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  1. No worries, mate - thanks!
  2. Hey mates - anyone else getting this issue? Can't seem to upgrade, and even the "full install" fails. Tried multiple files from the ftp side, and none seem to work. Thanks!
  3. A Big Bump to the 13th Infantry - come join us!
  4. Confirmed and Booked my trip : Hotel Here: 23-Jul-2010 - 25-Jul-2010 Homewood Suites by Hilton® Ft. Worth-Bedford Flight Arrives at around 13:30, leaving Sunday AM 0900 (American) Even got a rental car! See everyone there!!!!
  5. Just heard from Ltzing - he's gonna be there!!!
  6. Need to camp Hg's Tex-Mex spawn!!! I should be confirming travel today!!! - Looking like I'll be in Jackson MS, on Thursday, so I may be driving out from there????
  7. No such thing as "too drunk" mate
  8. Didn't HG say we could all crash at his house????
  9. I'm in - just need to secure PTO/Travel etc.
  10. BUMP - come join US!!! www.13inf.com