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  1. Sorry to hear this Doc. Chin up, we're all behind you
  2. Strong contender for General Discussion Post of the Year
  3. Fantastic news Doc. GJ and here's to the road to recovery
  4. As Karellean used to say "Blessed are the truck drivers"
  5. Imded Godspeed and RIP
  6. Make HC more attractive. Bring in command-control tools, allow HC to easily see what town a bde falls to and where it's going to fall. Allow moves to be stacked and timed, eg "move Bde X to town Y in 31 minutes". Bring back HC uniforms. Create better chat channels, more fit for the game. Tweak the TOES set up to mitigate JBWS So many things could have been done to retain the key advantage of TOES, namely a more realistic simulation of a front line and to provide complexity and variability to the game
  7. The major factor I would look to address is 'survivability', or - Give players more of a feeling that they're engaged in a battle before they die. Environmental clutter, cover, concealment, debris, even increased weapon sway and inaccuracy, terrain-hugging abilities to allow players to spawn in to a close quarters infantry fight and not die so quickly. The cover available in an infantry fight is minimal at the moment, so our players are denied the ability to hide, protected, where they can absorb the intensity of the battle going on. I recognise it's technically challenging, but it's a key battle to win if gameplay's to be improved. Developing the spawn mechanics and the UI are useful paths to push, but secondary to how the game actually plays. I'm a keen proponent of the devs developing a vision for how individual game sessions look and doing everything possible to then achieve that. For me, that initial trailer for PS blew my mind, just from the intensity of the infantry play, greatly aided by the suspense and adrenalin rush that was the pre-cursor to the actual PvP. Being safe but knowing there's a battle going on is a major reward of a combat game.
  8. Axis were spoiled over the years with TOES naming convention haha try remembering 4thmacrd or 2ndlmd or the various French brigade codes which were completely random
  9. Are there any plans to develop a XP/Ranking system that can reward and encourage players to play the underpop side? I'd suggest such a system would really help this game, across various different areas ripe for improvement
  10. The lack of meaningful points/XP system means we have a huge when it comes to shaping or incentivising game choices I’m sure it’s not on anyone’s road map as it seems like an irrelevance but it really isn’t. It would be a key element in getting players to do things that benefit the game
  11. I guess the thinking is that if you remove the map catastrophe element from overpop tz3 roll, it’s less of a problem
  12. So how are we not supposed to see this as ‘we trialled something, we didn’t like the results but we’re just going to live with it’
  13. So does this mean Antwerp will be returned to a single large city? @Merlin51
  14. It’s a shame Lux isn’t planned for a break up. Lux always proves a strong point in the far south that inhibits more interesting activity in the area.