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  1. As many many of us are extremely loathed to give up the squad name we’ve had attached to us for the past 10+ years regardless of the fact there is only 2/3 active players in the squad. i believe I have found the solution. An affiliated squads tab and chn. for example AEF BTZ Lancers and CHAPS want to become an affiliated squad. When you log in along with your squad tab there is an affiliated squad tab where you can see a list of all affiliated squad members online click on them to join there mission etc etc. Also having an affiliated squad txt chn (I know we can just tune one) but let’s face it with 55, squad chn,target, origin side etc were kinda out of space. Really think we should just stick with side anyways. The reason of having an affiliated squad txt chn is when there is 10 + on discord all doing separate missions it becomes a bit messy on comms. So the teams can split off but have a solid means too get everyone together when needed. THOUGHTS?
  2. Just a question how “soon” is this in the making, we have our auto recruit flag on , genuinely get 10 players a day, go through the same type welcome..... .j jamieg blablabla keep about 1 in every 20 for a very short period before they get confused/tired of typing and leave.
  3. Well this sucks, as mentioned in previous posts never met the guy but spent many a uk morning session on chn with him and SPD, my late night American friends. Held off a few towns vs Kgarner, shager and his band of merry men. Great sense of humour, another guy that’ll be missed. RL sucks sometimes shame we can’t all just respawn.
  4. I like all the ideas for player/squad purchased skins, I mean that’s how all these FTP games make there money nowadays. bunker photos, squad crest on uniforms, squad crest on tanks. PPO’s with squad names on them. Merlin, how difficult to implement these things?
  5. I know......... i just wonder how how hard it would be to implement?? My thinking is if .j is there then not too complicated. if I also remember your trainer tools were traceable. IE to prevent abusing the tools. maybe reserve it to squad Recruiters/XO’s only. the number 1 retention tool for the RATS is us? So give us the tools to help.
  6. Long time since I was a trainer but I remember a .grab function. the point id like to make is that to get new ftp players involved quickly and get them to stay is by getting them in the many different aspects of WW2OL as quick as possible. my suggestion would be a .grab function where you can grab the recruits onto your mission. example I’m running out an MS to an fb or an attack. You see the “bigdavey has joined BTZ” then “bigdavey has joined your mission “ he spawns in ends up at the ab with no idea what’s going on. Starts running around for 5 minutes then despawns and leaves the game. Is it possible to have a .grab function doing a similar thing as the .j function?? as in .grab bigdavey, on bigdavey’s screen a pop up says “jamieg has invited you to his mission click to accept” Or in the requesting crew in armour or bombers. .grabcrew bigdavey, “jamieg has requested you to join him as a crewmember click accept to join” it could also be limited to green tags only??
  7. As a means of encouraging players to drive from a to b to help overstock items for an attack or defence is it possible to award points? 15 for a tank 5 for infantry? this would provide an incentive to get squads involved to get them up the leaderboard?
  8. did this back in 09 and we went to bovington, it was more of a squad get to gether. it was a good laugh, Bournemouth is only a short train ride away that's where we all stayed.
  9. Thanks for your help
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Qosmio-X775-Q7384-17-3-Inch-Gaming/dp/B005KP0JNI/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t This is the I 7 one? Is it worth the extra?
  11. Looks like they do an I 7 version will have to see how much more it will cost
  12. http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Qosmio-X775-Q7380-17-3-Inch-Gaming/dp/B005KP0IAM/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_t_1 This is kinda the one I've been liking but is only I 5. And 6 gb ram? What do you think all the reviews I've seen make it sound ok
  13. Need some guidance, I need to get a gaming laptop that will cope with WW2ol, I'm travelling a lot now so desktop is no good, been asking a lot of squadies what to get. Any advice?. The main issue is I've heard the game is CPU hungry so forking out for a decent gpu is not really needed. Regards Jamie
  14. just noticed u havent posted time, please make it reasonable for us please all uk euro based.
  15. BTZ will be there put us down for 10 bofors and 1 tow please.