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  1. I am not getting it. Everyone says lag is a huge issue and that's why we keep seeing gaming anomalies happen. We are playing a game designed to run on computers that where obsolete over a decade ago. So if the lag is not from the "PCs" and the servers where updated where is the lag coming from. No one has dial up right? HAHA. I run into lag when I go to clear a bunker a lot. I run into lag when ei run thru ab walls and buildings (not thru the doors). I run into lag when I shot a ei 5 times then he turns around and shots me I die, then in the last possible nano second he dies in my death spin. You read that right he has enough time to turn around, discharge his weapon then watch me die, before he says ok I will die now after 5 rounds in my head. I am not going to accuse anyone of anything but this needs a true look see. Something is a foot at the circle K . This can't all be lag. I can .report this until I am blue in the face and nothing has changed. I get they want to build a new game and not develop this version or programming much for the future. That sounds awesome. But if we don't have a game version with rules and integrity people wont stay for that next gen we need so badly. It just feels like something is wrong.
  2. Thank you to whom have fallen at my hand to give me this opportunity.
  3. Hello, I would like to make a plea to put mandatory training back into new players sign up requirements. They don't understand how to set fms/fru or what that check box means. They don't know how to give ammo. They don't know how to tell everyone what cap progress they are at or even what mission they are on. I understand players teach players but some things cant be described in a one or two line chat. Shooting a rifle is not training. They all know how to do that but showing them how to set range on a weapon's sights is. Teach them how to lead airplanes to hit them with aa guns and how the sights work. Please ad training back in for all our sanity. Also lower the river banks you have taken river boat out of the battle for way to long. The Germans had PT type boats since the mid 1930's in the war (mostly torpedo boats). If you agree say why and if you don't well keep it short or we will need to see your papers! HaHa!