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  1. Bumping!
  2. My "ok" button never turns green when despawning, anyone having this problem?
  3. Bloo, I also think I should be eligable for the second decal (?)... Aug of '01
  4. Hmmm... Quake4, BF2, COD2 all play pretty well on my 9700 pro...but THIS game does not?....It aint our PC's is evident in this thread alone. Why is this an issue for discussion?..It NEEDS TO BE FIXED BY THE RATS. thats it.
  5. Bump for attention to this problem!
  6. Mine does the same thing always. even after "applying" it. ??
  7. No Merlin, I have a problem with having to RE-BUY the game (thus CRS making more of MY money) to get his most excellent maps...not with "the guy" making money.
  8. Quote from TPGO map site.. apparently we cant get a new map unless we (re) buy the game? "This time around, however, Da Rats have asked for exclusive rights to the map, so Until early 2006 there will be no new maps (currently 1.19) for free download, although the currently available version (1.17) will continue to be downloadable. So, if you're a big-time fan of World War II Online and a loyal fan of TGPO's WWIIOL Maps, PLEASE buy a copy Battlefield Europe!" I already have it, why buy it again?..hmmm
  9. vid drivers..did the settings things...nada
  10. See the posts...lots of people having problems! Offline works tho.
  11. Me too...exactly as all the above..white screen-crash.. FIX THIS PLEASE!