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  1. I’d like to see various layout styles tried in intermissions, with feedback given and reviewed as to which styles create the best gameplay
  2. The solution actually has very little to do with the pew pew shoot shoot game we play, very little to do with equipment, tiers, timers and such like. The solution is the element of the game that was under-developed from the off - character development. It sounds nerdy and too D&D MMORPG for most elite uber Bilton shooters to want to engage with and too geeky for CRS to probably give a second glance to. But that’s your solution. 1. Understand why people play games, then 2. design your game to reward the psychological needs that are stimulated when they play. 3. Then tweak the rewards to deliver the type of gameplay the game needs. Three steps. Its simple.
  3. With this in mind I wonder if we’ll ever see LMGs corrected
  4. Let’s see. I’m thinking you’re going to have 2 AOs, seal clubbing or bounce around, with the overpop prepping the next AO once the spawn is capped. Yes, the removal of TOES mitigates the map catastrophe element from the equation but I’m still very concerned
  5. You’re assuming the influx of players will be 50:50 distributed across the sides. Also, there’ll be 2 AOs minimum and I feel that town supply will deliver a game that can be won by rinse repeat rolling of overpop, without the nuances of TOES to limit or complicate advances. If we’re sat here thinking 1.36 will improve gameplay, it’s very possible we’re going to be mistaken. You don’t fix a game by changing the supply mechanism.
  6. I’d rather see resource committed to developing the high alt strategic bombing game to balance out CAS kills Thatcwould open up a whole other playerbase and revenue stream for crs.
  7. This thread is surely going to deliver
  8. Why not alter the make up depending on key towns, to add strategic depth? If Axis own Antwerp, transport is disrupted and the ratio is different to that if Ant were in Allied hands?
  9. Extra AO wouldn’t really solve the issue, though it does sound good. Attacking when underpop always seems to follow the same pattern, threatening the AB is the best way for it to both 1) pull numbers to defend , and also 2) give the atta jets a realistic, achievable objective
  10. the hugely overpopped side will have to take underpop DOs seriously. That’s exactly what doesn’t happen now
  11. I dream of a day when the contested-to-ABs-hot 10 minute timer is finally seen as the timer to really reflect population imbalance until then, I’ll just sip my tea
  12. It’s a huge missed opportunity in my eyes. But if it brings hundreds of players back to the game it’s probably the right thing to do
  13. I agree. Of course there’s a balance to be struck but for me, the less magic spawning, insta-warping there is the better
  14. The warp feature is not user friendly and explaining it to new players can be incredibly hard this is the crux of the issue - improve the way it works so new players can access it easily @SCKING I’m not a fan of the magic teleport principle, I’d rather see it removed from the game
  15. Said all along the FMS should be vulnerable only from the rear and should provide sniper slits to prevent inf camping if armour if camping your FMS, should’ve brought ATG company
  16. I concur
  17. Doc you’ll do this.
  18. Side channel is like OT Amazing
  19. I am also hopeful 1.36 doesn’t lose the strategic tier
  20. It’s going to depend on the trickle timer for newly visible garrisons
  21. Are there plans to limit stacking of the moveable units to prevents all moveable units being concentrated in one push/arrowhead?
  22. So HAAC will be disabled?
  23. How is garrison supply split across AB and the depots? will HAAC exist to change that split?