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  1. I've seen complaints from ground guys about lag/hits not registering and a lot of trading deaths. Haven't got to play yet myself.
  2. CTD at loading screen. Did fresh install, installed 4gb patch, gfx card drivers are up to date.
  3. Not running the beta and I have the 4gig patch as well.
  4. I seem to crash a lot switching between towns. Didn't have the problem at the end of last map but joined OKW for this map and have had issues since then. 1st day it was literally every time i switched and past few days it has been off and on.
  5. Yeah there was one really nasty bit for me where I had issues, I closed the game and started it back up and it seemed to be okay after that. One issue I noticed off and on though sometimes the enter world button seemed to be replaced by some sort of count down that was keeping me out of game.
  6. Was talking to a pretty respectable infantry player the other day and we both agreed we noticed issues with killing infantry around the time they removed the HC avatars which i think they did with that infantry update.
  7. Him?
  8. You heard it hear first, CRS works for lines of coke!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yeah Gman's sig is epic amounts of internet.. but I have a feeling it isn't going to last long.
  10. I haven't played in awhile as well seemed to be one problem after the other with the patch. Waiting a few days hoping there is a more stable/better version of the patch.
  11. Get a tank and a truck. Shoot at the trucks wheels with HE from the tank and you will notice the funny stuff.
  12. It maybe linked to this; Which would make sense, I don't notice any specific spots or shots that are an issue. There have just been multiple times where my shot should be hitting. It is fairly frequent from what I can tell, so it should pop up.
  13. Thanks. One more thing that might be helpful. I think it might be linked to the issue with paks "digging in" you know how when they are pushing along they sort of start to nose into the ground and will just stop. As I recall the blackout issue happened to me after i had the pak start to dig in.
  14. So I've noticed since the infantry update that often times when I have an EI dead to rights and I shoot him nothing happens at all, no blood, he doesn't slow down like EI do when they are wounded badly. I had just figured this was an issue with the infantry damage model. However in a recent discussion in the motor pool, ( Multiple people spoke to having issues similar my experiences. When it happens in a tank you watch your round and it looks like the round is on a path to hit the target, but then there is no visible sign that it did, either to the damage model or the animation that shows a round impacting a target.