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  1. Interested!
  2. Watch out here! While I highly recommend TS and I myself am ALWAYS on it when playing "the game that comes with the forums", you mentioning that you have children I feel that I should warn you. Be VERY aware that many people/squads on any of the TS servers can be ummmm...."volatile" when it comes to language and cursing, as well as drinking and illicit drug use. A lot of the things that get said are most definitely NOT suitable for children(especially young, impressionable ones). With that being said, there are many squads that have their very own TS servers, so you won't have to worry about outsiders etc. Overall however, this community is a great bunch of people that often at times go out of their way to help others out. A few examples are that recently the OT community put together about $1,100 IIRC to go to Tenpin's Down Syndrome Buddy Walk charity. Also, I remember a time when a player couldn't continue playing the game due to having to pay for a relatives surgery, and quite a few people payed for him to play for several months out of their own pockets. So don't let what I said about teamspeak deter you from playing the game. Like I just mentioned, this community is a great group of people that you'd be hard pressed to find anything like it in any other online game. I wouldn't leave it for the world.
  3. tracers are supposed to work both ways...
  4. how do you make it so they die? It worked the first time or two I started up the beta, but it seems that now the clones take hits and report the damages and twitch but don't die an awesome ragdoll death. What do I do?
  5. What are the frame time values that the survey is asking for? When I had the game info hud up it had... FPS time FPS(at constant value) icons What should I put?
  6. Seems that when you aim down the sights of any infantry gun your avatar raises up on to their tippy-toes.
  7. Und sagen Sie zu ihnen Ich habe "hallo" gesagt! Ach mein Deutsch
  8. mirror 2 works for me Danke!
  9. same problem here