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  1. earlier logged in , checked map , went to launch sec account , it got all the way in and both accounts went offline. Tried to load one account , it goes all the way to pick side , and when you do , your account shuts off. ?
  2. I know I had a pic in there before and after I signed up for builder I noticed it done
  3. great news
  4. you got me covered , thks
  5. leave your internet explorer on so when you alt tab , you can load second account
  6. Ok I signed up for builder ( yearly ) how do I get my 2nd towing account going ? thks
  7. just happened to me today cant log into game , Im f2p which I thought would last a bit longer ? same don't know where to look or how
  8. Ok then the Hero is premium, and I see they no longer have the Builder account for sale , so I will sign up for hero account . Still wondering by having hero account you get a free account for towing etc. , and I was wanting my second account to be that free account with hero sub.
  9. was thinking about getting the hero account , that has a extra guy for towing and such. Can extra guy be my 2nd account who already has rank ? Also was a builder or hero before , don't remember , So if I was a builder before can I become a hero? thks
  10. Did the builder account in the past , and have had 2 paying accounts for years , Im retired now, and its summer so I don't play as much as I use to . Have a deal going, and if it goes thru will sign back up . Love the game. and use to pay even when not playing , but its a little tight right now , but I will come thru
  11. Game is fun when I do what my squad is suppose to do ( sniper squad ) Its hard to set-up sometimes, but its worth it . The capping I try do now is to set up a recapper to kill him .
  12. Well I say axis will win , cause I was on allied side , and was called a axis [censored] cause I wouldn't help him cap . I was outside shooting axis before they got to cp , got 2 before the name calling so I left. Years before they ever signed up I was the top capper most maps , also was number 1 rifle in brits and French but mostly axis . Got to number 1 rifle cause of high qty of caps . Just a couple of maps ago I was 3rd highest capper and had most caps in a sortie. So guess what ,I don't like to cap now that much , ei are laggy when Im in the building with them . So I prefer to blow up cp , and shoot them from outside . That's the way I play now ,so to bad I wont cap on demand , but you had help with me killing ei , but with your dumbass comments I left . So I will stay allied this map , but your treatment of others players I would say cost you numbers.
  13. yes all the equipment had red locks , now later tonight everything went smooth , might be my internet conn . sry for trouble .
  14. I have win 10 with AMD FX -6100 six core processor 8.0 gb ram 64 bit op sys