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  1. MAC beta client is available. GOPHUR will be opening up the BETA server for testing.
  2. Forwarded to team to take a look at it. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. The Trial Bonus (free play account) is limited to the lower infantry equipment set only. If you sign up for a premium account, you will retain all your rank point and be able to access air force once more.
  4. Fearny, make sure to post your step by step process in the Bug forum.
  5. The team thought they had the problem pinpointed, but it's being elusive.
  6. Team has been informed, I'll try to get a status update when there is some info for ya'll.
  7. Dray, we do have a Twitter feed. We've had it for quite some time now. We have 4 Facebook pages, news via email and an RSS feed. However, based on our exit survey, more than 75% of our customers get their news from the front page of our website, and less than 23% from the player discussion forums. News that can and needs to be disseminated quickly goes out via the Twitter feed and Facebook pages using Hootsuite. If there is time, a forum announcement is generally crafted, but it's a clumsy and inefficient tool so we use the social media methods I posted above for quicker delivery. Web articles are reserved for longer articles, announcements, production updates and support bulletins. The office is traditionally closed over the break, but staff are on call to keep the game server running. And they did that. As to the Mac issue, the team has been working on it. The main problem is that they are unable to replicate, and it's not affecting all Mac players, just some. So they're not getting enough data to pinpoint the cause as quickly as they'd like.
  8. We absolutely HATE patching before a break. It was absolutely necessary in this case, however.
  9. *hugs*
  10. We lost a lot of time because of the host issues. We're back on track now.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Trimarchi. We hope these changes work well and get more new players to stick around. S!
  12. Jaytac, these things are on the list. Shef, our intern, has been working on the an integrated voice comms system for the game. However, it had to be put on hold while the server issues were dealt with as he needs input from KFS1. Trial members are auto-recruited into the Weasels squad, which is led by veteran players, but there are no restrictions on new players joining any squad. They are free to leave the Weasels anytime and join another squad. As to the pricing, if you lock in for 3 months, it's comparable to any MMO. If you lock in for longer, it's cheaper. BE is a niche game and a hard game, it will never attract the numbers of something like WoW or CoD. A drop in price won't change that.
  13. Jeep, as was announced on the front page on the 23rd, the office has been closed for regular business over the holidays. We will all be back in tomorrow morning. S!
  14. The MAC builds have been problematic for a little while now. It's been a challenge to get the darned thing to build properly but Gophur is will be back to working on it when the office is back in full swing, as is stated in the "Open Letter To All Players" article. So many projects and tasks are being worked on on a regular basis, it's hard for me to keep track of them all and would be impractical to try to get a status update on every single one of them. However, our Mac clients need better information, for sure. I'll make sure that I get as much as I can and keep you updated from now on. November and the server issues hit us hard, many projects had to be put on hold while the team worked to fix them. We were relieved when the last bits of work to the host stabilized it and we could all push away from our desks and take time to collect our thoughts over the holidays without worry. It's not healthy to work as many hours as the team did with no chance to catch a breath and re-energize. We're looking forward to a productive January and the hopes that we'll have all of the major issues fixed and the game flowing smoothly once again. S!