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  1. Every major change needs a review period before launching into the next project Patience
  2. Herding cats unfortunately
  3. Any time we come back from losing Ant/Brux is noteworthy. Great campaign everyone
  4. This. HCs need a break, I hope non-HC players fully understand the genuine stresses the HCs are under in campaign
  5. A design choice I'd change is the ability to destroy FMS as if it were a shed. I'd have favoured an invulnerable exterior with the damage/hit locations on internal surfaces, with access to these only being from the rear
  6. In the active battles and brigade screens Let players see where HC feels they're most needed
  7. I support the OP, a way to flag or highlight a mission as 'The Squad Mission'
  8. Good job lads
  9. The best idea I saw relating to FMS/FRU was to prevent FMS being placed within x distance of an enemy FMS So if you're thinking your town might be attacked, getting dFMS out into the perimeter can create a genuine perimeter attack which is an actual front line. I'd guess the coding might be fairly simple for this, given the existing proximity restrictions
  10. The problem is design. How to make manoeuvre warfare work in a PvP game
  11. I quite like that idea. But if we're going to look at coding for FMS choice, let's overhaul the whole mission set-up
  12. I get that, but I just wonder how many attacks and players are left frustrated by that inability to bring down a tower with the grenades available, or how much bemusement will be caused by not being able to develop an attack because you spawned the wrong class half an hour earlier. If we want to see more rewarding play, more dynamic play and (more importantly) more low pop attacks gaining traction and pulling overpop defenders away from the zerg, make it easier for a few players to cap towns and apply pressure at the key pressure points One shot, one kill!
  13. There are elements of war that have to be simulated. The movement of players from a perimeter launch base into town isn't one of them.
  14. One of the features of this game is that there are no hit points - a head shot is lethal whether you're a day one noob or a side commander. Same should apply to AI machine gunners and AT gunners