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  1. 1st ww2 vid I made
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-j424VzAL0
  3. when you set your settings for a rifle , the settings will be for just for your rifle . Just hit the infantry tab and set your settings and save it and it will apply to all inf
  4. I like that cp in its location , got 41 kills from that cp this map in one sortie
  5. I like it , before everyone would [censored] that the equipment they like anit here yet . Now its all available its lots of fun . Except for the Bomber guys who like reducing rdp .
  6. Found this is the support FAQ " We do not allow existing Premium accounts to downgrade to a Starter or Free Play subscription. Starter and Free Play subscriptions are only available to new accounts. Not only is it not technically possible, doing so you would lose all historical statistics and rank. We recommend that you create a new free to play account if you'd like to be a f2p user." I thought vets could always play free ?
  7. thks
  8. if I want to put my 2nd account on freeplay , how is it done? I went to subscriptons and hit free play icon , and it says its locked?
  9. yes , that's the one , somehow I cant seem to find them at times thks , old age I guess
  10. I am axis mostly and the lmg is awesome compared to the allied versions . My son has played back when they had radio tables and he burst in and killed 11 recappers in a instant . I have tried using any allied lmg the same way and it doesn't come close. Here is a vid I made awhile ago , go to the 2 min. mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV4Bg6l-k7g&t=124s
  11. I posted a vid in the LMG post just last night , and now its not there . Its been 2 posts so far , maybe its me and im not doing it correctly. I will try again thks
  12. I will post something and the next day its gone ? no msg about it being deleted for any reason or anything?
  13. go to 2.00 mark on this vid and you will see prob with allied lmg , when I have a axis lmg that doesn't happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV4Bg6l-k7g&t=2s