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  1. I use to fly Warbirds sim and at early 2000 year my squad mate told me about new project = WWIIOL. When I first read about the game and saw the first screenshots I said to myself - this is the game I want to play! Early 2001 I was lucky to get into closed beta. And from that time - I play this game for 15 years.
  2. I like it as it is, including the inaccuracy. In real battle you have map with no icons. You have to orient just by reports from other soldiers which cannot be gps accurate. Current system simulates it acceptably. Odesláno pomocí Tapatalk
  3. I would like to ask if F2P players will have access to some multicrew positions (when multicrew will be working in 1.35) ? F2P have no access to tanks or bombers - does it mean they will have no access to multicrew any positions in tanks/bombers?
  4. How about different face skins? At least random, maybe later in 2.0 selectable I remember the older infantry characters had different face skins possible.
  5. Let me ask a few questions: - how about stress limits, various loads for aircraft? Will it ever be implemented? - how about more strategic and tactical "hard" targets for aircrafts for aircrat which can affect the situation on front (fuel dumps, ammo storages, train stations, hangers, small town factories etc) - how about visible supply (AI trains, truck and ship convoys)? - do you plan to improve damage model? More damageable components? - how about repairing of vehicles? Any plans about it? - how about improving terrain - greater tree diversity, more real "European" look instead of current uniform sci-fi look? - how about improving towns "layout" to look more WWII Europeanish style? New buildings, textures, town maps to more reflect real town maps, some difference between French, Holland, Belgian to German buildings to have some better "feel" where you fight? I think that is enough questions for now
  6. I think this March funding Campaign should be supported by some new screenshots or videos if possible to attract more funders. How about to show some skelet of Panther, new ship, airplane (at least very simple preliminary 3D models) or at least some new screenshots of StG44 and M1 ? And of course some video of Presagis Creator software so funders can see what is possible to do with the new software they can help to fund. This one for example: qwI6XGTjNLE
  7. As I understand, F2P players can capture. How about to disable capturing for F2P on overpop side? I have no idea what part of populations is made by F2P but maybe it might have some effect to help underpop side.
  8. When F2P log in and see long waiting time to join overpopulated side - maybe he consider to help underpop side with the vision to get better equipment. Thats free choice of F2P, no forcing. I believe it is not bad idea. Then side switching could be locked somehow or significantly delayed for them to avoid sudden side changing. And when F2P gets a taste of good equipment maybe it convinces him to pay subscription to keep the better equipment. Well, we are just tossing ideas. It is on CRS what they consider bad or good.
  9. I believe this could work. Allow F2P players access to better equipment when logging to underpop side.
  10. Then loosing all map updates would be affecting every player equally.
  11. Repair could be done automatically. And significantly speeded up with engineers. Yes! That should be even better than AI convoys!
  12. Thinking about how to add more strategic and tactical targets for air bombers without need to make new art/3d models in game. Just coding. How could affect the battlefield to destroy: Railroad bridges - slow down of supply to nearest town Road bridges - slow down brigade movements between towns (if there is a bridge between towns) Small train stations - slow down of supply at nearest AB Big train stations (big towns) - slow down the supply from factories Oil dumps at ABs - limit time on mission for vehicles (substituing fuel shortage) Oil dumps at AF - limit time on mission for aircraft Ammo depots (supply depots at AB, AF) - limit ammo load for vehicles and aircraft (ammo shortage) Hangars at AF - slow down of aircraft supply (or decrease spawnable numbesr) Depots - slow down of inf. supply (or decrease spawnable numbesr) Vehicle garrages - slow dow of vehicle supply (or decrease spawnable numbesr) Etc. Of course, to destroy these targets would need a lot of bombs, not just one hit, to make it reasonably hard. Bridges and train stations should be defended by AI AAA (as AB and AF are now). Bridges, small train stations - light AAA (like ABs). Big train stations - heavy AAA like AFs. I believe this would bring a brand new juice to air war. No new art, just coding.
  13. AI trains would be great addition to WWIIOL strategy system. Destroying trains should slow down the supply reinforcement. As well as destroying railroad bridges. Also train station should have some meaning - destroying small train stations should slow down the supply unload, big train stations (in big towns) should stop the supply completely for some time. This would give a lot of interesting targets to bomber missions. By the way, AI trains (and truck convoys too) transporting supply from factories to bases work nicely at the other MMO sim. Would be interesting maybe to inspire there.
  14. Adding Radio as damagable component would be interesting too. With destroyed radio you should loose all map updates and maybe all text chat. I guess it would not be so hard to code this element.