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  1. What year did you start playing? 2001 When was the last time you played? About a year-and-a-half ago. What squad were you in? My first squad was the Razorbacks. We transitioned and were absorbed into AST (Allied Strike Team) What side did you primarily play on? Allies. Been around forever. That Texas Truce avatar over there on the left? I designed it. I designed the T-Shirts for both of the cons. The first con ('05) was for the "BEYOND BLITZKRIEG" retail re-release which subsequently had to change names as the name was "taken". This is why we have Battleground Europe. I have an unworn t-shirt from that event still. Shortly thereafter, a WWIIOL-themed online poker game (Battleground Poker) was given (gratis) to the community so players could have another place to get together online. Also around that time I was asked to Create a launch site for the retail re-release. Check this out: (turn up your volume) http://www.webmunki.com/battlegrounddemo/battlegroundpromo.html The Texas Truce was the second con (I couldn't make it to that one) but I got tapped to design the shirts again. My company at the time, Prizewagon, was also a corporate sponsor for that event. Also around that time I was asked to redesign the Battleground Europe website. It still exists to this day though not utilizing the excellently-rendered battle scenes (I paid a 3-D artist I worked with to make them). The scenes transitioned through a 24-hour lighting period and displayed differently based on local time. ...and yes, I STILL have to pay if I want to play.
  2. It has happened indeed
  3. I may bust out the dinero just to get into OT again.
  4. This could prove interesting. ...and Booyah, a maturity is not directly proportionate or related to the passage of time.
  5. I'm at a screen that offers a huge discount (45% off) for returning players @$9.99 and I get whacked for full price. What gives?
  6. I am receiving the PC as a Christmas gift from my folks. Newegg had a special, they knew I was in dire need of an upgrade so they pulled the trigger. I currently run on an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ with 2gb ram and honestly I forget which nvidia card I am using. It's not even a PCI vid card. I built the box myself in '05 and it was awesome back then... I'll upgrade the new system as needed but if I can play on the rig I'll definitely resubscribe.
  7. Santa is getting me a new PC! This should be just fine right? Phenom II X6 1055T(2.8GHz) 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
  8. 1. Even when copying contents of the data folder (which I always save before a patch) over to the new "my documents" location, I still am not keymapped properly. 2. Track IR does not seem to be working at all What goes into the new location? What remains in the "old" location (data folder)? What can be safely removed from the data folder? Thank you. The game is unplayable thus far for me.
  9. Funniest thing you've ever ever said. Still LOLing
  10. I remember NOT getting it at first. (call it Attention Deficit Disorder if you like..I need an excuse.) I didn't get it SO badly that I actually, for the wrong 10 minutes, made erroneous counter-propoganda. My very first Avondell snipe was a phailure. Avondell, do you have the "Just Visiting" 109 pic still?
  11. Jeebus...remember Avondell's flying school?
  12. Have all 3 patches Error log C:\PROGRA~1\CRS\BATTLE~1\ww2_sse2.exe File version: 1, 25, 2, 255 Program compile time: Dec 21 2006 21:29:35 Date and time: 12/22/2006 9:42:26 Exception code: 0xc00000fd Exception: STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW Exception: continuable Exception address: 0x005dcd75 Exception tried to: read at address 0x000428a8 Exception Registers: DS: 0x00000023, ES: 0x00000023, FS: 0x0000003b, GS: 0x00000000 EBP: 0x0009a914, ESP: 0x0009a8a0, SS: 0x00000023, EIP: 0x005dcd75 ESI: 0x00011ee0, EDI: 0x0013d500 EAX: 0x00037710, EBX: 0x0000010e, ECX: 0x000428a8, EDX: 0x00000000
  13. CTHL issues since the latest patch are rearing their ugly head with me.. 2-3 mins after spawning I get the typical game freeze. Tell me what to send, and I'll send it Bloo
  14. Seems the installer is sprinkling data directly to the c drive rather than in a BE folder and eventually cannot open a playarc file and the install stops. Do I need to create a folder to run the exe from within and if so what do I name it?