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  1. So no manual? Been 14 years, I don't recall all the keys to drive a tank, etc... ? SF
  2. Yes, this one did it, it works. Download, uncompress and ran the install and the sound is there in the game! :-) But why? Thanks again! SF
  3. After the installation yesterday I'm trying to get access to the manual so I can evaluate the game... The created links in my Windows 7 do not work. Manual Training Still not working... How can I get access to the manual? Thank you.
  4. Not sure what this link is suppose to be helping me? Still no sound, and yes, Direct X was installed also.
  5. I've downloaded today and installed without problem over a Windows 7 x64 Ultimate computer. The game works perfectly, just that there is no sound at all. What is the issue? Thanks!
  6. Start in 2001. Last?? Squad eum...!! with Medic?? Side? Depends :-)