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  1. laffy sound was better before
  2. it does not have to be lmg ,It can be some kind of reward for capping , but not a lasting reward.
  3. ftp should only get stuff if they earn it , say after 5 caps they get access to smg or lmg for 24 hrs . So if they work for it they can play with it for a bit .
  4. would like the bug fixed where you jump out of a para plane from high up , and you just plummet to the ground .
  5. I will tell you what is not fun for me , playing the way I want to play, and having someone say, no play this way . Game killer for me , Also I have 2 accounts , while I may be sniping , and there are no targets, I will use my 2nd account to cap . My 1st campain on my return I picked allies, and sure enough it was dismal . 2nd war axis , lot of crap talk , not to me , but general stuff from a side that is losing . 3rd war im axis, and we are winning ,and a lot of " do it my way crap " and this talk came from the side that's winning . From 2001 to when I stopped almost 3 years ago , axis side was great , no one [censored]ed at me for sniping . When a AO is announced to be a mole , I set up a sniper , which takes time and if I don't die , im not going to change my guy when you decide its not a mole anymore. Most of the time on a regular AO I will cap , Im the 3rd highest capper , so I change it up to sniper, and get flak . If I want to keep playing this game I may just hit the Y key .
  6. I like to pick a side ,and stick to it for the map , don't care if it's a winning map or not. I will play Allied next map .
  7. I like sniping and not dieing very hard to do .
  8. anything extra thing the rifleman gets ( ftp ) he should earn by capping flags. So many flags capped and he gets whatever . Then they have a reason to cap .
  9. thanks so much
  10. Would still like Airborne sniper stats included in the overall top sniper stats , if they were I would have been number 1 this map . I had 67 kills and no deaths , even rtb,d after each mission , even after dropping into Antwerp and killing 21 enemy I made it out of town and rtb'd at the Schilde fb . Also another rant , last night in Essen I had a beddy go by loaded with inf and towing a atg . I shot one side of the truck and 4 ei plopped out on the ground , secong shot to the other side 2 ei drop out . Then later in the night I get at least 3 more ei running north from the tin foil hat factory. So after AO is over and Essen was defended I spawn out and it says I only got 4 kills .
  11. my para sniper stats don't show up on top sniper stat ? Will they be included in the future ?
  12. Seen a butter bar in basic pick up a hot m60 , he was going to shoot it from the hip , he grabbed the hot barrel with one hand, and it left a long white burn in the palm of his hand. He wrapped it up and tried to look tough but he left soon after
  13. was wondering why there are no airborne sniper at airfields? Sometimes there is one , but more often no snipers on the list