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  1. Those cards rocked.
  2. I have about 3 or 5 of those adapters lying around on my desk right now. I got 2 of them from my last video card I bought and the others were from the other video cards I have bought.
  3. 1. No. You can play two accounts from the same PC if you desire. 2. A new account would need to be created. 3. No promotions that I am aware of at this time. 4. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Learn to aim?
  4. I use this since I can't get the Sidewinder Software to work properly on vista.
  5. To get a game port controller to work in Vista. I know the gameport is not supported in vista but what about a gameport----->USB extension? I have some pedals that I want to set up but I can't get Vista to recognize them. I am thinking it is not possible to get these setup in vista even with the gameport---->USB extension.
  6. what joystick do you have? If you have a saitek one there should be a keymapper in it that you can set your pedals to a key.
  7. Try using a joy-key application that should fix ww2ol nerfed keymapper.
  8. My 4890 I got is better than the 260 but Nvidia's drivers > ATI's drivers.
  9. User CP---------->edit your details--------->scroll down find location enter a bunch of text and then hit save old man.
  10. I think you can set it up but you may have some difficulty moving around though. I know AAA, ATG's, and Armor works really well with the 360 controller. Tried playing inf with it once and never tried again. You will have to work with the sensitivity of the controller though to get it where you want. I could never get it to where it was as smooth as a mouse though.
  11. The 8800 is a better card than the 9800 series.
  12. Thats an AM2+ processor that won't work (100%) all that good on an AM2 board though from AMD "AMD confirmed that AM2 processors will work on AM2+ motherboards and AM2+ processors will work on AM2 motherboards. However, the operation of AM2+ processors on AM2 motherboards will be limited to the specifications of Socket AM2 (1 GHz HyperTransport 2.0, and one power plane for both cores and the IMC). AM2 processors do not benefit from the faster HyperTransport 3.0 and separate power planes on AM2+ motherboards." Oh yeah forgot to say that you have to upgrade the motherboard bios in order to use the AM2+ cpu with your motherboard and make sure you look at the motherboards manufacturers website before buying a AM2+ cpu. Make sure you buy an AM2+ cpu tha will work with your motherboard. The AM2+ processor won't be as productive on the AM2 board though the AM2+ will work in the AM2 board.
  13. visual limit to low or medium should help.
  14. Using 10.1 will look at the 10.2 drivers though.
  15. Are you using a wireless connection? If you are try keeping any cell phones or any other wireless devices away from your PC. It could interfere with your connection. When you get a CTHL it is either your connection timing out or you get a lot of packet losses and the server can't tell if you are still logged in or not so you get the CTHL.
  16. Need your system info dxdiag would be nice. Also a clear description of what the problem is.
  17. Uninstall game and make sure when you install the game you right click on it and run in admin mode. Other than that try and update all of your drivers first before doing that though.
  18. Flying up north near the NE towns? Sometimes the game won't render the tiles correctly up there. It happens to just about everyone not really a problem on your side. I get it also and sometimes the tiles won't be white but will be the wrong tile showing. I have had rivers where roads were suppose to be and coast lines where rivers are suppose to be. Nothing you can do about it though you do have to restart in order to get it fixed though.
  19. You can uncheck sse2 in the settings app. It is on the bottom and it is a check box. You can also copy your settings over from the beta over to the live version if you wanted to.
  20. I believe you have to hit the free look button. Right click when in a vehicle.
  21. Go to Battery Plus if you have one in your area they have all kinds of batteries for laptops. They are also usually cheaper than buying a replacement battery from Dell. I can't remember what the stated length of life for a laptop battery is but I believe it is for 5yrs or something like that if you charge it correctly.
  22. New system requirements Also the the I7's have a higher speed with them than what a dual core has. I get 100+ FPS in game with my quad core so not really sure what is wrong with everyone elses game. Doesn't matter if it is on 1 core or on all 4 cores I get the same FPS. When I had my 8800 I could get up to 50-100 with fraps running.