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  1. So how are we not supposed to see this as ‘we trialled something, we didn’t like the results but we’re just going to live with it’
  2. So does this mean Antwerp will be returned to a single large city? @Merlin51
  3. It’s a shame Lux isn’t planned for a break up. Lux always proves a strong point in the far south that inhibits more interesting activity in the area.
  4. Breaking up Ant and Brussels has changed the ebb and flow of the initial parts of each campaign. When might we expect Lux and Liege to be deconstructed into smaller chunks?
  5. Topics like these are welcome in OT
  6. This is worthy of a broader, more extensive discussion and ultimately a dedicated task group/project team with full CRS involvement. Fundamentally, attacking a town - or more accurately, setting up and implementing an attack that feels coordinated and engages and stimulates players - is way to hard, too sluggish, too prone to being shutdown, too reliant on small numbers of individuals, to drive gameplay forward. Worthy of a topic of itself @ZEBBEEE @TMAN
  7. Maybe give players a Rambo mode, with all restrictions removed on their 100th, 200th, 300th etc sortie each campaign reward players who log sorties just an idea
  8. I'm not totally convinced this is fateweaver's first experience of the TGTCWTF forums
  9. This thread is going to deliver, I’m sure of it
  10. Not a fan of silent inf FMS at all
  11. I’d rather see deeper changes that encourage the ATG gun line/ambush back to life
  12. I welcome this but I also recognise that this change really needs to be accompanied by a fix of a long-standing Axis complaint - that’s the realpolitik of the issue. Whether it’s the Mattie or the Havoc or the Spit damage model etc
  13. I see the point you’re trying to make about building capture butvits kind of irrelevant. The problem with LMG isn’t the capture mechanic, it’s that in close quarters combat, players rush into a building and hose down opponents like they have a flamethrower or a Ghostbusters positron collider, sprinting round corners and upstairs hosing everything away. Whatever the capture mechanic, close quarters would be the problem
  14. /fallback=None command which lists all units with a None fallback destination