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  1. 2001, 31st Wrecking Crew
  2. This game could have died years ago and yet here we are. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.
  3. LOL, at first I thought my graphics card was melting down, then I realized it was snow!
  4. Dennison. I'm 32 years old and single, no kids. I started playing in 2001. I was 15! I'm both an attorney and independent real estate broker on Long Island (New York). I occasionally pop in from time to time. I don't have a lot of free time these days, but I mostly split it between golf, boating in the summer and a number of (mostly Paradox) games.
  5. 2001, 31st Wrecking Crew Paris in 24h 17 years ago!
  6. What if the Mission Orders Popped up on the middle of the screen at mission start and stayed there for approximately 5 seconds Like big Yellow 40 point font. So whatever you typed would be right there.
  7. have you tried typing to them in full caps? I don't know, maybe they don't know how to Private message?
  8. steam chart is at peak numbers, right now, FYI
  9. If you have an older account, you log in the same way you used to. I see it as a mark of being a vet
  10. There's no doubt that numbers are up and higher than they have been in years, but we can do better. Steam has 125 million accounts. In theory, there's a nearly limitless source of potential players.
  11. the AI serves as a directional early warning system. Since we can't expect players to act as patrols, its better than nothing.
  12. It's the bowman not the bow most of the time. Yes lag and other hiccups happen technically in the game, but in all likelihood, if you are playing poorly its because other players are getting the better of you. If you are in an armored car and you see an enemy with a stronger vehicle, back off if you can.
  13. Try to build situational awareness by asking other players what is going on: before spawning into a busy defensive situation, ask on chat if a spawn is camped or clear. Don't spawn into camped army bases and depots. The temptation to get a quick kill is strong, but more likely than not, you will just die over and over and be disappointed with a terrible K/D ratio or a lack of results. please do not spawn a tank into a camped army base. If you can't resist, get a rifleman and scope out the place before getting into an armored vehicle. communicate with other players in chat, read the chat. If you have information, you will know what places to avoid and where the enemies are coming from to improve your chances of success. You really should get on discord--even if you don't want to talk in chat, it helps to listen to other players
  14. I think a lot of people have a bad experience and squander opportunities to experience more of the battle when they play thoughtlessly or rush into a combat situation. Let's try to compile some basic ideas that will help our new players have a better go of it... Quickly look around before advancing to the meat of the combat, especially if there is a clearing ahead of you. I think this is common sense, but if you run into the open in an active area, there's a good chance someone (with more patience than you) will scanning the area you are coming from. Try to avoid exhausting your infantry guy so you can be ready to sprint if necessary. When you are in the 'thick of it,' (in a block of buildings with enemy and friendly mixed) continue to move and look around. Even if you suck at shooting on the run, you will be a harder target for someone else. Follow the least obvious path. There's only so many ways to enter a town, but more likely than not, the bad guys will be facing your forward base or the ant line of advancing infantry and tanks. Get out of depots and avoid the temptation of sniping from the windows. You are an obvious target, especially if there's an enemy tank or LMG in the area.
  15. take screen shots of all the new players for those of us at work