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  1. The new urban blocks look terrific, and the Ju88 is exciting. Kudos to persevering folks. No one else has created anything like this in the 18 years since launch.
  2. The only surefire way to prevent CTDs is abstinence.
  3. So its a known bug? Like nothing I can do until there's a fix bug? If so that's cool. I can stop wasting my time trying to resolve this and wait for a fix.
  4. For the longest time I've been able to hear things from a very long way off. It happened when I was using an old clunker PC, and its still happening with my completely new PC. Only today have I been able to quantify it. At almost 1KM away from a FB, I could actually hear sappers placing charges. The explosions came through muted, but the charge placement sounds were clear. This might sound like a benefit but its not. I can't make distance judgments based on sound with this bionic hearing. When I'm trying to figure out exactly where a tank, ATG or rifle fire is coming from its a real probelm. Is anyone else having this same issue?
  5. I tried this and it didn't work. For sh*ts and giggles I then added the playgate exe, and it worked.
  6. Ctd

    Thanks for the replies. I did a fresh install of WinXP on a new hard drive and every other application/game seems to work fine. I'll try Everest.
  7. Ctd

    This is the first time I've been compelled to ask for help for a CTD problem. Its just happening too often to 'live with it' and hope it gets fixed next patch. The screen freezes, and then it goes to the desktop. I haven't detected any pattern other than it only freezes while in game, never at the UI. There is no error message. Is this where I go to report it? What info is needed (specs, error log, etc.)?