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  1. and we also need those mine craft guys , they could mine in the hills by our factorys and move the mined goods to the mills . They would have lots of boring fun and CRS would get extra cash .
  2. would these be a spawn point so the atg guns could get in place fast
  3. they shouldn't disappear , maybe have a damaged state that still has some cover
  4. its not required to look at them
  5. doh
  6. got 2 kills bombing but it doesn't show up on the left side or in the stat page
  7. I had a .45 machine gun , sprayed guy in cp, seen blood ,I run off , he's still alive and I charge in and he kills me . I don't understand how a ei can take 3-4 hits in torso and still live .
  8. just ran into a cp , from main door , looked right, then went left into room with closet . Turned around ,and there was one of my team in the right corner , I had glanced right upon entering, and there was nothing , but a sec or so in, and he appeared . If it was a enemy I would have been dead . I will guard bunkers cause you have a little chance there . but CPs I will not guard , if they are blown up I can guard from outside looking in , but that's not always a sure thing.
  9. what if you see the hit and inf doesn't go down?
  10. top right corner hit that little arrow pointing down , then hit account settings , its on that page
  11. I also had one at the sight they offered , it went down or something ,so I asked they had me msg Catfive and I sent him the pic and he got it done
  12. happened to me just now , 1st time ever at lux