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  1. "The program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." This is the error that pops up when I try to start the game (online or offline). I've tried uninstalling and redownloading vc_redist.x86.exe and similar files. I'm running Win7 on my gaming laptop. Game worked fine until November patch, haven't been able to get in since then. sfc /scannow hasn't shown any errors. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. I installed some windows updates, restarted, and now got it to work. My 2017 c++ library is a newer version than the link you provided, but thanks again for the response.
  3. Hello and welcome back! I'm wondering if it might be because of the latest Nvidia driver? I updated my driver and it seemed a bit funky (not the same as what you are describing), but reverted back and using the prior driver it worked just fine. Just a stab in the dark. !S
  4. I would challenge the 91st with my squad of 4 players, but even if I had 100 players, I'd still lose !S - Go 91st!
  5. maybe try remove the axis, saving, then reselecting it? does the throttle range show up in your windows test game controller screen as working correctly? also maybe it wouldn't hurt to recalibrate.
  6. That sounds like a hardware issue (like a dead zone).
  7. Selam! Takım adı "Ne mutlu Türküm diyene" dir. Benim Türkçe konuşuyorum çok iyi değil. Ben bir mağara adamı gibi konuşuyorum. Ben oyunun bir usta ve size yardımcı olabilir. Yeni oyuncular: sorularınız varsa ben size cevap söyleyeceğim. Biz çoğunlukla Mihver Devletleri olarak oynamak. için oyunda bir mesaj bana gönderin: "onearmed", "thegrobe", veya "turkiye". Sen bana e-posta olabilir: onearmed at gmail dot com. Hello, I have created the only Turkish language squad in the game called "Ne mutlu Türküm diyene", but English speakers are welcome also. I'm happy to help any new players that speak Turkish (or English). My Turkish isn't great but I have been playing since 2001. The squad is small, but looking to grow. We mostly play Axis. Message "onearmed", "thegrobe", or "turkiye" in game or email me: onearmed at gmail dot com. !S
  8. That's happened to me in the past. Usually the dialog window has moved to "juuuust" off the screen (usually upper right corner). You can drag it back to the middle of the screen, or else adjust the settings file to get it to return to the center of the screen.
  9. I also CTD when using the keymapper with Win7. It only happens when I am spawned in. Not a big deal, as I just avoid doing keymap changes while spawned.
  10. Thanks for keeping our legacy alive with a new squad. Good luck! !S OneArmed - Prior CO of 5th Gebirgs Div.
  11. Highly suggested! No CTDs at all since I installed this.
  12. I ran this patch, and see nothing funky except fewer CTDs and a little better performance. Great find!! Thanks oldzeke!
  13. Hey more question The Game Info HUD (activated by NUMLOCK key) has disappeared for me. In game I had used the mouse to try and move it, and it disappeared. Hitting numlock has no effect. maybe it's moved off somewhere else?? Any ideas how to restore that box? I've tried setting all HUD stuff to defaults with no luck. I can move the other elements around, but that one is gone.. thanks !S
  14. Thanks man! That's exactly what I was looking for! It had moved off the screen with no way to reset until I changed the x and y values! !S
  15. OK I tried that, it didn't work... any other suggestions?
  16. How does one make TS3 overlay work with WW2OL? I went to Settings/Plugins menu in TS. DirectX Overlay Plugin is checked. Is there something else I have to do? It's getting annoying as it works for everyone else. Win7 - latest TS3 client
  17. well...this is turning into a project lol I got the overlay to pop up on the loading screen, but then it disappears in a few seconds looking through the logs for WW2.EXE (found at %appdata%\ts3overlay), I find the following error repeated over and over... going to try to reinstall, and fix the code if i can lol EDIT - ITS WORKING!!! I think I just needed to type out here to work through the problem lol
  18. haha figured it out!! I needed to go find "InstallHook.exe" properties, and run as administrator
  19. double post
  20. TS Overlay version 3.3.1 does not work with the latest TS3 client. Latest client requires api version 14 to work, where 3.3.1 uses api version 15. I tried both 3.2.1 and 3.2.0, neither work. I also went through with a squadie and matched settings because we have a similar computer. No luck... The only thing I can think of, is that I'm new to Windows 7 and maybe there is something to do with security or privileges that denies loading the plugin. I am running as administrator, but didn't see anything in the logs. thanks for trying though
  21. d'oh Still no luck
  22. Brasi, what version of TS and TS Overlay are you using?
  23. I found an older version of the overlay on the plugin developer page, however, they must match the API version. (TS version 3.0.2 requires level 14 api). I didn't see an older version of TS3 that I could download. I was using overlay version 3.2.0 (comes with TS). I updated it to 3.2.2 with no luck. about ready to give up on it.
  24. I use the same type of joystick, and have used it for years. I really like it with no problems. I never installed any logitech drivers for it. It works for me on both PCs with WW2OL, both on Win XP and Win 7. Sorry you are having problems what OS are you running?