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  1. So HAAC will be disabled?
  2. How is garrison supply split across AB and the depots? will HAAC exist to change that split?
  3. More concealment is a good thing. More genuine cover would be even better The game needs to develop the feeling of being in a battle, and increased survivability is a key factor in this
  4. Will #soon come soon enough though? that is the question
  5. Appreciate the response, thanks
  6. Very sad news. Lovely guy. My condolences to his family and friends
  7. This is true The only solution I see is a re-worked XP system whereby when your side is underpop, you gain XP quicker. And the XP then allows you to advance your Persona, with better PPOs, map and coordination tools, different uniforms, higher rank etc
  8. Point 2 is what’s really ripe for development
  9. As long as the entire points system is irrelevant to most players, this doesn't really matter, does it? It allows newer players better access to the game. A major push should be for a XP system that rewards and thereby encourages the type of behaviour and gameplay that benefits the game
  10. This .obj n tells you exactly what the proposed .ao would give
  11. We’re talking about the hybrid units, notbthe garrison units. If they’re not routed, what happens to them?
  12. Alas this ship has already sailed. The decision is town supply and to move away from manoeuvre warfare
  13. So the dog has to feed the handler for stamina? Did dogs do that in real life?
  14. Would you have to feed the dogs to keep their stamina levels up?