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  1. It does say :Plug and play: Simply plug in the power and the USB cable and you're ready to go. And also: • USB 2.0 cable • AC power adapter • Quick start guide • Owner's manual
  2. Seagate external harddrive model #305004FDA1E1 http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Seagate-500GB-FreeAgent-Desktop-Drive-305004FDA1E1/sem/rpsm/oid/172685/catOid/-12976/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do?linkid=j13774590k32998&affiliateid=k32998&mid=&= I hates MeH the mail-in rebate part but it still looks like a good deal.
  3. Did some looking in google and found that two sticks of 1g a piece makes my board run better. If this helps anyone answer mEh question i have: Amd Athlon64 processor 4000+ Clock speed 2403 Mhz voltage 1.5v
  4. Pulled the side off my case and sure enough it was Corsair ddr400 Valueselect. Restarted computer and entered the bios. Went to Advanced CPU configuration Memory configuration MemoryClock mode It was set at Auto. I changed it to limit to see what the options were. It ranged from 1:1 (ddr 200) to 2:1 (ddr 400) So i put it back to Auto and logged into windows. Should i go back and change it to limit and select the 2:1 (ddr400) option? Lazyboy you in the house???
  5. I took some advice from the MEMORY post and downloaded the Advanced Windows Care 2. It shows details pretty much about your entire computer. When i clicked on memory it stated it had: Speed 333Mhz WTF!!!! I didnt buy 333....I have only bought 400 speed for the last two computers i built. Do i need to go into my bios and see what it is set at? Is it possible to have 400 speed memory but have it set at 333??? After i post this im going to look at the sticks. Very sure it says on the sticker Corsair ddr400 valueselect. Any ideas??
  6. I doubt his deductible is low enough to justify doing that. The mobo and processor goes for only 100 bucks. I'll ask him
  7. Thanks for your time. As always your quick and to the point. I was looking at pricewatch and i could get him a similar mobo and processor for 112 bucks shipped. Thanks layz!
  8. intel 345 celeron D is the cpu. HD and dvd unhooked. No video card/ built in audio one stick of ram. NOTHING...no beeping. Kill power and hook PS up to mEh computer.....mobo lights up and is fine. survey says............... JUNK?!?!?!
  9. layzboy where you at buddy!!!! A buddy of mine got a little too much juice sent his computers way. Lightning hit by his house and his computer went kur-plop. He gave it to me to look at cause he knows nothing about puters. I had an extra power supply so i hooked it up and nothing happens. What should i look into next? Mobo get fried?? Any help appreciated. Im off to search google for answers!!
  10. Will that geforce 7800 beat up on my geforce 6600 256?? Im trying to crank up mEh IL-2 and its doing ok, but it gets shakey when i try to crank up the water, shader etc etc in my conf. ini file.
  11. Silly question time. The video cards above have the same 256 mb my existing card has. Shouldnt i go for something with 512mb? Geforce 660 with 256mb is what i have. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130099 or 159 for this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161093
  12. I just installed il2/ FB/AEP/PF and im in love. I forgot what an IL2 cloud and water looked like. I spent sometime messing with the .config ini file to crank everything up and i love it. Im gonna jump on that x1950pro. I figure that will be my last upgrade for this pre-historic rig. That should last me a while. Lets cross our fingers on that BOB release. Might have to get your email layzboy.....My sub runs out close to the BOB release date
  13. Im very happy with your advice. I think the only thing i need to update my elderly rig is a video card. My Geforce 6600 with 256 mb has served me well. All i need is a better agp video card and i'll be done with all this Since you have had all the answers up to now..........when is IL2's Battle of Britain coming out!?!??! I'll look into the bios screen and write down the options it gave me.
  14. Hey layzboy got some questions. It detected the new processor and it asked me if i wanted to change settings. I looked at the options and changed nothing. I clicked on "select default". My question would be should i change some settings? Is this where peps overclock their computer? Secondly, I got my clawhammer for my backup puter. 220145883584 is that ebay link. Im use to processors having a solid steel surface on top. This one only has a small steel center and is much thinner then all processors i have messed with in the past. Is this normal? Does my fan mount to this as good as my processors with a large surface? BTW, that artic fan you suggested for my other processor is awesome. For something that size i cant believe its quiet.
  15. Im getting prepared to update my rig and was looking into overclocking sites. Google it baby. http://forums.hexus.net/showthread.php?t=103676