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  1. They'd definitely need very visual cues to indicate which buildings are cap buildings. Forcing attackers/re-cappers to test every building with no clues would be impossibly frustrating to play
  2. Agree 100% Variety is good
  3. Or make City CP ownership prevent/allow bde movement in and out
  4. For the number of injured soldiers in any battle I think ithis would be a waste of dev time
  5. So have I got this completely wrong? @B2K @blkhwk8 @KMS Can you confirm whether AOs will be triggered by player numbers near that town or not
  6. Selecting AOs is not a major drain on HC, the very real stress associated with being a HC player are: Having to check fallbacks and timers using impossible to remember codes, eg 4thmacrd, 2ndlmd that bear next to no relation to the brigade name Having to use the ridiculous codes above and the ridiculously complex .du command to assess brigade strength/supply Having no way to stack or pre-load moves, meaning key moves get missed if someone's not actively managing it - this is the killer, from the emotional/psychological stress perspective. It's literally 'I cannot log off, or the hole won't get filled or the line shift won't be completed' Having to rely on moving units into the fallback town to set a fallback - this is a nightmare going into TZ3 or no-pop situation Having no way to communicate your plan or thoughts to the playerbase, other than constantly repeating yourself, so the plan gets reduced to "P1 XXX", as you can't keep repeating "We'll push on XXX but need to watch YYY and I'd like the ZZZ FBs for the next attack" Having no integral way to communicate with squads, or seeing which squads are active Having no way to tell how many players you have on and where they're playing Having the tactical planning limited to enemy boat marks, and having no way to easily communicate anything like a plan to the playerbase other than spam text Having to use 6 text chat channels, with no loop facility, no chat macros, no shared channels I could go on. Making AOs player/EWS triggered does nothing to fix these, and without improving the tactical battle comms elements of the game, the field leadership will remain a challenge
  7. The burden could have been mitigated had the numerous suggestions been implemented, just simple tools like the ability to set a fallback, to program moves, to have visible supply replace the .du command etc Those changes would have improved the HC play immeasurably
  8. This is part of my complaint - the TOES/AO/HC system we have is woefully under-developed, and designed with so many flaws it’s little wonder it’s failed - a prime example being the nonsensical French codes, the Axis pzd/pz code anomalies and unnecessarily long American codes.
  9. The mechanism that chooses the town to attack isn’t going to change the quality of the fight. It changes the personnel setting the fight up, from HC and willing volunteers to squad leaders and willing volunteers but I don’t see any more fundamental improvements. I fear that the lack of definition of the problem has led the development discussion away from the key points that needed addressing, the main one being the command and control tools that in-game leaders (HC and squad leaders) have to try to deliver coordinated, fulfilling attacks
  10. Is it about the Democratisation of strategic play or is it that AOs need to be more enjoyable, or is it something else?
  11. This is a question of mechanics. This mechanic will be exploited, mostly likely in pursuit of personal grievances but also is prone to be exploited by players desperate to win the game
  12. I’m asking for clarification - who will hold the veto power, HC or GMs, Rats and Demi-Rats?
  13. So it’s essebtaully individuals (GMs, CRS, Demi-Rats like Kyotee) who will hold veto power? Meaning there will not be 24/7 veto coverage, and that issues that arise will really only be dealt with after the event, rather than in real time If this is the case, the system seems exposed to exploiting.
  14. Would be interesting to see FMS given a tranche of the overall unit supply. Lose the FMS, lose that supply tranche. Creates an incentive to protect and reinforce the FMS