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  1. I'm experiencing them too, the sucky part is... I CTD when I get killed. The ultimate in spawn delay!
  2. Just after posting this, my internet went to s**t. Today, my ISP called to tell me that they discovered a problem in my building caused by the weather. After I got home from work, I fired up the game and it quickly connected to the authentication server. Sorry to get all paranoid like that, but thanks for the help.
  3. I just tried pinging the server from two other laptops in the house and they also timed out which means my pc isn't the cause. I even tried pinging from the router and it timed out as well. Here's the results from a traceroute I did from the router: traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 12.034 ms 8.783 ms 7.647 ms ( 2 9.916 ms 10.298 ms 9.197 ms ( 3 12.144 ms 8.754 ms 9.351 ms tr-eb1.TR.DE.NET.DTAG.DE ( 4 63.195 ms 11.691 ms 15.213 ms f-ed4-i.F.DE.NET.DTAG.DE ( 5 155.296 ms 198.751 ms 203.124 ms ( 6 120.641 ms 121.133 ms 120.729 ms ( 7 130.047 ms 165.323 ms 131.014 ms ( 8 144.722 ms 140.585 ms 142.014 ms ( 9 145.887 ms 145.531 ms 145.555 ms ( 10 143.771 ms 144.303 ms 144.296 ms ( 11 * 140.635 ms * ( 12 * * * ( Request timed out. 13 * * * ( Request timed out. 14 * * * ( Request timed out. 15 * * * ( Request timed out. 16 * * * ( Request timed out. So my ISP isn't the problem here either... What is this Does anybody else go through this address to reach the authentication server? When I ping, I get 50% packet loss from 4 requests. Total loss when I ping
  4. I rechecked, no firewall is up. Even the firewall in the router is disabled. I reset the power on both the modem and the router and I still can't connect. This is strange because I can play EVE, surf everything else on the internet, but I can't start up BE. I can ping websites on the command line and I don't get any packet loss until I try pinging It's almost as if my ISP isn't letting me on... I'd hate to have to reinstall Vista again, 7 is running pretty quick. I'm totally in the dark what would cause this on my end. I can connect to everything except one address, and others say they're in game with no problems... hmmmm
  5. No, I still can't connect. BE loads up fine and runs without problems in offline mode, however I cannot connect to the aunthentication server to login. I just used a laptop to ping and all my requests timed out. This is damn peculiar... I haven't messed with anything on the router and I was playing BE last night... wtf...
  6. I also pinged and each request timed out, so I guess the authentication server is down...
  7. I upgraded my rig today to Windows 7 64-bit and reinstalled BE. When I finished with the settings the login window came up and I got a message that it was trying to connect to Before today, while my computer had been running Vista and BE installed, I never saw this message as it just asked for the password and away I went. Today, it hangs there. Trying to connect and never allowing me to input my name and password. Finally, I get a pop-up that say, "Unable to open an internet connection with the authentication server." I hope the server is down, or perhaps BE doesn't run on Windows 7 64-bit. I made sure no firewall was up, I'm on a fully opened DMZ on the router, and I've been accessing all sorts of sites today downloading numerous updated drivers. Help!
  8. Windows Vista does not take 2 GBs of RAM. I have an HP slimline with Vista that only has 1 GB of RAM installed and Vista only uses 1/4 of that. 2 GBs of RAM is way more than enough to run Oblivion. By the time you would need 4 GB of RAM for games, your computer setup will be obsolete. I'm just curious why you're all defensive on your purchase choices when you come in here to ask for opinions? There are people here that know quite a bit what they're doing. WWIIOL has made upgrading experts out of most of its players since 2001.
  9. Like Mowers stated about his computer, mine is also a lot less capable then the newest of the new components that are available now. Athlon XP 3200+ 1.5 Gb RAM Radeon 9800 Pro 128 I get 30+ on ground and 50+ in the air.
  10. I have the exact same HP laptop and I can't even get past the load screen.... I've updated everything and it just won't run... I haven't tried offline mode yet... Damn, I sure wish I would've checked the forums for this problem... I bought this laptop so I could play WWIIOL while I kick it in Iraq for a few months... POOP!