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  1. @chaoswzkd is there an answer to the question about the mechanics around AN caps?
  2. It would be interesting to monitor how players behave when told the balance status. I have a sinking feeling that players would play overpop. The problem we have is the game is much more enjoyable and rewarding when you’re winning, and winning is heavily dependent on numbers. I really believe a major focus of dev time needs to targe on one objective - how to make the game more rewarding for players regardless of how the individual battles and broader campaign is playing out. I think there needs to be a major overhaul of points and XP, so there’s a reward system to chase after that isn’t necessarily related to town caps
  3. It’s not a question of sides. Delems has said one side is outnumbering the other significantly, if we use TOM as the measure. The discussion is really whether the lack of map routing and other negative gameplay results of TOES-related supply shows that removing SD can be carried forward. Where side discussion comes in - the side enjoying 27% TOM says SD can be removed; the side not enjoying the population bonus - unsurprisingly - suggests not
  4. This is a great idea. Man the bunker, have intel on the town.
  5. I would drastically reduce or remove the contested-to-AB-hot timer for the underpop side as well as cap timers themselves The first time an overpop side lost units bounced off the line because of complacency would be interesting
  6. We're kind of missing the point. The reason this map hasn't rolled is a single AO is now the norm. Attacks can be repulsed - and these can provide some great gameplay, but the single AO population threshold is currently the mechanism propping up the campaign map and counter-balancing the removal of SD. To test would be to lower the 2nd AO threshold. Within the first few hours, there'd be map catastrophe And I guess I agree with @delems on this point. The campaign is not falling apart, despite the removal of SD. But I would suggest it's one AO that's achieving this. The problem for the game is that one AO does get a little stagnant, and allows for cute HC to game the system, as we've seen with the various AO-avoidance drama incidents recently.
  7. I play almost exclusively Euro TZ and having solid 1 AO is a fairly new landscape The trouble with increasing to two AOs without the population to sustain it will see map rolls and create an unplayable game imo
  8. My take is that pretty much all of Euro TZ is one AO. TOES doesn’t create adrenaline moments (exhilaration and its bleak partner, desolation) when everything is throttled down to a single AO. If the second AO threshold were a few players less, this map would be rolling, trust me.
  9. So I’m inferring that you believe a game whereby a significant proportion of the players are unhappy can be said to be ‘working’
  10. You’re assuming allies are having great fun in holding the line with no rout. I’m not sure your assumption is correct
  11. I'm assuming this conclusion is based on extensive playing time on both the overpop and underpop sides?
  12. I know you can’t. But presumably somebody can?
  13. And what if we then recap the AB? Is there a way back?
  14. So let’s say Allies are defending Leuven. Axis cap the Tienen CP, they get a spawnable, as now? so they continue to attack and now cap the AB, but the Brussels CP remains Allied. What happens? Does the garrison get bounced? Can allies spawn from the AB? Can allies spawn from the Brussels CP?
  15. I may have missed this but what happens to the garrison or air supply when the AB or AF is capped during an attack? Bounced off map? Does that mean fallback is now extinct? Will linking supply be a thing through linking CPs?