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  1. 60 second spawn delay + repeatedly broken 'ENTER WORLD' button (to the point that you have to go back another step and lose your reservation seemingly into the ether after 3-4 minutes of trying to spawn) = not fun.
  2. I HATE THIS BUG. I get it all the time, and it REALLY stinks when you get it 3-4 times in a row (yes, it happens, even after going back to the mission screen) when you're on a 60-second spawn delay. I know the poor GMs have had to deal with many dozens of my .reports on it (I figure if I annoy someone enough, maybe they'll, ya know, FIX IT?)... 4+ minutes just to enter the game, AND you lose your reserved equipment you just spent the last hour trying to hold on to? I'd be pretty damn pissed if this bug didn't receive VERY top priority in the next patch.....
  3. THE WORST is when the spawn button doesn't work (10 second wait) so you're forced to back out to the brigade screen (2-3 seconds), choose a mission again (2-3 seconds), wait 50+ seconds, and then try again to spawn.....just to have it not work AGAIN. I've done this 4 times in a row at times. Doing the math, that's nearly a 4:30 wait just to freaking spawn. Totally f'ing broke, and I wish they'd fix it some time soon. I do a .report nearly every time it happens to me, hoping it annoys them to the point that maybe just maybe they'll take a look at it and fix it.
  4. Damnit, Doc, don't tell me you're not even aware of this particular bug? Same thing happens when you get within range (what is it, 1km?). And then when you despawn as UMS, you get another false message.
  5. I guess I shouldn't feel so bad for not being able to test the 1.30 beta, as it seems people still can't get online. EDIT: Oh, and my "fix" for the mouse problem in 1.29 has been to not play infantry *at all*. It kinda stinks, especially when spawning infantry could potentially save a town (first response stuff), but I've been flying and tanking a lot more, which is always fun. Funny how a bug that could potentially cripple the game instead makes only one segment of it (albeit a very large and fun segment) unplayable, while the rest is fine and still fun as hell. The depth of this game is just awesome like that.
  6. Yeah, it is pretty bad. I was in a 232 the other day and shot off the wheels of a laffy with just a very small burst of MG fire (maybe 3-4 shots, I think?). Maybe the wheel blown-off state is also supposed to represent a deflated tire? Don't know, but it seemed awfully easy to blow them off.