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  1. I can't login
  2. nice group to fly with
  3. I hope this gets fixed quickly. On the other hand, I am getting quite good at mahjong.
  4. In case you missed this March 03/09 Currently three pages, with a CRS posted reply
  5. I've been getting this "Network Error: Check Firewall settings" as well. Occasionally I also get a network connection issue in game; switching from netcode 2 to default.I have also seen an increase in packet loss, periodic increase in lag (but I've recently upgraded my video card and CPU significantly), and occasional network connection lost disconnects. I've had no problems until recently.
  6. Oooh, thank you for the quick response. I'll waggle my wingtips to you all from above the front
  7. Your website down? Link does not work.
  8. I use Primary network all the time, and I've gotten the bad mem pointer, CTD problem same as all of you.
  9. No noticable improvement or decline in FSP. Occasionally slightly better, but occasionally get a FPS hit when in a furball over a hotly contested town. Sound is behaving as it should, no more cone of silence. I consider switching from hardware to software "the fix". Thanks for the help.
  10. For whatever reason, once I selected "software" instead of "hardware" in my sound settings, I have not had this issue (so far) tonight. I will update this thread if the sound issue returns, but this might just have sorted me out. I hope the other players experiencing similar problems can solve this issue quickly also.
  11. I am almost saddened to hear that you have a similar issue as me, but misery loves company. Just kidding. So far... no luck, but I have hardware instead of software selected in my game settings. Will try swapping that around next time I loggin. I don't see how realtek could be a bad soundcard, the pimply teenager who sold it to me was quite fond of it. Oh. I see what I did wrong...
  12. I have a sound related issue that seems to make itself known when I am flying. All other sounds are working normally while I am on the ground. When I spawn in an aircraft everything is fine until I start the engine. Then, about 75% of the time I get muted sounds like I am wearing earplugs. Sometimes I can hear fine, and can pick out ambient noise outside my aircraft, but this is becoming rare. I have updated my Realtek sound drivers, no improvement. I have checked hardware configuration via headphones, everything checks out. I am stumped. Any ideas on a remedy?