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  1. If brigades and unit movements aren't going to be important elements of the game, can transport routes and logistics be important elements?
  2. ToES gave bridges an opportunity to be major pinch points but it wasn't ever really developed, in terms of the movement rules depending on bridge ownership. Returning to town supply probably takes bridges off the table even further
  3. Anyone committed to Playing allied in Euro Tz Sunday/Wednesday evenings
  4. Will AHC have a pool or percentage limits on towns per country? Could we have 100% all French or 100% all American?
  5. It's a shame there's no mention of the Air War though Development of the air meta game is needed to really develop the air game beyond what it currently is
  6. Wouldn't disagree, but to lead in this game means leading in spite of the systems, rather then within the systems As Gagamel put very eloquently, when the best tool in your comms kit is the enemy boat mark, you're pushing the boulder uphill
  7. Any news on development of organisational abilities, such as additional chat channels, map annotations, global messages, chat channel repeating macros etc?
  8. Complaining about population imbalance is probably pointless. Conplaining about an obvious exploit of PPO placement is not
  9. Ideally change the rank progression so that you rank slowly and gather skills (PPOs?) along the way And most importantly, reset or reduce the rank after each campaign
  10. In the field, yes! Give us trenches, barbed wire, tank traps etc But seriously, these items cannot interfere with a player's ability to spawn in and engage in the PvP game. Trapping units in the vehicle spawn with PPO is as unacceptable as preventing spawning at a FB Inf tent i get players want variation, want alternative tactics and want to reward ingenuity but in a game, there are limits. Other players must be physically allowed to spawn in and enter the fray; if we blow them up seconds later, that's war. But to deny them the opportunity to get into the battle using an unintended feature of a defensive PPO is clearly an undesirable exploit of an insufficiently understood element.
  11. The more the game explores the PPO possibilities, which is a really good area to explore, the more issues like this will occur. I really think it may pay to very clearly indicate that this kind of non-PvP, unintended, blockage of player movement is both undesirable and unacceptable. I get where you're coming from, I do, but seriously this is territory where the only position to hold is one of zero tolerance. This is a game, and games rely on rules. Look at the areas that have previously been major flash points - PPOs interfering with FBs, bugged towns they can't be capped, cheating claims, Brit/French movement limitations etc honestly, don't give an inch as regards exploits
  12. I'm assuming it means the end of the divisional set ups which result in areas of strength and weakness, eg the variable placements of units that the specific divisional configuration gives across the map. There will be no more breakouts or flanking moves, no more snakes or soft caps or No Mans battles. There won't be mad covering sessions where Navals have to hold whilst army units are pulled down, no more need to hold or cap linking towns to allow new supply to come in. There'll be no more HQ trick, no more 'New bde is in, change missions!'; no more trickling supply, no more line shifts. No more campaign start discussions, no more talk about the Gembloux gap, the Meuse river complex or the importance of the Liege Superhighway. The road from Manhay to Monschau won't have any real significance, and Laon and Sedan will cease to be any more important than Leuven or Stellendam.
  13. Respectfully, no. It is not a Precamp because pre-camping surely involves pvp; the attacker settling by up in such a way that they have a huge pvp advantage before and as the battle begins. This is placing items to prevent players engaging in pvp, and as your post clearly shows, is the result of design (not understanding the proximity restrictions) or bug (damage thresholds) issues, i.e. it is an exploit
  14. No, it's poor design that you can do this and having them destroyable doesn't address the design flaw