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  1. me too, fix please
  2. Excellent post. Written like a veteran player would if he weren't lazy. Makes one think that you have played for many years.
  3. Check your vid card settings too. Try turning them off and on see what, if anything, happens.
  4. Buy a new sound card, the XFI Extreme Gamer works well for me.
  5. Did the card come with drivers on the set up disk? Check the version of the drivers the new ones may have a glich, you may need to find a version one or two back from the current to get things to run correctly.
  6. Like gnasche says use your forum login to get into the game, then it will recognize you and you will log with your "ingame" showing up. Some times the data base gets over loaded/worked and does freaky things, just be patient it will happen. Make sure your credit card is entered exactly as it says on the card. If you use your wife, parents, girlfriends card, etc and your name instead of theirs it wont work.
  7. Thats right KILLER. Got the new drivers and a great fps boost and smoother game play. btw Hathcock, you like the new drivers?
  8. If you moved the unit from home to school you may have knocked something abit loose. Check your vid card, sound card etc...to see if they are all seated. Check your memory slots to see if they are seated also.
  9. OH my. Now thats something to be afraid of, a woman with a gun.
  10. Ok I rebooted cpu then clicked on desktop short cut, and the patch installed fully from first DL. Think im going to have some problems tho.
  11. It's an axis conspiracy I tell you, thats what it is. "puts tinfoil hat on head" ya that's it.
  12. What gives. Downloaded patch and it says im getting 12611270, when installing it tells me "playarc.w2v" is not valid previous version could not be updated.
  13. OK first off did you uninstall all the logitech software and do a registry scan to remove the leftover entries? Second did you install only the driver software for the cyborg or did you install all the mapping software also? I have the same stick and tried the software but found it caused some problems with some conflicts so i just installed the drivers only, also get the newest updated driver for it. Next go off line and use the keymapper to set up the stick controls, they are different form the logitec ones. Once you get it working you'll love the stick untill your ready for an x52 pro. I can recomend a good registry cleaner, Max secure regestry cleaner is a good one http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Reviews/r2654.html It says it is a free download but you will have to pay to unlock it for use. this will remove all the unused registry enteries from any software you have installed and then removed, and if your worried about it it has a backup feature.
  14. I quite agree with you. Ive had similiar experiences with crashing, then getting this double reload BS. I never used to get this but since 125 I've had nothing but problems. Even crashed once and rebooted cpu only to get cthl warning and reload after a restart. With so many people getting this problem it has to be a CRS coding issue.
  15. in zone alarm program control you have to check the boxes for wwii and give it permission to contect, however for better game play turn z.a.p. off, as all internet contacts muist pass thro zap first and this causes ingame lag.