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  1. The check for update on device manager is telling me I'm up to date but still crashing.
  2. Some of what I've been hearing about 617 lately makes me want to vote for them.
  3. got the gfx drivers, but why did you guys break my sound?
  4. Not displayed in display/device manager/ or the other things in this thread. I just deleted the partition and reinstalled windows, didn't unplug anything.
  5. Nothing, I even restarted which just made my audio quit working for some reason.
  6. there is nothing listed....
  7. okay so now I have another process running, but how do i find out the info i want?
  8. having issues finding a gfx driver because i dunno what my gfx card is. Any help? just deleted the partition and reinstalled windows.
  9. dude have you heard of the internet? everyone just downloads stuff now, why buy.
  10. don't you get then shot down you newb
  11. Andenne seems to be holding fine dun just fell but still 2 towns is hardly left and right as you said.
  12. same, oh well off to cook food.