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  1. Seems like the voltage going to the cpu is a little high. Try actually switching off turbo mode in the bios (if it allows you) and see what happens. It may drop your fps a little and it may not but it should lower your temps allowing you to play for longer than 5 minutes. You'll know after testing it. Some laptops just get suicidally hot unfortunately. It seems like the processor in your laptop is one of them.
  2. Try a windows update first - might be a new service pack or something you need.
  3. The game will not run on intel graphics. So to answer your question yes, you need to select your dedicated graphics card. Follow the instructions for whichever graphics card you have through one of the posts Pete linked. In the mean time could you copy & paste everything under the heading "Display devices" from your DxDiag: (so we can be sure the graphics card will run the game).
  4. Did you pay via Paypal? The issues in the post you linked were related to paypal payments.
  5. Literally? I made this picture while I couldn't log in to game.
  6. Oh OHM, the staff must love you at CRS Sorry this has happened to you. Bear with the game and see what it has to offer. I've been playing since 2006 and never looked back. Unlike other game developers who have huge teams, offices and budgets that could solve 3rd world crisis'. CRS in comparison has a small team but they're dedicated and hard working. WWIIOL will be launching on steam soon and there will likely be a huge influx of players. So stick with and your ahead of the posse. You'll have experience and rank and plenty of new things to shoot at then :D
  7. Have a look at any antivirus / firewalls you have - make sure they're not blocking the game.
  8. Had the same problem with my laptop when I plugged it into a tv. Problem only began with w10. The way I fixed it was dropped the resolution to 1280 x 720
  9. Memory with a higher mhz. The higher the better (depending what your motherboard can support of course).
  10. What's your current system like specs wise? It may be able to run 2 instances of the game at the same time. Then open up your volume control and mute the sound of the secondary instance.
  11. Intel graphics are not supported. I've never heard of anyone comfortably playing with intel graphics.
  12. turn down your brightness lol.