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  1. I got the RA email and when I try to sign up it says I am not elegible. Please can you take my money. I emailed bloo already. Thanks
  2. Since CRS is taking the time to post I was wondering what the status on the missing update bug is currently?
  3. Rip their freakin throats out guys
  4. Tonight is squad night join the fun
  5. Ah, I tried. Just read your post real fast. Good luck. Send an email to
  6. Your game name and username are different. The same username/password that you sign into the forum with is the same name that you enter in the game.
  7. Veterans need cannon fodder too. "Release the Weasels" hehe j/k
  8. Game works great under Windows on a real computer. Maybe that's your guys problem.
  9. Not sure what good stickying the thread will do. Obviously people who can't figure out they can't play 3D accelerated games without a 3D accelerated card don't seem to know how to use the "Search" function either.
  10. Your going to need to give some more info. Do you have a video card for it? If not then you can't play this game. The game doesn't work with onboard video, which sounds like what you have.
  11. Do you have onboard graphics? If so the game wont work with it. You have to have a video card. What type of computer do you have?
  13. Good call. This is still a great game even with the problems. One christmas we got paratroopers as a gift. Maybe the Rat's silence means were gonna get another surprise.