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  1. You think that's odd, there's people paying for this game that don't log in at all.
  2. No one ever explained to me how to use the game interfaces, move about as Infantry, basic vehicle control, how to take off, map basics etc. etc. I had it in my head before I ever logged in, simply because I read the manual cover to cover while installing and waiting to get into the game world. When I logged in I didn't expect anyone to hold my hand, you just got on with it and learnt as you played. Yes the map was tiny at the start so definitely a lot less confusing, but when you spawned in a town and realised there was no fight there you quickly spawnd elsewhere. These days you even have EWS telling you where the enemy is and yet during steam launch there was 20-30 green tags on defunct missions where nothing was happening!? Yes there's an issue with the active battles funnelling them there but really..... The game is still the same capture the flag it's always been. It's even easier now to get a grip with than during the first years imo. However the new players checking out the game now are not the same type of gamer who started during the first 5-6 years. The people checking out WWIIOL now arent the niche war gamers, they are the casual steam user who jumps in and expects to be taken by the hand and entertained with minimum effort on their part. We have all bashed our heads against the wall trying to get them to respond in chat. We have all put waypoints on the map and watched them magically follow them to target like lemmings while still ignoring instructions. How do you get these types to watch a training video or sit through a tutorial they consider just another inconvenience? I'd really like to know.
  3. Cmon now! The HC need a break after a stressful 6 day one sided opposition devoid farce of a walkover campaign. Cant expect them to lay their grand plans and strategy for the next stampede across the map at the drop of a hat. It's especially imperative that the Axis HC get a chance to reflect and take stock on things given the fact that they could not possibly be up to speed with the current campaign trend when 75% of them have been MIA for the last four.
  4. This. As someone who came back to check out the steam launch it's been my first experience of these FMS and it straight away felt odd that they aren't easier to destroy. It's not uncommon to see them survive for silly lengths of time, it's no wonder they end up perma camped.
  5. "Amazing" as in when you would try to lean and your avatar would just refuse to do it, when you had to rotate on the spot 360 degrees and then it maybe would work? or when you would lean and then just as you were about to fire it would snap you back into normal default stance? Would have been "Amazing" if it had just been made a toggle on+off....... that actually worked of course
  6. When you talk about a stop line are you talking about an invisible wall in game that you cannot pass? I disagree with you about "Vietnam foliage". I remember well when it was changed from the "bush tunnels" everywhere to what we have now and if anything I still think the reduction in cover in the world went too far. I was not against the reduction but there should have been more different types of cover. E.G. there should have been a lot more areas of short grass where you would be hidden if prone and not moving instead of nice lines of big bushes. This is still WWIIOL with laser sights and vast open expanses of pool table flat land. Would love to see APC's for all sides.
  7. Ive really enjoyed the last month of this campaign, very very glad I came back to experience it all on steam. Win or lose this game is still huge amounts of fun when there are large amounts of people playing it <3
  8. PAK 36,38,40 and the 88 all carry HE.
  9. I don't play AT but you are a sitting duck for infantry. I could only suggest to use your commander as much as possible to locate them before they locate you. And use HE against inf ofc.
  10. This is an area that has been discussed in the past and there is def scope for some sort of infantry character customization both in terms of cosmetic and equipment loadouts. But I doubt its something that's even on the CRS radar. Personally I would love to see this but maybe not to the extent where everyone's appearance is so diverse that each side looks like some sorta mercenary war band. A noticeable level of uniformity should be maintained In general I think the current infantry models are not great .. from the way they look, how they look when they move and how they all appear to be about to drop a huge turd when stationary.... there is huge room for improvement on the infantry part of this game.
  11. Seriously? I thought marking dots on your screen was only for johnny no scope *l33tGh05tsn1p00rzz8999" in COD? Think id rather die repeatedly to enemy infantry and improve through practice than resort to that. However far be it for me to be the source of all negativity.... so basic general need to know for Infantry:- 1/Situational awareness :- "Audio" - Learn what sounds vehicle and weapons make, especially the enemy ones. "Map" - Use it and mark targets spotted even if its just a rough audio location, also in general mark things on the map when you kill them. "Chat" Use it!, also learn how to message people on the map directly, learn the abbreviations everyone uses for faster communication - "EMS+AT SW of WAB, EI IB" conveys a lot of accurate info quickly if you know the terminology. 2/Movement on the battlefield :- "Movement" - If you have to move RUN, if you have to run DANCE (i.e. zig zag etc.). "Cover+concealment" -use it always, avoid the open ground unless no other option. "Warp spawning" - Learn how to RTB near a depot then uncheck the mobile spawn option and respawn in said depot. Also as a general rule.. if you think you have stayed in one position for too long, you already have and are about to die, RELOCATE whenever possible. 3/Firing your weapon :- Only fire you weapon when your are pretty sure you will score a hit, this is very important for a rifleman. Learn how to lead the target and by how much depending on your angle to the enemy, their rate of movement, distance to target, elevation to target, rotation of the earth ... yadda yadda, practice and experience is your only option. For a rifleman PAGEUP and PAGEDN to set the distance on your sights!!! very important. In your example of shooting at an EI's head, my KAR98 is set to 200m. If I'm closer than that to my target and aim for his head I'm aiming high! (unless I'm silly close of course and in that case I'm doing "Rifleman" wrong). Remember you have a high explosive charge and grenades, nothing says "hear I am!!!"better than a smoke grenade however. Common sense stuff mainly and this is just a few random points.
  12. The day you need to mark a physical dot on the center of your screen is the day you really should consider uninstalling.
  13. Damn impressive by any standard S!