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  1. Please, spare me that line of balderdash There’s a major issue in this game where players don’t feel they’re in a battle. Addressing or mitigating this would go a long way to making the game more enjoyable
  2. Brussels was a major battle. Isn’t it odd that I’ve had that number of missions and deaths and not really see the enemy? I’m used to dying, I know the game. But how can we seriously aim to encourage new players when you can spend 30 minutes spawning and dying with no sense of combat or engaging the enemy
  3. I’m not saying the HC system works, just that the rank element within HC works
  4. So I'm just out of game, a 30 minute game session. 15 missions, 15 KIAs. Nothing of note there. In those 15 missions, I fired 3 shots. In those 15 missions, I did not see my killer once. In those 15 missions, I did not know what killed me once. I post this without any considered comment, without any idea of what I'm trying to say, other than 15 missions, 3 shots fired, maybe 3 or 4 enemies seen, but no killers seen. This seems - to me - something worth thinking about
  5. I'll get you a shunt
  6. I am part of the only section of the game where rank is associated with additional abilities and responsibilities for shaping game play. HC is the only part of the game where rank does as it is intended
  7. I like that this thread subtly highlights the absurdity of 99% of players being Colonels
  8. Anybody250
  9. It is my privilege to recognise the achievements of the following players on the field of battle sbd2 darkernel jumper45 wstriker oldreb maxq Poker bulb gremlin zzreaper And to present these players with Mentioned in Dispatches With Bronze Palm Silky I Corps
  10. I wouldn’t have thought he could play Bagpipes with his asthma
  11. So let’s say a side does just that, invests 1-2 man hours in setting up a ZoC of gunned FMS, outside of EWS, or ignored by their opponent. What’s wrong with rewarding that effort? What’s principally wrong with requiring the opponent to flank the set up in order to overcome it? gFMS would remain vulnerable from the rear, and vulnerable to well placed air, armour and infantry attacks. I don’t see any problem with the enemy having a strong position that they have invested in that we cannot easily destroy. That robust launchpad does not take the town, it does not guarantee success. The town must still be captured, and whilst the gFMS may be strong, there’s still finite supply
  12. Edited the title to avoid clickbait accusation
  13. Not a problem. The point is a joint fixed AT gun and FMS. Concrete or sandbagged camp is for someone else to determine. I like the concept of you spawn a gun, you get a FMS
  14. Griefer. You should be banned for posting that
  15. So, arm the FMS into an gFMS Truck deploys the gFMS and the player becomes a high powered anti-tank HE/AP gun emplacement that can spawn infantry Drawbacks to the player: - gun is fixed Benefits to the player: - truck can drive gun into place and then become the gun - protection from distant infantry, armoured or air threats - gFMS rearms the gun periodically - ATG has ready made guard/infantry support Benefits to the game - ATG players inadvertently create spawn points for others - supports ZoC play - MIssion Leaders will be a gun placement, able to guide spawning infantry into battle And here’s the design to use