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  1. Thank you Quin, I thought I was going crazy or my ISP had done something weird. When I got home and it still wasn't working, I was starting to worry. Side note, seems to be a fairly comprehensive free test for whether a site is up or not. As I mentioned, some other tools were reporting up or down, this one has checks from multiple locations. So the host is probably running fine, but some issues out in the net at large causing intermittent connectivity.
  2. Wanted to show some co-workers about the game and can't load from work or home over 12 hours now. All the other WWIIOL related sites work. Some site checkers show it as online, others do not.
  3. I've been having much success by building foxholes inside hedgerows. Back into the hedgerow so that you are roughly in the middle of it, not only are you covered while digging but the resulting foxhole opening is just peeking out from the hedgerow. I haven't found a whole lot of use with sandbags as a soldier kneeling behind them is quite exposed, but I play primarily rifleman. Maybe the deployable infantry weapons "attach" to the top of the sandbag wall to give you a lower profile? Also the colouring makes them standout, I think, if used in the field. I have used a sandbag position once when the enemy knew we were approaching and someone threw covering smoke while we built some bags, then at least we had some cover in a wide open field. As a mission leader I also tend to mark the defensible locations I've put down while flanking in to town with rally points.
  4. @deride He stated that Allies were overpop and turtling most of the day. The point was that organization wins battles which led to some players having fun and turned the tide of the battle for a period. A number of those players stayed online longer than they normally would have. Low pop it really doesn't matter how much supply there is, or is not, if there is no one to use the equipment and no one to move it around the map. Towns are often taken in TZ3 with little to no effort on the attackers behalf. There has usually been a low pop (TZ3) issue, and it has gone both ways. I've been on both ends of the stick and it is a stark contrast to the battles that take place the rest of the day. Honestly, I stopped caring about the map years and years ago. I just enjoy the battle at hand and try to help out where I can if someone is willing to lead.
  5. I live up north on a sometimes shoddy connection, so it could have been connection issues causing me to show through the floor a bit. It was a pretty quiet depot, I adjusted my position so I wasn't sticking through the walls and checked my line of sight to try to ensure I couldn't be seen through any openings. It is possible that a part of me was visible. Though watching the rounds impact moving towards me it was pretty clear they were coming from below. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. Are rifle rounds able to penetrate the ceiling of a damaged capture building? I was prone on the second floor, EI knew I was in the building somewhere and shot a few times at the floor between us. I could see impact like animations going through the floor, he fired four rounds getting closer to me then the fifth one killed me in one shot. Just curious if there has been a change in building ballistics.
  7. Only been back a short time, but looks like you've been busy. Sounds like there is lots more in store, thank you for the invite back to check it out. A friend named Dair introduced me to the game in 2001, I signed up as Karo and learned the air game with Eagle Squadrons. Learned to fly with people like Zedboy and Ureiben when we had to fly spitfires from the mainland. Years move on and I work full time nightshifts, where I'm allowed to play games most of the shift, and sign up with the ANZACS and change my name to aurbo. We're in 4Bde and do multisquad ops with 333rd and Dog Co. I get introduced to people like Cometus, Jamm40, Salador, Aeropaus, and a whole number of other great leaders I can't remember. Haven't followed the game in years but it has always had a place in my mind and I often remember amazing battles that in 30+ years of gaming, I've only ever see anything like in WWIIOL. Thank you to all involved who have kept this game alive, Aurbo
  8. This sounds like a really good idea. May have to offer up a free to play aircraft for each air force just to get some numbers in the air again, or let people get a taste of the flight model. @sideout I don't think it would be wise for people to buy rank.
  9. As other have said, thank you for getting people motivated last night and the night before. Yes your name/game status will draw people easier than an unknown, but it did illustrate your point well. The game was very enjoyable, hopefully on both sides, once the Allies started working together as a force. The difficulty being that as an unknown there is a lot of time/effort/work to become a known name that people will listen to. Squads will sit in their own channels, or not on TS at all, do their own OPs because there is no faith in the unknown leader, and time is valuable. Hopefully the brief glimpse last night will spark some new leadership from within the Allied side. @B2K Do you folks still do the para Fridays? I'm always looking for some organized action. Anyone know if there is a listing of days/times where groups do open activities in game? Maybe if these events were more widely known we could get more players showing up to them which could hopefully snowball into longer events. Potentially an ingame interface tab to regularly list upcoming events? Players/squads could submit information to be vetted by CRS or community volunteers, then it gets posted? I realize there is the forums but from what I recall years ago, a very small percentage of the playerbase ever comes to the forums.
  10. Bump. Damn good group to work with. Edit: Whooaaa, my sig still exists?
  11. Are we being encouraged to install these to fix any issues?
  12. Built this machine a year or so ago, and thought it odd I couldn't set my RAM to 1066 but had to downclock to 800. Apparently it is an error on the board and you can set to 1066 manually. I've just done it, spent 30 mins playing WWIIOL and it's a lot better, much smoother, etc. So if you have a GSkill F2-8500CL5D 4Gb RAM kit running on a Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P board, read this thread, Here's the original post from GSkill tech support "This seems to be a common combination that people have trouble running at DDR2 1066, so I have decided to create a sticky for it. The memory should be installed in the yellow slots, slot 1 and slot 2. In BIOS, make sure Memory Frequency is set to [x5.33] 1066 that is of course if your CPU frequency is 200. Then set DCTs Mode to [unganged]. Next for DDR2 Timing, set to [Manual] and enter these values: CAS# latency - 5T RAS to CAS R/W Delay - 5T Row Precharge Time - 5T Minimum RAS Active Time - 15T 1T/2T Command Timing - 2T TwTr Command Delay - 4T Trfc0 for DIMM1 - 127ns Trfc2 for DIMM2 - 127ns Write Recovery Time - 8T Precharge Time - 3T Row Cycle Time - 24T (May need to increase up to 42T if unstable) RAS to RAS Delay - 4T Increase DDR2 Voltage to +0.300V Northbridge Volt Control +0.1V (+0.3V for 8GB, 4 sticks) CPU NB VID Control +0.025V After these settings your computer should be running smoothly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT"
  13. 1) What is your Operation System? 2) What is your CPU? 3) How much system RAM do you have? 4) What is your Graphics/Video Card? 4a) How much video RAM does it have? 4b) Are the Drivers up to date? 5) Does this happen Online AND Offline? 6) Does it happen for all unit types? * Infantry: * Armor/Trucks: * Aircraft: * Ships: 7) Does it happen at all locations? Mostly right at spawn in or shortly thereafter. 1) Windows 7 64 bit 2) AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0Ghz 3) 4Gb 4) nVidia 9800 GTX+ 4a) 512Mb 4b) Yes 5) Don't believe so, haven't spent much time offline. 6) I only play infantry and truck, seems to happen with both. 7) Seems to occur most often when I have died/despawn and try to respawn. Here's the most current dump 1 4278198017 49014 0 3515903379 0 3221225477 4313805 0 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation|Renderer: GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+/PCI/SSE2|Access violation: Illegal write by 0041D2CD at 00000000
  14. Alright apparently the stats haven't been rolled over for this campaign yet, which would explain the problem.