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  1. BUMMMPTY BUMP!!!!! Thanks Xan for all the info. I have heard all the settings before, but I thought it was really kewl that you did but a "ohh..thats what that does" twist..C ya on the field. S!
  2. HyperThreading?...How do you check for this? Thanks
  3. First of all, I have seen how much help you provide other players and wanted to know if you could look at my DXDIAG log for me? I get ok FPS, but wanted to know if there is anything else I can do. I think I have an ok if you can please take a look. Thanks!! P.S. should I post it or send it by email?
  4. This has probably been said a million times but, I got rid of my stutters by turning off my firewall (McAfee). Even though WW2 is in my allowed list for internet use, it still gives WW2 problems. My fellow teamie, sprouto, told me to turn it off a see what happenes, and it worked, no stutters and it stays pretty stable, even in combat. So I hope this works for someone out there. Oh, sprouto said it had to do with the firewall having to read the data, then basically approving that bit of data, hence the stutters. Thanks Again Sprouto..S!