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  1. FWIW I do most of my weapon changes using the default number mappings. It tends to occur with the engi when switching from either HE or Repair Kits to the rifle very quickly after placing, independent of position changes as someone has noted above. To replicate, switch to the rifle immediately after placing but before your troop has fully pulled up the next kit/charge. I get this on at least 50% of engi missions...
  2. The engineer seems to be the most glitchy for me. It'll get hung up on a previous weapon, so maybe you had repair kits out but switched to rifle, but when you go to fire the rifle you think is equipped it switches back to repair kit. Or I frequently have it happen when you go to shoulder the rifle after switching from HE/repair and it fires (on right click only). Then it gets stuck and doesn't cycle the bolt until you click fire (but doesn't fire) and everything sorts out at that point. I've had this latter occur where it placed a satchel while riding in the bed of an opel after blowing an fb, killing me. Lol the driver was very "wtf?"...
  3. We tested this twice in the training server after observing it several times in the campaign server at Liege. 120 cannon to start in the Spit V, 3 rounds remaining after first try, 2 rounds remaining after second (I was flying the spit) and clearly the MS goes down prior to a few of the rounds impacting so maybe somthing more like 110 cannon from SpitV, on the high side, to destroy an MS. A similar test in the 110F has the plane with 60 rounds remaining, or about 340 cannon expended to destroy an MS.
  4. Thanks Waver, that is all we can ask. This one seems kind of important if we are hoping for a surge in players from Steam
  5. Two quirks related to capping that might warrant investigation and are easily reproducable: 1) When capping a CP - If several inf are already inside when the cp becomes capturable, the timer moves at the same rate it would if only one person was capping until someone steps outside then back in. 2) When capping a bunker - If the bunker is loaded with too many people the progress bar doesn't move. It appears to be around 10 but very hard to test in combat heh.