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  1. You guys still active, tried to register y'alls forums awhile ago and no response. Looking for an active Axis squad, been playing off and on since launch and just subbed for a year. Used to be in STG 2 and when I was you guys where the Squad of Squads so wanted to join if still active.
  2. Episode 2 Will be working all weekend so will be a few days for the next one.
  3. Ha seems I typed too fast !
  4. Hello all. I have decided to make a little video Series to try and show some of the newer folks how to get into game and what to do when there. I want to try and help alot of the new comers we have and thought this might be able to help a large number. If you like it and it helps subscribe for the next video. I will try to keep them within 15 minutes so they are not to long. TTPs Episode 1: Getting Started
  5. I agree with that. I have been playing off and on since release. I just came back from a 1 year break. It looks very bad when almost all the links on the main page are broken. Also looking trough the forums is the same issue. I was going through some of the guides and tutorials post and almost all of these are dead links from way back in the day. Seems like the site and forums could use a little cleaning up.
  6. STG2, Man those where the days. I am just looking at getting back into this game.I changed my name from Romell to Roman6A. Used to fly with you back in 2011 I think it was haha. I'm gonna be ground pounding for awhile but I look forward to getting in a few good flights with you and STG2 if you get the squad up and running. S!
  7. I think it might be my router. I have never had this problem before now really. Sometimes it will run fine and then it will keep doing this crap over and over. vonbreur thank you for the link it gave me a good laugh, sad thing is alot of it is true lol.
  8. Game loads fine, after spawn in about 20 to 30 sec it freezes and tells me Map Host lost, or Connection to Host lost
  9. Just got back on everything is working, must have been a glich.
  10. Same thing, was playing and it locked me out
  11. Not into Flying? Join our Forward Observer Group, call targets for us and fight on the ground!