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  1. Too bad you can't/won't fix it. The bug has only been around since June 6, 2011.
  2. Bump a recruitment thread and you will get a response from CRS.
  3. Rip their freakin throats out guys
  4. Veterans need cannon fodder too. "Release the Weasels" hehe j/k
  5. Restarted game to fix joystick issue. Joined Axis, 1.2 brigade. Spawn into FRU as SMG. Run a short distance look thru binocs: Popup: ODE INTERNAL ERROR 1 assertion "bNormalizationResult" failed in ../../include/ode/odemath.h:314 Click OK - Dropped to desktop. EDIT: I respawn in and now it is daytime. When I CTD above it was nighttime. Also got the "Invalid Brigade" or whatever message.
  6. It happened after I hit Play. It only happened that one time. I played last night for several hours and I didn't have any problems - great framerates everything ran like butter. And thanks for your hard work. My sub was up and was waffling on resubscribing but I will be doing that later today.
  7. I select campaign server and click play, and the window goes away. I restart it, login, select campaign server, some error came up and persona locked And I have no mouse control Have to use task manager to kill task Shows 2 clients running Have to kill both January 12th Great to know the billing is working fine. Day 1 player about out of patience
  8. I played Friday for a few hours and didn't see the error once. If nobody else is still complaining about it, I would consider it closed. It was happening to alot of people. Thanks!
  9. Seriously who uses a Mac to play this game? It has to be less than 3%. There are probably more people who sail then have a Mac.
  10. I posted this in the hangar months ago and I was told its going to stay that way. Yea I agree it ruins the airgame. Some of the experienced pilots are actually ramming you on purpose cause they know how to stay alive and kill you.
  11. Here is a thread about this problem. Is there a ticket/is this being worked on?
  12. I just did the full install of 1.34.7 and updated to the latest nvidia drivers. First time i tried to play i got this problem. I tried 3 or 4 times and kept getting the problem (also had to wait for 35 sec spawn delay each time). I was told to restart my game. Was thinking WTF I just started it up. So I did. Same thing happened. Went to another brigade like someone suggested on chat. Same thing happened. Went to another brigade. Finally! I can spawn in. But wait theres no action here? Logged off in disgust. Getting real sick and tired of this crap I hope we are getting some credit for this.
  13. I was invisible when the beta first came out. I played last week and dualed with an invisible AT Gun as a tank. I guess its still a problem.
  14. Good call. This is still a great game even with the problems. One christmas we got paratroopers as a gift. Maybe the Rat's silence means were gonna get another surprise.
  15. 9am EST on a Sunday morning. Pretty lame. This is getting old.