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  1. Why not alter the make up depending on key towns, to add strategic depth? If Axis own Antwerp, transport is disrupted and the ratio is different to that if Ant were in Allied hands?
  2. Extra AO wouldn’t really solve the issue, though it does sound good. Attacking when underpop always seems to follow the same pattern, threatening the AB is the best way for it to both 1) pull numbers to defend , and also 2) give the atta jets a realistic, achievable objective
  3. the hugely overpopped side will have to take underpop DOs seriously. That’s exactly what doesn’t happen now
  4. I dream of a day when the contested-to-ABs-hot 10 minute timer is finally seen as the timer to really reflect population imbalance until then, I’ll just sip my tea
  5. It’s a huge missed opportunity in my eyes. But if it brings hundreds of players back to the game it’s probably the right thing to do
  6. I agree. Of course there’s a balance to be struck but for me, the less magic spawning, insta-warping there is the better
  7. The warp feature is not user friendly and explaining it to new players can be incredibly hard this is the crux of the issue - improve the way it works so new players can access it easily @SCKING I’m not a fan of the magic teleport principle, I’d rather see it removed from the game
  8. Said all along the FMS should be vulnerable only from the rear and should provide sniper slits to prevent inf camping if armour if camping your FMS, should’ve brought ATG company
  9. I concur
  10. Doc you’ll do this.
  11. Side channel is like OT Amazing
  12. I am also hopeful 1.36 doesn’t lose the strategic tier
  13. It’s going to depend on the trickle timer for newly visible garrisons