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  1. For some reason I can't set up a mission on a town with out a flag?
  2. Do you know how many have left sence 2005?
  3. U.S.S.R-12,500,00 U.S.-12,364,000 GERMANY(including Austria)-10,000,000 JAPAN-6,095,000 FRANCE-5,000,000 CHINA;Nationalist-3,800,000 Communist-1,200,000 U.K.-4,683,000 ITALY-4,683,000 INDIA-2,150,000 POLAND-1,000,000 SPAIN*-850,000 TURKEY-850,000 BELGIUM-800,000 CANADA-780,000 AUSTRALIA-680,000 RUMANIA-600,000 PHILIPPINES-500,000 YUGOSLAVIA-500,000 NETHERLANDS-500,000 SWEDEN*-500,000 BUGARIA-450,000 HUNGARY-350,000 FINLAND-250,000 BRAZIL-200,000 CZECHOSLOVAKIA-180,000 NEW ZEALAND-157,000 GREECE-150,000 SOUTH AFRICA-140,000 THAILAND-126,500 PORTUGAL*-110,000 ARGENTINA-100,000 AFGHANISTAN*-92,000 MEXICO-60,000 EGYPT-54,000 IRAQ-47,000 ETHIOPIA-38,000 PERU-30,000 ALBANIA-25,000 NORWAY-25,000 IRAN-120,000 CHILE-25,000 CUBA-20,000 COLOMBIA-15,000 DENMARK-15,000 VENEZUELA-11,000 ECUADOR-9,000 BOLIVIA-8,000 PARAGUAY-8,000 URUGUAY-8,000 SAUDI ARABIA*-8,000 GUATEMALA-5,000 DOMINICAN REPULIC-4,000 HAITI-3,500 NICARAGUA-3,000 EL SALVADOR-3,000 HONDURAS-3,000 LIBERIA-1,000 COSTA RICA-400 *Neutrals SOURCE:Office of the U.S. Army Adjutant General