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  1. Trying to join, thanks to cammel haha
  2. RATS, is this a quick fix?
  3. I am willing to attend! I am in Tampa.
  4. bump, this needs addressed
  5. With no brigades, how will HC assignments be?
  6. Id like to serve the Americans or Japanese as a Naval Commander! S!
  7. Amd X2 6000+ can out perform
  8. Jammy whats mein task as DD Commander?
  9. S! i'll command the DD's if noone volunteers for it.
  10. S! sign me up as a DD captain =)
  11. I might get that myself -)
  12. S! If anybody has questions about building computers post here.
  13. S! Hey bud I can build you a badass computer. Pm me and we'll work out a deal. I built mine and get 60 fps for only 1000$
  14. Please sign me up as a OPEL driver for germany
  15. On some older game exceptthis one for some reason show artifactsonmy 8800gt Is this because fo old graphic engines not compatible with dx10? Thanks devs