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  1. city cp, use to be when you took it , a lot of the citys AI went down
  2. would love that , im playing allied now and im not used to the weapons , would love a captured k98
  3. My XP machine I used to play on with just one account would have lag very bad when multi players are around . One time at Sedan ,years ago, the axis had the AB shut down and had just the bunker to get . I ran in the bunker and all the ei acted like I wasn't even there. I shot all 5 and complained to the player base . Everyone said it was over anyway , don't worry about it etc . To me I robbed them of there Alamo . Now with my new win 10 PC , I always have high FPS, and I notice the 250 crews lags more than before .
  4. I use mine for my para plane , no one else would fly me around like I want
  5. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3345369695480707&set=a.138871572797218&type=3&eid=ARDPSoIsumJk8syM_ceBT7nvQq6udtM9_S6Vg8MeP-ktk8-PCrsI5rE0tZc_4mmCM9HoQkVMuTXqssbg
  6. the farm compound bunkers are my favorite , don't change those . In fact make other capture buildings just like it.
  7. How about a low price account that sticks you on the low pop side
  8. It was a lot of fun
  9. earlier logged in , checked map , went to launch sec account , it got all the way in and both accounts went offline. Tried to load one account , it goes all the way to pick side , and when you do , your account shuts off. ?
  10. I know I had a pic in there before and after I signed up for builder I noticed it done
  11. great news
  12. you got me covered , thks
  13. leave your internet explorer on so when you alt tab , you can load second account