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  1. Cant log in to game and the training server is a no go. ran netcheck... Test Starting. Test 1: Main Pri -OK- 4541ms Test 2: Main Alt -OK- 181ms Test 3: Main PingPri -OK- 159ms Test 4: Main PingAlt -OK- 154ms Test 5: Main Chat -OK- 150ms Test 6: Event Pri -OK- 157ms Test 7: Event Alt -OK- 164ms Connection tests completed OK.
  2. I get the samething but I cant log in to the training server
  3. Just tryed it and got the same thing...CTD
  4. No, no beta installed.
  5. when the 1.19 patch came out it downloaded and installed just fine but when I try to enter the game world it would stall at connecting to host then wwII would quit responding. now with this last patch I can connect to host but will timeout, it says ( something something handshake timedout ) hard to read the small print than CTD... I have tryed this with and without a firewall with the same results is there something I need to do on my end to help this? running a 1 gig p3 512 mb ram gforce fx 5200 128 mb windows ME...I know I know 56k modem...all we got here in the sticks...:/ Thanks for your help