.
  2. Thanks. Already checked anti virus, not an issue. There isn't really an error message, other than the password is gray boxed out and the dialogue box keeps try to authenticate, 1st attempt, second attempt, etc.
  3. I'm experiencing this now as well. Done a complete wipe and re-install, and can't authenticate. Still working on it.
  4. I hear he has been pretty busy, but he checks in every so often and see what's going on
  5. It's just what we need!
  6. Some of my productions over the years! Hope you enjoy! Shot Down by a Hurricane Cornflakes in the Sky FRU Stories Fear teh AI Meh Hokey Pokey Char Flying too low/Leader of the Pak
  7. It was a good dinner! Great to meet you too, Xoom! Too bad MotorMouth wasn't there to defend herself.
  8. Oh, definitely not complaining DOC, just making sure you're aware of 'em. I noticed the inf kill lag became worse as the night went on. I think you guys are already aware that the 'fire big' was a issue.
  9. Ditto. Quck like a fox. Not the usual CTD or CTHL
  10. Green Bedfords and ham. I was tan That tan-I-am That tan-I-am! I do not like that tan-I-am Do you like green beddy's and ham? I do not like them, tan-I-am. I do not like green beddy's and ham. Would you like them Here or there? I would not like them in a MS or anywhere. I would not like them anywhere. I do not like green beddy's and ham. I do not like them, tan-I-am Would you drive them in to a house? Would you drive them with a mouse?
  11. Ran good at 70-95+ fps with my AMD 6000+ and two 8800 SLI cards. No shudders. Only one CTHL and that was near the end of the night. I did notice that when you ride in a truck you're staring at other players chest again, like your field of vision emanates in your chest. Really enjoyed it, CRS has done a great job!