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  1. Changing FBs from destroy to capture would revolutionise this game, creating a thousand mini battles across the map, largely irrespective of HC, AOs and TOES aNd the battles would be full frontal assault skirmishes, as opposed to ninja PvP-avoidance missions
  2. There’s a key that cycles between no names, names and equipment type. I think it’s I but it may also be Y?
  3. The vast majority of players do indeed switch sides, and remain respected and fondly thought of by the sides they leave
  4. It would have to be different
  5. I feel the desire to spend hours of time i should working thrashing out my proposal and posting it here for everyone to read. Maybe I will
  6. This The entire ranking system needs to be remodelled, intertwined with a remodelling of the entire scoring and XP system It can - and should - be a mechanism for rewarding, and thereby encouraging, behaviour that benefits the game.
  7. The timer that’s never been on the table for tweaking is the contested-to-cap 10 minutes, and it’s this where real underpop mileage could be had An underpop side can cap a cp, it’s the holding it that’s the struggle - a few defenders can recap, neutralise the FMS and that’s that. If the defenders also had to think about defending ABs, AFs and Docks because they became capturable within 1 minute for example, more defenders would be drawn. At the moment, an underpop Attack is of relatively little importance because the likelihood of success is so low. This could be significantly changed if the underpop side could realistically bounce a unit or take the town
  8. The good thing about having air bombs blowing FMS is that air supremacy now becomes more important
  9. A thoroughly good response to a recently raised set of concerns. Let's see how it plays out but well done CRS
  10. But in reality, this simulates reality Wasn't WW2 doctrine to attack with 3:1 numbers advantage? Making defending harder is going to have a hugely negative impact on the TZ and regular instances where the numbers advantage seems to surpass 3:1
  11. I've often thought of something like that, a queue or timer that releases the players into the world as a unit. But unless it's aligned to other mechanisms that reward or necessitate group play, it's unlikely to do anything
  12. I don't know, that sounds a little arcadey to me and also seems to dumb down the game to a position where it's little more than FOLLOW THE ARROW > > > ENEMY HERE > > > HE'S IN THE CLOSET I'd hope for something a little more nuanced than that
  13. The game still has to get to grips with that fundamental design question - how do you make ‘path of least resistance’ warfare marry with PvP
  14. FTP should have viewing access to OT but maybe restrict posting to 1 per day. We need to be mindful of padding