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  1. Perhaps not as much but my greatgrandfather watched the swedish border during WWII:)
  2. hi im new wheres the coffee mashine?
  3. Close, but still not there. Nära skjuter ingen hare, as you say. In scandinavia;)
  4. i wanna be a british DD crewman
  5. Very well TZ. Still it might be a relative to to the Major. And as i read in this forum there is no SS divisions, as he had his dislikes for them and every tank division under his command has a Heavy Tank brigade, because that he had one himself:D Only thing i havn't followed up with is that i captured Paris with his army of tanks, dont know if he wasn't in Fall Gelb though. Going to use his Panzers to spearhead the invasion of Yugoslavia as well as for racing towards Moscow. Anyway, thanks TZ for a great thread and for all the info you've shared with us. And whenever you see the Major, tell him that he has a new fan;) /linush
  6. Nothing new from the Major? Anyways, i was playing HoI 2 doomsday (i just got the Armageddon expansion) and i was playing Germany. And when i was preperations for Fall Weiss in the last minute a familiar name popped up. I thought this name was familiar from somewhere and i was certain i knew this from some place. It was Lindemann. Should be him, because the name matches. But if it is him, perhaps we could spread the word of his existence a bit more. For WWII interested people ofc.
  7. I keep getting Network error when i try to start the game. It comes up to the loading screen to try to connect to the network and the error pops up? What do i need to do to make it work?
  8. they should've made a video.