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  1. So, if the game will use multiple cores, why is it that when I log on the 'game clock' runs wild, going through the day in big jumps every few seconds? The only way I've found to get the clock to give me real game time (and advance normally) is to shut down one core of my dual core processor. I assume this means that one of my cores is wasted.
  2. I just got a computer which is running 'on board' sound. The MoBo in it is an Abit KN9 SLI nForce 570. The way they describe the sound is HD Onboard 7.1 Audio. I'm not really unhappy with the performance of the new machine because it runs three times the fps as my old machine, and more than adequate to play the game. But, I've heard people touting the new sound cards, so I'm curious. What would be the likely effect if I added a Sound Blaster X-Fi? Anyone ever tried it and have the before/after fps? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Xanthus. Since I only have an Ath 64/X2 4200+ it sounds like moving all that computing to a sound card would be worthwhile.
  4. My father was with the US 4th Inf. Div on D-Day. He always commented on how little they knew about what was going on. They just knew what was within their immediate area, which vacillated rapidly from being relatively calm, to all hell breaking loose, and back to calm. On D-Day +10 days they were caught in a barrage of 88 artillery. He woke up a couple of weeks later in England where they were still digging pieces of gravel out of him. He spent the rest of the war in a hospital. He was the only one from his squad who survived the war. He had seen all his buddies die in the ten days after D-Day.
  5. Fantastic to scan through photos taken by someone with Guderian in 1940.