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  1. this happened to me once , which was tonight
  2. im retired
  3. thks for that nice to see
  4. you can join anytime
  5. After Drcairo left I took over as CO of section 2 , and there is only 3 or 4 of us left .
  6. Im head of a sniper squad , if you liked us we would not be doing our job well.
  7. reason I log in less , just now at Achel was prone in bunker with lmg ,and ei come up the stairs mopving into the radio room. Im on other side of hall. I unload a 50 round drum into both of them. They run around like im not there One runs into the corner of the room im in, and I reload ,and Im re-lining mg on him, and hit him . Then Im dead with no kills and 1 cap , which I never capped nothing was in bunker the whole time
  8. I use paratrooper quite often, with good success rate
  9. I had throat cancer and beat it 14 years ago , they said I had 2 years to live. So you can beat it to . My friend had cancer in his balls and the chemo killed him . So I did the radiation but not chemo . I went the natural route trying all kinds of herbs to see diff results . Found a few herbs that work great for me .
  10. been this way for years , terrible lag when ei is close , found that shooting from far away is only thing that works for me. And if I guard a cp , its from the outside . You blow up cp , so its in its destroyed state , then find another building and shoot them when they think they are capping peacefully .
  11. ok it seems to be working now , thks anyway
  12. Got a new modem today , the internet is now working ok I guess. Was shutting off 2 -3 times a day . But now when I try to load game its stays on load page like 5 min and ive hit select brigade and nothing happens ?
  13. that's fine with me , also turn off who killed ya for a hr also .
  14. the last on you kill is right on top for me