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  1. It depends on whch side you last used. If German you have a 3600 day lock out for ALlied. If Allied, then the lock out is German.
  2. Same here. I can't play German for 10 years it seems.
  3. Ah, it was a mistype, I ALMOST collided with you. Came within a few meters though.
  4. I almost couldn't get on you. Came in a stuch an awkward angle that I nearly over shot after my head-on. Somehow maged to get close on your six and take off your wing before I collieded with you.
  5. Flew with Hammered and 56th. Followed the group on a 109 and then when he was certainly SOL, dove in on a 111, got hits but when I came in for a second pass, another person blew off the wing. Made a 180 and took an off angle head on at another 111 and then came on his six and then blew off Frantish's left wing neting a kill before taking some hits by a 109 and follwed him down and away before RTBing for ammo. Took off and only made it to 5,000 feet and engaged a 109 E4. Got plenty of hits on him with two other hurri's. Second 109 came in but the other two were on him while I kept on the first 109. Ran out of ammo but he was still flying so stayed on his six. He tried to make it for the coast but called in for backup from Kensith. Flew along side the 109 for a ways unil Kensith came in and after a few passes dispatched Jorvik. In hind sight, I wish I had just followed him out after a good fight, but this is war. RTBed with only one He-111 kill on first sortie.
  6. Status: KIA Kills: 0 Hits: 3 Though damn glad I was killed by Jgray
  7. Put me down for a hurricane. Let me have at those 617DB
  8. I thought it was okay. The bridge was a shocker to me. I assumed that the Germans would drop first then the Allies would come but we dropped with the allies sapping it as we came down. It was then a game of hide and find the .ums. It was sad so few were on the Allies as we kept klilling the same two people and with few casulties on our side. To improve I suggest that there is a definative start and not start as you please. I know that when there is a definative start there is more organization and better fights. Secondly I hope people would get there 10 to 15 minutes before the start to organize. It seemed to be a shrunk down Main server battle but with no end.
  9. Axis Fallschrimjäger please
  10. A few complaints I have are that the Allies had Calais (flew Axis). It gave them a base to rearm near the combat zone and it gave them an edge. Two, that squares BD were limit of radar yet they could fly beyond that. I'm not saying they shouldn't but the AWS (which was unavoidable) allowed them to see us take off. Three, that when the Axis bombers landed, we could not take off immediatly after. We would have to wait the 15 to 30 minutes that it took for spawns to open. All that aside I had a blast (pun intended). The funny thing was that a spit hit me and caused me to cartwheel and left me unscathed. I leveled out and was flying among a group of spits and was soon dispatched. I only wish I knew if the last stuka flight actualy hit? I got shot down by a hawk over friendly turf.
  11. If registration is still open ill take he 111.